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    1982 Sunburst Black w/ original TOM, 1984 Blitz Bass Red, 1985 A5 Phantom Salmon colored, 1985 Scetpter Vee White w/ Black Lefty, 1986 Chap Red Sparkle, 1986 SS1 Pink Pearl
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  1. It's a Silvertone 1484 and belongs to one of my bandmates. He's had it for over 20 years, and bought while they were still cheap....sounds awesome.
  2. I have essentially the same guitar, except for the black hardware. Mine's six digits earlier. Paid a whopping $250 for it about 20 years ago.
  3. I believe that is Mark Spencer playing that MIII in the video. He's played with Jay Farrar, Son Volt, etc.
  4. I had a cherry '86 that had a wide neck that I couldn't get used to. I'm not sure of the dims., but it was wider than my '82 Sunburst and '85 A5. I liked the sound of those two better also, so I sold it. I think BadgerDave had it for awhile and then moved it. It was very clean, however and I loved the looks of it.
  5. FWIW, my brother had a '78 P-bass that seemed to be full of dead spots. They weren't really noticeable until we started recording.
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