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    Vintage S, T-62, Daytona, Standawgs (2), Vectors (2)
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    Rivera M60, 80s Silverface Twin
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    Lot size = 1 metric ton. Delivery cycle see CME

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    http://www.jjm.ch www.huber-italia.net

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    Switzerland, Europa, Planet Earth
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    Currently without a band (bummer). Operate a small post-productin studio part-time (www.jjm.ch). Have done live and studio engineering (FOH, monitors). Current guitt lineup isn't gargantuan, but IMHO interesting:<br>'74 Tele Thinline, '78 Ibanez Iceman, '78 Gibson RD Artist, Nik Huber Dolphin II, Bacchus Clapton Cut Explorer, BC Rich SLP Mockingbird, Parker Fly Classic, Music Man V bass,Hamers- Vitange S, T-62, Daytona (rw), Standard Custom, Standard Korina, Korina Vector, Import Vector.<br>To all of this we might add -The Mighty T-Bolt!! (www.jjm.ch/t-bolt.htm)<br>Music likes: Hendrix, Metheny, Scofield, Holdsworth.... anything that fonks with style, rawks with attitude and intelligence, and that caresses the soul without being tacky.<br>Favourite food: curry, pasta<br>Favourite cat: mine (favourite pussy - hers...)<br>Current Hamer assignment - inundate Italy with Hamer USA guitfiddles. Success rate: low (so far)<br>Target: the sky is the limit....<br>Check some pics on Flickr: www.flickr.com/people/uncle_groove/<br>Some goodies for sale: www.ugroove.biz<br>A blog or two: www.ugroove.blogspot.com and www.sixstringthings.blogspot.com

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  1. Big Hug from this side of the world. You be strong, man... JJ
  2. +1 for the OCD. Just got one in today from one of our fellas. This 'lil box is vey responsive to playing dynamics, has a wide range of useable sounds and has 2 modes (on-on switchie) to better couple it to your favourite amp. It's a keeper, for sure. JJ
  3. I'm right there with you, pal. Mind you... THAT being said from . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A Man With A Keebler Bitchum!!! I had more than a knee jerk reaction when I saw THAT ONE :o That is something more like "eternal porn", hehehe.... JJ
  4. Weren't you in a selling phase ? It's a cycle, you know... Sell and buy and sell and buy and.... And then there are some things to which you cannot just say "no". That kinda burst spelled a knee-jerk I-must-have reaction. Hence the e-mail I sent you, btw... JJ
  5. Does 1978 help qualify the porn as "fresh"?? Currently being attended by a flight attendant somewhere over the Atlantic :o for the joy of yet another EU fan! JJ
  6. YOWZA! A bad one, indeed I join the row of who missed it when you first posted. It contains several of my own favourite themes - in no particular order: Korina The string thru V ornament Slant fretboard end Hockey headstock "boomers" (sort of) JJ
  7. Man... Sorry to hear about your loss / problms. But going for the jugular like this doesn't buy much sympathy, I'm afraid. Take a deep breath, go contemplate the sea / clouds / prairie, cry it out of your system and things will find a new equilibrium. JJ
  8. JackC...you IS darn right! Was my favourite, too JJ
  9. Hmmm... besides many great guitts... Hamstd gave me a big hand with a NHC eBay deal JeffR helped me out with that T62 Caddie - that Flitz is doin' miracles on the chrome pup covers, man!! Gale sold me some awesome pups as well Kiz - he hooked me up witha good webhosting service and has been extremely supportive Gee...really received lotsa good vibes from this forum, must say! JJ Paul
  10. How much is the "nominal fee" to have the scrawl removed? Nice 'un... aren't you sorry to have to part with it? JJ
  11. Foot in the door... waiting for interesting noises... JJ
  12. My condolences and my warmest wishes to your family. Paul
  13. as it is, a Vintage S with the standard pups just smokes. Wonder what it must sound like with a set of *good* pups. Damnity!!!!
  14. Rolee... I live close enough to you to organize a blitz to strum all your babes Watchout!!!! ;) JJ
  15. In my humble experience you can obtain the best of both worlds if you use some good analog gear patched in the send/returns of the mixer. I own / operate a Panasonic DA7 digital mixer and have interfaced it with some good analog outboard - not necessarily expensive, just "good sounding". It brings back the "warmth" (which is just pleasing distortion - but who cares?) which otherwise would be missing. Ask your engineer to run some nice analog comps on the busses and maybe a touch of an outboard piece called "FATSO" (manufactured by Empirical Labs) on the final mix. You'll end up getting back "that vibe". Digital is a great medium for all the editing - I wouldn't diss it alltogether. IMVHO and YMMV, etc. JJ Paul
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