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  1. Hello!   If possible could you tell me what else is for sale?   Thanks, John  

    1. Jason01


      lefty vector, lefty FM cali, maybe lefty vintage S but I'm leaning heavily on keeping that one unless I get a crazy offer. 

    2. Motorhead


      Oh yeah you're a lefty, duh.  I'm sorry I saw the killer std and got excited.   John

  2. Send me your address and I'll throw a few picks your way. I work all weekend so it won't be until next week that I can get to mailing them.

  3. I don't have a red cali? I have a black one though. I'd wanted a vintage S for a while and even contacted Peter to see if he knew of any and when he said he didn't I pretty much gave up hope of ever getting one. This one popped up on ebay at a time we were in money saving mode so we had the money, I just had to convince the wife. I don't know why but I just knew exactly what it was going to sell for and what I needed to bid. Thats never happened to me before on ebay. Its taking longer and longer to find those "must have" guitars now that I've gone to the one in one out rule. I'm pretty sure th
  4. They came with an on board active EQ, the switch on the front engages and disengages it
  5. It's been a while since I've posted one of these! I had to remake my photobucket account so I hope the pic works. I'm told this is the only left handed vintage S. Steve or someone can probably correct me if thats wrong. I don't know if you can tell from the pic but this thing is just stupid clean. Its like it was brought home and stuck under the bed, never played. I cleaned it up, threw some new strings on it and plopped in a new battery to replace what might have been the original (it was bursting and the expiration date was almost 10 years ago).
  6. Help him out, I would gladly accept advice from more experienced players even to this day. Its funny that you mention the gain thing. My last band kept making that same mistake although it was the other people in the band that kept saying it needed more gain. I'm glad to see my argument was valid. Gains good but without note definition its just noise.
  7. I had an SG and absolutely hated the neck on it. It was like a tree trunk. I wanted to like that guitar so bad and just couldnt bond with it.
  8. Are there any gibby scale shredders out there with the wide thin necks? 22 frets hardtails and humbuckers would be ideal.
  9. If there has to be an end, at least its a glorious one!
  10. I'm sorry Mike. I realize we've never met but I do know what its like to lose a job you've poured your heart in. You and the others out there made guitars that I'm scared to take out of their cases because I have that much respect for them. I thank you for your efforts and I feel extremely lucky to have them. I sincerely hope that wherever you end up you will stay a part of this board. This truly is a special place with special people and when we say today hurts you know its for real.
  11. Its funny because when I saw the title of your post this is the exact vid that came to mind.
  12. Would a maple fretboard be cheaper to produce than rosewood? That might be a way to keep costs down
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