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  1. Hey Tommy! Very nice. I have an 8 0247 which is a favorite of mine, having been played heavily by a local hero Frank Jalovec, who left us way too early in a freak accident on his day job. What’s with that brass plate on the back? Mine is still strung through body, but yeah that looks like the same type bridge on my ‘80. Neck angles on these call for different bridges I am seeing, as they aren’t all the same. Some early ones didn’t need the shim, though most did. Thanks for the input. Stay well!
  2. It looks very good! When I get to setting the guitar back up, I’ll give a fuller assessment. 🧐 You made a batch of these? How many? Was it like 50?
  3. 👍 So, one of his. Figured it was one of the previous two runs I’ve read about. I looked for the 2FIG, to no avail. Do those have 2FIG stamped under the base? Thanks K!
  4. Well, there you go. We must be careful, and I will have to remember this. I suppose the clear can react with the ink. Many times you have to put on very light mist coats (lots of them) to preserve, yet not wash out the ink. I did talk to Paul years back about the start of the production Sunbursts. I was curious why the sunbursts were so varied. During that conversation, he made mention that they had a very difficult time inking those first guitars. As the serial #’s were getting washed out/off. Is this more prevalent with the yellow ink, or with black as well? Was there not also white ink used? Maybe the various pigments would react differently with the lacquer? Possibly some are protected with finish. Play it safe and presume they’re stamped after the finish.
  5. I can’t imagine they didn’t seal that under some clear. Only an assumption. I never noticed one rubbing off with casual cleaning. Hope all is well Baz!
  6. Ok guys! Fill me in on this Sustainblock with a small TJH stamped on the back side. I presume a reproduction? Like to know the history. Thanks.
  7. Andrew, And they’re not cheap if found! I’d no reason to add one to this. Just an interesting observation. Appreciate your input. Stay well!
  8. Those that are shaved are sitting in the sweet spot as far as saddle height adjustment. Appropriate to neck angle. Not set to extreme. In other words... If a Mann was put on, it would likely be too high (by at least 1/16”). Apparently, as Andrew mentions, some of these didn’t have enough of a back angle to accommodate the higher stock height of an unmodded SB bridge. Hence, being milled down at the shop. If these are the first that were actually being built out of Arlington Heights (vs Holmes), maybe they were still feeling things out? John made a good point, that the Sustainblock bridge is similar in height to a Tunomatic, vs typical Strat bridge. I’d imagine the original Mighty Mite bridges would have worked nicely on these sans shim, ironically.
  9. Jay, There was NO pre impression. I could only see that of the Schaller Roller bridge that was on it since I’ve gotten it. String thrus unaltered. They match exactly to the Sustainblock. I tried to put on one of the Mann repros a week back, and discovered it sits too high, so I took it off and there is now a ‘slight’ SB impression. Leaning towards leaving it be with the Schaller that was on it, as it is pointing toward having been originally shipped with it. I really need to confirm those Schallers were being produced in 1980 to further validate the thought. I included a couple photos showing Schaller bridge impression, and what appears to be unaltered mounting/string thru holes. Thanks.
  10. Ok, this is interesting. I’ve four additional specimens to compare in the 0 15xx’s that are being examined tonight. Two of the bridges so far have had bottoms nicely machined (showing brass) to lower, another has a nice ‘teenie weenie’ TJH stamped at center bottom backside vertical wall (repro?), has a crowned unbound ‘EBONY’ board w/ ‘wide 12th fret side markers’ and earliest at 01522(?). One more to take off. STAY TUNED...
  11. Andrew! Appreciate your input. I got the new SustainBlock that Mann created, duplicating the HAMER SustainBlock bridge. I thought the same, of having a base plate made up with some thickness removed. Interestingly, there’s only the Schaller impression evident in the lacquer. I’m going to pull another SustainBlock off another similar era Sunburst to see if it has left an impression. If it does I would have to believe the Schaller is the only bridge this guitar has had installed. I will also need to confirm Schaller made these that early. What I did discover is that Schaller was making bridges decades earlier. Just haven’t confirmed for this model (3D-6?) bridge. Also, the three mounting holes are a perfect match! The Schaller roller bridge layout is same as the Mann SustainBlock reproduction in terms of where the mounting holes are. Another telling sign is this... When I went to use mounting screws for the repro SB to mount it. Those screws were thicker/longer and didn’t want to go in as I’d expect, so rather than fight them I utilized the original mounting screws that were from the Schaller, to mount the repro SB. I will compare to the mounting screws of the other donor sample when I observe for any impressions on it, as well as compare height of the real SB, to the repro SB. I presume with all the legwork over the years, that the heights will be similar. Just need to negate that hypothesis. Observing the mounting screws will also be of worth weighing in on what’s going on. If they are also larger, then that further confirms no SB was ever installed. Angle likely didn’t allow a SB from original construction on this particular one at the least. So they used a bridge with a lower profile. Or, if these Schaller roller bridges were available then, maybe was a ‘special request’ by the customer? They did a lot of that back then, as I’ve heard. And, in 1980, these should be Arlington Heights made guitars, no? At 0 15?? in production, the Specials were also being made as well at Arlington Hts? Think this would rule out it’s possibility of being a Holmes product?
  12. Chris, Yep, that needs to be determined. Will dig a bit. I do recall seeing these in the 80’s, how early though is to be determined. crunch’, I checked out the Carvin museum page. Nice resource on Carvin! These were heavily used on Hamer Basses around that time as well. Going to try and find the year these were introduced. Thanks.
  13. Trying again... Two photos. I now have Sustainblock mounted (saddles low as possible)w/Schaller roller bridge which originally was on the guitar, sitting next to It. Note height difference, of which the Schaller lies at a lower profile. The other photo illustrates action still quite high. Saddles are as low as possible. Neck has very minimal relief, if any. My thought is this didn’t have a Sustainblock to start with for two reasons. 1) The only impression I see in the finish under the bridge is of the profile of the Schaller roller bridge. 2) Inappropriate neck angle of the set neck. Maybe this was, or wasn’t meant to be. In any case it needed a lower profiled bridge, and so it had the Schaller installed. Being 1980 this should be one made in whole at Arlington Heights. Customer request? Goof/fix? See photos. Thanks.
  14. Hey Chris! I failed to take shots when it was off, but I’ve a side by side I took to a new Sustainblock. It’s proud, and would need to allow lowering of close to 1/8” for decent action. (Not appearing to want to upload. Will try retake something smaller in size). Interestingly I didn’t see any Sustainblock impression under the Schaller bridge that was on it. I’d expect to see evidence of one being there before?
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