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  1. Brad Paisley rules, absolutely. And hopefully he’ll inspire some young people to pick up a guitar and play.
  2. Sounds kinda Queen meets Rush. I love it! Thanks for sharing!
  3. I think we got our guy. The Darkness started in 2002 (just checked), and Justin brought back the guitar fun to mainstream rock. WINNER!!!
  4. zorrow

    Eric Otten

  5. It looks like the neck-through Gibson SG does already exist —or did exist: https://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/gibson-limited-run-sg-neck-thru-electric-guitar However, I can only find pictures of a 12-string, which makes me think the ad above might be incomplete. Here’s a link to the 12-stringer: https://www.long-mcquade.com/74129/Guitars/Electric-Guitars/Gibson/2016-Ltd-Edn-SG-Neck-Through-12-String---Heritage-Cherry.htm
  6. I personally find it extremely attractive. I love SG’s. While fanciness isn’t what they were created for, this blue princess does have a lot of charm. Very cool axe! But the true question is: do YOU like it? 😉
  7. One of the greatest EVER. I love Chuck Berry’s music, showmanship and playing style. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Vector with a paddle headstock can also fit the bill —please see these three old pictures of my daughter:
  9. I love what I’m hearing there. Great job and great guitar playing! And no. We do have the right here to talk about our own musical projects, share our own music and celebrate our musical accomplishments. Thanks for letting us know.
  10. For a long time, I’ve relied on my Tech21 Power Engine 60. Whatever I amplify through it, it gets beautifully reproduced —though louder, of course. Here’s an example of a configuration I used to love: An all-mahogany guitar (in this case an 84 Hamer Vector —which I no longer own, sadly) —> treble booster (a BBE Freq Boost) —> Pignose Piggy-in-a-box (as a preamp) —> Tech21 Power Engine 60. I’ve also used it with only a modeller. In the picture below, you’ll see a Digitech RP250 too. Back then, I had programmed it with just three tones. Everything there is very simple and modest, I know, but it’s also reliable and highly effective.
  11. Geddy Lee Billy Sheehan Joey Vera —for those wondering, the guy in Fates Warning John Deacon James Jamerson —oh yeah!
  12. The wait will be looooooooooooong... 😏
  13. BTW, I got two albums from a band named The Time. They also are on Spotify. As far as I understood, Prince played guitar on those, under a pseudonym. They are very funky —way funkier than the average Prince album. Here’s the Spotify link to the band:
  14. Oh! What a shame! But quite often it’s the other way around. Sometimes it feels good being Canadian! 🤪🤣
  15. Like @crunchee, I like Prince, but haven’t explored much more than his hits. And BTW, that Superbowl show he gave in 2007 was tremendous.
  16. The pic was taken with a cheap cell. He’s the Devil in person though. Like Lucifer himself! 🤪🤣
  17. Dean rocks. I love the painting schema of this one. Congratulations!
  18. HELL was his baby, the dream of his life finally turned into reality. Losing it in a such... unlikely way, it was a heavy blow. I empathize tremendously with Kev. It never was a matter of income though. I’m well aware of his main job, and of the fact HELL never was more than “a professional hobby”, as he used to say. But he lost his “ikigai”. The grief was terrible. 😞 Luckily, he’s still alive and slowly moving on. 🙏🙇
  19. Hey there, guys! Surprisingly, Kev did reply to my texto. I wrote to him something inspired by a conversation I had with @Ting Ho Dung a few months ago —Michael and I do chat often and had already talked about this. Kev’s reply, though still a bit sad and nostalgic, also sounds like he’s already seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. I toyed with the idea of transcribing the whole thing for you guys, but finally decided to share here only what directly concerns the HFC —no need to tell you why. So, I beg your indulgence. This is what I’m willing to share for now, which isn’t much, but at least you’ll see he says “hi” to us all here:
  20. It’s me who has Kev’s 4-digit Standard. I have his email and his phone number. I even worked with him on a side project —successfully, must I add. However, at a given moment he stopped replying to my emails. He did tell me he was having problems with his wrist —I think it’s no longer a secret around here. I haven’t tried to text him or to call him ever since. I guess it’s about time though. The man is a great individual and an awesome musician.
  21. Late to this party, but early enough for July 4th 😉
  22. He’s certainly a monster player and people are entitled to give their own flavour to whatever they decide to play, but some songs are just not the same when altered, even slightly. I didn’t dislike it though. I just don’t get totally hooked by this performance. Hendrix is simply hard to cover credibly, specially when one tries to avoid imitating him.
  23. Isn’t that the guitar Nick had here? If it is, I did play it. For some reason I didn’t like the lead tones I got from it on Nick’s amp. However, it produced a very modern rhythm sound, very dense and powerful. Congratulations!
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