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  1. Those buckers don’t look uncovered to me... 😏 As of the knobs go, I wouldn’t mess with the original look, but of course that’s your guitar —not mine. In any case, that’s a beautiful axe. Congratulations and welcome around!
  2. Hey there! Question here: What’s “nickel hybrid” and “gold hybrid”? Thanks in advance! 🙏🙇
  3. Seriously though, it’s interesting how all those “tricks” aren’t special to us, but beginners will find them cool as heck, I’m sure. Thanks for sharing, @gorch!
  4. Well, my turn now. This is my Scheithauer custom, named Mayday-V, which is actually the materialization of an idea I had since my teens —building a Flying V version of the Brian May’s Red Special. It got built in Germany thanks to the support of my friend Dirk ( @gorch), who kindly offered himself as my proxy to a local builder there who specializes in building Red Special clones and got enthusiastic about this project. It features everything a “normal” Red Special does, but I did choose the shape and the hardware layout, so this really was made to my own specs. I used it as my backup during 2014 —I used to play a couple of songs live with it per gig, just to give some “stage exposure” to it. It remains in “as new” condition though. This is a very vibrant instrument which sounds amazing and provides unmatchable access to the highest frets. So, someday, if possible, I might want another one in either yellowish colour or in green. 😉
  5. I’m in! Depending on the price, I’d get one or two.
  6. Let’s share stories here about our C/O, be them Hamer or anything else, and what motivated them, the ideas behind, etc. One, two, three... GO!
  7. Some few years ago, I saw Satriani, Yngwie and Vai in their G3 tour. Vai had a dream band, with Tony MacAlpine and Billy Sheehan on it, so they put a hell of a show. However, at the end they jammed all together some Hendrix and some other stuff, so they took turns to improvise. Vai and Yngwie had the chops, of course, but BY FAR Satriani was the most interesting of the three. Every time it was Satriani’s turn, he did something different, gave to his phrasing a different flavour, went to surprising places... I was so impressed by his MUSICALITY! While the other two quickly ran out of ideas and began repeating their favourite licks, Satriani kept on soloing with taste and melodic and rhythmic diversity. I knew he was intelligently using the modes to colour his phrases every time it was his turn; but even if I did understand what he was doing, I cannot do that —not even in my wildest dreams. In this video here, you get a glimpse of what I just mentioned, from around the 24th minute on. This guy is just one with music! 🙏🙇
  8. DLR should hire Steel Panther’s singer to impersonate him.
  9. I used to be a huge fan of Yngwie from Alcatrazz until the “Odyssey” and “Live in Leningrad” albums —those two with Joe Lynn Turner. He got great tone, great vibrato and a great melodic sense, besides awesome articulation and the speedy chops we all know he does overuse. His rhythmic playing is very precise and quite interesting too. Yes, he’s caricaturesque, but he did give birth to a new era of heavy metal guitar right after Eddie Van Halen. Nowadays I don’t listen to him as much as I used to, but still feel a lot of respect for him, no matter what. As @geoff_hartwell said above, credit where credit is due! 🙏🙇
  10. Yes, we met... more than a decade ago. 🙂 I “inherited” that Vector you didn’t expect to win when you did bid on it. We met at “le Palais des congrès” in Montreal. You were driving that wagon of yours and you were with your gf, remember? BTW, sorry to hear you stopped. I stopped too —my last gig was in 2014. Hope to see you around in the city, though I don’t think we’ll recognize each other. 🤪🤣
  11. Dude! Welcome back! Still gigging? Would love to see you again. 🙂👊
  12. Gosh! I was out for a while and just this! 😳 But I’m seeing a happy ending... or simply no ending, actually. Whew! So, @Guitardaddy, I wish you the best and no more illnesses and stuff. Cheers and happy continuity! 🍻
  13. Brad Paisley rules, absolutely. And hopefully he’ll inspire some young people to pick up a guitar and play.
  14. Sounds kinda Queen meets Rush. I love it! Thanks for sharing!
  15. I think we got our guy. The Darkness started in 2002 (just checked), and Justin brought back the guitar fun to mainstream rock. WINNER!!!
  16. It looks like the neck-through Gibson SG does already exist —or did exist: https://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/gibson-limited-run-sg-neck-thru-electric-guitar However, I can only find pictures of a 12-string, which makes me think the ad above might be incomplete. Here’s a link to the 12-stringer: https://www.long-mcquade.com/74129/Guitars/Electric-Guitars/Gibson/2016-Ltd-Edn-SG-Neck-Through-12-String---Heritage-Cherry.htm
  17. I personally find it extremely attractive. I love SG’s. While fanciness isn’t what they were created for, this blue princess does have a lot of charm. Very cool axe! But the true question is: do YOU like it? 😉
  18. One of the greatest EVER. I love Chuck Berry’s music, showmanship and playing style. Thanks for sharing!
  19. Vector with a paddle headstock can also fit the bill —please see these three old pictures of my daughter:
  20. I love what I’m hearing there. Great job and great guitar playing! And no. We do have the right here to talk about our own musical projects, share our own music and celebrate our musical accomplishments. Thanks for letting us know.
  21. For a long time, I’ve relied on my Tech21 Power Engine 60. Whatever I amplify through it, it gets beautifully reproduced —though louder, of course. Here’s an example of a configuration I used to love: An all-mahogany guitar (in this case an 84 Hamer Vector —which I no longer own, sadly) —> treble booster (a BBE Freq Boost) —> Pignose Piggy-in-a-box (as a preamp) —> Tech21 Power Engine 60. I’ve also used it with only a modeller. In the picture below, you’ll see a Digitech RP250 too. Back then, I had programmed it with just three tones. Everything there is very simple and modest, I know, but it’s also reliable and highly effective.
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