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  1. Thank you Chris! And what was (or approximate) the last 4 digit serial# ?
  2. How late did the 4 digit sequence run? Wasn’t it through mid 1980’s? I probably should look in ‘the book’.
  3. My understanding is 0097 is the first ‘changed’ to candy corn shape. While 0096 ‘Jaws’ is last ‘elongated/narrow’ control route.
  4. They all look incredibly great! Yet so different. The natural looks way better than I'd imagine.
  5. Awesomeness! Congrats on scoring a gorgeous instrument.
  6. Okay found it on the mobile version. Sent message, after some figuring translations. : o
  7. I picked up the Zymol. Great for clean/newer guitars. Not so keen on it's performance on the old gunky guitars. Though it made it look better on an early 70's Gibson, it didn't look right, and I'm sure it didn't clean it so much as, kind of mask what was needed to be removed. If that makes any sense. Just didn't look right. Those old guitars look 'odd' with that kind of oily gloss for lack of a better term. There is coconut oil, or something in it. Have to look at the label again. I want to try the Virtuoso cleaner and see how that would work. dave
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