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  1. I did ask both partial, and full refund. Seller denied both. With my cc company now.
  2. Anyone familiar with a Brad Putt(No, not Brad Pitt! I’ve heard of him) with Main Stage Music in Dayton, TN? First time I recall dealing with him. He was cool until he heard the issues I had. Brad’s response is that he admittedly did grind the pot to get to view the pot code, and ‘yes’ that the frets will need some leveling to play decent. 😳. And that the other issues should be expected. 😂😵😤
  3. Yeah. I saw there were several offers, so pulled the trigger on the ask, expecting a prime example that played beautifully out of the case, listed in ‘excellent’ condition. Oh, and I forgot to also mention... The truss rod is maxed with relief still in the neck. I’ve been cool with this guy, and can’t understand such ignorance.
  4. Yep. I say it’s a $1500 guitar. I’ve been very generous with this donkey.
  5. Share your opinion on value. 1978 HAMER Sunburst B&C. Very clean, however has an added mini switch mod added above center pot which was disclosed. Otherwise, all original and in EXCELLENT condition. Then... I discovered bridge pup swapped to a Dimarzio Super Distortion. Frets buzz (so many out of level) and will need a leveling at the least. Truss Rod cavity chiseled out some. String alignment is too far to edge, especially on bass side causing fret out by 6th fret on up as neck taper is not nearly as wide as most, measuring 2.15” at last fret. .1-.15(or more) less than others I’ve meas
  6. I’d go with a higher fret personally. Maybe even 6100. They will make your bending a breeze. Then again, lining to keep original. If it stays intonated, and doesn’t buzz, I’d possibly leave it for now. Maybe there’s another with higher frets you may have when you have that bendy feeling.
  7. Hoodie, and t-shirt at the least. If will fit my 6’6” 220 lb self. Sleeve length concern. Happy Holidays. Stay well! \m/
  8. Yes, closest I’ve seen. Mine has a sharper edge than this. How the neck support goes only goes so far across width of case, similar to mine. Thanks.
  9. Appreciate the input. $4,852.18 That case sold for?!!! I’d guess mine isn’t quite as early? Yes, it is Stratty. That non-fretted end piece of fingerboard appears to be a separate piece for whatever reason, and could’ve easily accommodated 21 frets. Will look closer at that. I’ll look into it what is going on with the pups, haven’t looked under that, only the selector switch. They definitely look fabricated from scratch and a very tight fit with the guard. The metal work does resemble Bigsby a bit. Profiling is clean. I’d hope somewhere inside there’ll be something to break this mystery. I shou
  10. Yes. I’m quite impressed with the ingenuity. Sure wish I knew more about the person. They appear to know what they were doing. Like they needed to build a guitar, and made due with what was available.
  11. Tuners are Grovers. Bridge looks self made. See photo of neck plate removed. There is a truss rod, butt access. What you see is how I got it, case and all. Seeing if anything lends to a later build, or if all early 50’s. And we can’t say if the case wasn’t added later. Pups look home made, may need to look there.
  12. Had this for awhile. I have only known it as Prison Bitch guitar. Because it looks completely home/hand made. Tonight I pulled it out, tuned it up and was surprised it played quite well. Big ass baseball bat neck. So I’ve always been curious of this guitar. Whoever made this appears to have been very knowledgeable of guitar building, or at least inventive or creative within the process. I only recall it fictionally thought up that someone incarcerated with limited resources, and time on their hands must have ‘created’ this playable instrument. It only made sense as it looks so raw. But that wa
  13. Hate when they block the price out. Now I’m curious what the bump was. 😝
  14. Hey BadgerDave! Sweet guitar, someone will enjoy. 👍
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