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  1. I’d be interested in ordering something. What fits a guy nearly 6 & 1/2 foot tall? To All, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Wish I’d have grabbed some of those glasses too.
  2. Hamer Dave

    Hamer Dave

  3. Good to see it moving along. Always nice to see such examples of classics.
  4. I'd send it over seas, if no interest domestically and ok by owner. Keep hearing of local interest, sooo... Renewed interest by PaG' and Dana'. Reaching out to PaG'. With an address, I can send it out asap, and get it moving again. Cool read. Thanks. Please. Gorch has been asking since March, 2014.
  5. Awesome PaGator! I just sent you a PM. Respond with an address I can send the book to. I'll get it out to you asap. When done pass it on to the next. Thanks! Dave
  6. Happy New Year everyone!!! Chris, I do still have it and very anxious to send it along. Let me know who's been earliest to request (US), and I will send it along this coming week. I posted a few times, and didn't get any confirmed bites. I can send to PaGator, at the least, assuming he's domestic. Will also send a photo of those signed to mathman, once I have his info to text one over. May all have a great 2016! \m/ dave 708 560-3337 cell/text Dave - Do you STILL have this? If so, please pass along...people keep emailing me about where it is. If you don't have it, please post who DOES have it so I can forward that information. Thanks!
  7. mathman, I deleted a couple messages, so PM should be available. Or... Text my cell. 708 560-3337. Thanks! dave Text it to me and i can post it. I'll pm a number. your box is full...
  8. I believe any photos have to reside on a hosting site. I did it once, years back. I can easily take a pic. Can someone post it, if I text it to them?
  9. I STILL HAVE IT! I can send to brion in KY, if he's done training, or anyone else domestic like to see it? Otherwise, the owner can instruct where he'd like it sent? PM me if interested. Happy Holidays!
  10. I'll have to get something. So many decisions.
  11. Brion here in the Midwest might still want it sent? Is there others waiting domestically? Let me know guys (& gals). Couple openings in my box now.
  12. I do have it, and was asking a while back. So... Who can I send it to? I'll clear my box again. d
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