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  1. The AC10 has a max depth of 4-1/8”, so slightly limited.
  2. I just ordered (and paid for) a #4 Red Fang ceramic 10” / 16 Ohm from Eminence days before they shutdown for Covid. This is for my AC10C1. And I wait...
  3. True. I have found you must call the store. Remember to get the name of the person who promises to send more pictures so you can call back a few times while you’re waiting for days. Consistently good photos and a description better than “with case” would go a LONG ways. They should take a lesson from Dave’s three stores!
  4. I had Mike order a gold Faber wraparound for my current Shishkov. Then I changed to a Mann vibrato. So I have a new gold Faber available, if you’re interested.
  5. I have a friend looking for one. 🧐 Let me know if’n you’re sellin’.
  6. I have a Gretsch CVT (Corvette model) - made in China. Great guitar and you could put TV Jones T90's in it. You can find them used for around $500.
  7. I’ve got (lots of) money on it! 💰
  8. For a slightly modified aftermarket case, this was not bad.
  9. The link below is a single released last December featuring a Shishkov SC sporting a Charlotte in the bridge. Playing through a Carr Hammerhead and a Keeley Red Dirt. Great pickups! Thanks to @JGravelin and @Northfield. Order yours today! BingBong @ Bandcamp BingBong @ Spotify
  10. I have one of the Soldiers. They are a bit slippery. Much better (authentic) IMO than other checkered straps.
  11. Nice score! That deserves a checkered strap! On sale too! https://www.chicagomusicexchange.com/listing/souldier-raceway-checker-2-black-and-white-rick-nielsen-cheap-trick-strap/3115816
  12. You might be wearin’ your guitar too high. 😳
  13. I received my first offer from CME. It was like a personal, instantaneous 15% off sale. I wanted to buy it!
  14. I’d love to sell you a BingBong cd. Contact me at atomicwash AT yah** d*t c*m. Sample here: https://bingbongband.bandcamp.com Cheers, Dan
  15. Crazy GAS right now - Shishkov getting close to completion.
  16. Nick Lowe Elvis Costello Marshall Crenshaw Material Issue
  17. God, I hate shipping these fine instruments. We could really benefit from a teleporter.
  18. It's getting SO close! I'm really getting the CUSTOM out of Shishkov Custom Guitars. Thanks @Northfield !!! Once it's complete, I'm gonna miss the update photos and gear chat with Mike.
  19. Under 8 lbs and slightly fuller neck... doesn't get any better than that! GLWTS.
  20. I have this friend... looking at Cruise basses (mostly because I'm always talking about how great Hamers are). Any general advice, things to watch for, etc in finding a good Cruise? Are the mid 90's MIK's okay? I see that the USA model sells for $500-1000 with a lot of sold's under $600, this seems like a steal compared to Hamer guitars. Thanks!
  21. I am very lucky to have the Madison DGS about a mile from my house. They do a regular run between the three stores and often offer to bring gear in to Madison so I can check it out. They also have a fair trade in policy: 80% of what they think it will sell for (or 60% value to walk out with cash). And the used stuff is typically priced reasonably or better.
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