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  1. If anyone out there wants a midiman merge 2X2 let me know. I have one. It appears 2 years ago one sold for actual money (https://reverb.com/…/741852-midiman-merge-2x2-midi-merge-box) but this is a PIF freebie - forward this around to anyone who you think is into "vintage" mide gear. Very little use. Even more spectacularly, I have a JLCooper PPS-2. (https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/423664-REG/JLCooper_PPS_2_PPS_2_Plus_Synchronizer.html). Same deal, yours if you want it. I'm not sure how to handle a hand off. I'm not paying to ship, so that is on you (Am I violating the PIF spirit?).
  2. bcsride

    Wyldbil Pirate Special #5

    We'll it has been about a year since I had it in central TX. Looks like it got as far as Tempe/Phoenix. Needs to keep moving. Who is next?
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    very cool
  4. bcsride

    Wyldbil Pirate Special #5

    What a great ride this is. Thanks everyone!!! Life IS Good! Dude, Dwight Y. is one of the few country artists that make sense to me. And yes the video sucks based on the "set the phone somewhere to get a shot" production strategy. But a few key points. You rock. Your singer is great. And, we need to work on some gig swapping. Not sure how that works as I have no talent and play in an indie/pop rock band and you have talent and play in a country band. But hell, these are not the droids you're looking for. Fantastic lusculla. Rock on and pass it to some more Austin area HFCers. And us Texas HFCers need to make some attempt at community. Those DC area, Florida area, and Minneapolis are folks seem to have some coordination. I know Texas is big, but we are friendly.
  5. Far cry from his original $3,000 listing. Told him then it was an 1985 and he told me I don't know what I'm talking about. Yes, you should bone up on your SS knowledge.
  6. Though the trem on it says Jackson so I doubt that is original - not that that matters maybe.
  7. Looks like someone is going to be in luck. http://www.ebay.com/itm/ORIGINAL-Hamer-USA-1984-BLACK-STEVE-STEVENS-WITH-ORIGINAL-CASE-PAPERS-/131423866660?pt=Guitar&hash=item1e99790f24 Not mine. But will be sold for market value more or less.
  8. I've got one that I don't play currently. So, I was about to offer it. But as starting thinking about it, I'm not read to let it go. They are getting pretty rare. Besides, mines pretty beat up so you probably wouldn't want it.
  9. bcsride

    Wyldbil Pirate Special #5

    Yes, go pro in the waterproof housing. I guess I need a different "case" for doing audio.
  10. bcsride

    Wyldbil Pirate Special #5

    The Wyldbil has made its way to Austin, TX.
  11. bcsride

    Wyldbil Pirate Special #5

    Fellow HFCers. Linked below is a short video of my evening with the Wyldbil Pirate Special. That was my first attempt at recording guitar and band with a GoPro - curious. The sound you hear on the video is not the sound in the room. The GoPro picks up a lot of audio/vibrations from whatever it is clamped to. At one point, I tune and there is no audible guitar in the room, but the GoPro picked it up loud and clear (it was clamped to the headstock). The video gets better at the 30 second mark or so if you are getting bored fast. I still have the Wyldbil and am working on getting it to the next participant in this silly adventure.
  12. bcsride

    How Tubes Are Made

    I've never played an AXE FX. I use tube amps 'cause the guys over on TGP said they were better. I do like my tube amps. I have my fingers crossed for a NAD soon.
  13. bcsride

    Wyldbil Pirate Special #5

    Can someone tell me the PU in the special? Is it active?
  14. bcsride

    Wyldbil Pirate Special #5

    I've also go a Dec. 13 show in the "greater" Houston area.
  15. bcsride

    Wyldbil Pirate Special #5

    I've got a gig in Bryan, TX (90 min northwest of Houston) on Jan 3 - any chance that guitar wants to get played by a crappy player in a crappy dive bar in a small town?
  16. O.K. that is funny. Gibson is making such poor quality guitars, no one things they are Gibsons? I'm so confused. Gibson has such a good reputation / brand that when folks are faced with the truth, that the guitars are pretty mediocre, they go into denial. If everyone played guitar, there would be an SNL sketch here.
  17. bcsride

    Your current #1 guitar?

    This one. Slight Hameritus. Replaced Nut. Some dings here and there. Oh, but it rocks. It isn't even my favorite feeling guitar. But, for sound, it is special. Even unplugged. I'm tempted to rewire it to go vol, blend, tone, instead of vol, vol, tone, and maybe do some phase silliness with the 3 way, but I don't want to mess with the pots for fear of changing the tone.
  18. bcsride

    Foo Residency On Letterman

    proof that you can never have too many guitars in a band.
  19. bcsride

    austin city limits 40th

    http://video.pbs.org/video/2365338020/ Thanks. Got around to checking it out. Loved it. DG is the best guitar player of any in the bunch. And I like the others. Notice how DG’s solo in Not Fade Away is so unique and fits perfectly. The others were good, but maybe a bit cliche.
  20. bcsride

    austin city limits 40th

    Is there a place I can see this? I didn’t tape it and missed it. I’m a huge DG fan, a huge Joe Ely fan, a huge Doyle Bramhall fan. Dangit.
  21. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1990-Valley-Arts-Guitars-Standard-Pro-Original-Vintage-Electric-Guitar-w-OHSC-/271603179246?ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:US:1123 I don’t know if anyone over hear likes these things, but I think that the real Valley Arts (pre-samick, pre-gibson) are some of the coolest super strats ever. That one is a classic with the HSS active set up. I caught my eye because it has the pick guard plastic on it. That is a 1990 super strat of the highest quality that has never been played - crazy. The death of Hair Metal did leave some casualties.
  22. I love the headstock. I think VA are one of the “lost” classics. Everyone knows Jackson, Charvel, Hamer (?), but no one knows VA. I think the green one is overpriced - sort of. Yes, a fair price for a nice old VA is probably $1200-$1800. But that thing (appears to be) really NOS. One of a kind. But I don’t think it will sell at that price either. Does Gibson still make VA?
  23. Go European members of HFC. Buy it, then bring it to me in the US when on vacation.
  24. And there you have an example of why this place is awesome. Helpful and knowledgeable.