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  1. Well...I am really not sure that *anyone* is a bigger asshole than Matte.
  2. Like anything else, price is partially determined by cost of living in the area...and I'm guessing that Kiz's cost of living (right outside of NYC) is slightly higher than most areas of Alabama.
  3. I had 3 Ash trees removed...the borer beetle got them. I saved a little by having them leave the wood for my fireplace but it still wasn't cheap. Ash is a bitch when it dies, it's a hard brittle wood and once it goes, those huge branches fall with alarming regularity. I don't remember how much it cost but it sure as hell wasn't cheap. They also did my neighbors Ash tree at the same time. IIRC they removed 5 very large Ash trees on that day. I just ran through the last of it this past winter and that was 5 years ago. As others have said, beware the cheap prices. Insurance is expensive for them as I'm sure you can imagine...and you DO NOT want to hire an uninsured tree guy.
  4. If everyone who claimed "I have never seen Game of Thrones" was telling the truth, the show would never have gone to season 2. rofl.
  5. I play everything...hard. It's a tool, not a savings account. And yes, I have guitars and amps worth more than 5k.
  6. Maybe you can make note of it being hand signed with a nitrocellulose pen equipped with Brazilian ink. lol
  7. This was my main gigging guitar for years, and the best Strat I have ever played or owned. I am out of the music biz now. I retired from it a few years ago to focus on my coaching jobs (I coach girls volleyball, girls basketball and boys volleyball for the HS at which I work) and hang out with my grandson. Trades are extremely unlikely but feel free to make the offer anyway.
  8. Partially true...I agree that there is little to no difference in tone or feel between the two. However, the expense of Braz is also somewhat based on the fact that it is rare. So supply and demand will always be in its favor.
  9. Here was the xray I took of my Huber the other day.
  10. I seem to recall someone once asking the question..."How the hell do you get thrown out of a place that doesn't serve alcohol?" Anyone remember who that was? lol
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