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    Too many to list other than my Talle (then there's the non-Hamer stuff)
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    Dr.Z Route-66, Maz 38 SR heads w/Bruno 2x10 Celestion Golds, TruTone Custom 2x10, & 10/12 Eminence loaded slant, and Avatar 2x12 G12H 30W cabinets, Fender Princeton Reverb, and Super Reverb, Gibson Skylark GA-5T, JBL EON15 G2 (for the DuoTone acoustic side)
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    Misc keyboard and bass equipement

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    Rocky Point, LI, NY
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    Motorcycles, Music (guitars and amps, more specifically), Family&Friends, Wine&Food, My Work (DemeterFL, Inc.). Not necessarily in that order!
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  1. LittleC


    I had the pleasure to meet John (and his lovely wife) a couple times and play with him as well. Fun, kind, honest, good guy and a damn good musician as well. Nothing but good . . .
  2. Welcome aboard, Paul. It seems weird to post that, but . . . None the less, it's long overdue I suppose
  3. Ian Hunter's new Man Overboard Return To Forever Light As A Feather Empyrean Isles Herbie Hancock Idle Moments Grant Green and Hope and Desire Susan Tedeschi Just out of rotation Chicago Transit Authority (still holds up all these years later)
  4. I've got the stock P90 Phat-Cats in my Newport and I just love them. Use the guitars volume and tone controls as per Ben.
  5. Damn! I gotta git me one a doze, you lucky dawg!
  6. Congratulations, Jol, I would say - as you sail off into the sunset', but knowing how much you like cars, let's make that - RIDE OFF INTO THE SUNSET! Thank you for everything you've added to my life. It has all been happy, quality, memories! I, for one, wish you nothing but the best in whatever lay ahead.
  7. This might be strange, but I feel like I can play my best when sitting down, so to adjust my strap, I sit down, and set the strap so that when I stand up, the guitar is as close to the same spot it was when I was sitting down.
  8. My posts were working just fine. Wonder if they still are...? Yup!
  9. As long as my new DuoTone Custom doesn't unseat it, my number one Hamer is my (purchased new in) 2000 Newport.
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