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  1. Thanks, man. I tested it over the weekend and I see that Bluetooth isn't supported, even if there's nothing inserted in the headphone jack. I'm sold on this app either way, but please let the powers that be know that it would be a very nice enhancement if they could make the next revision Bluetooth audio-aware. Lots of folks are using stereo Bluetooth headphones w/ their iPhones exclusively now, and you know, one less cable to get tangled up in. Congrats on the launch!
  2. Wow, the demos sound fantastic. If latency is low enough then one thing's certain: my MicroPod is heading to eBay. (Well, it was probably on its way anyway.) One question for the IK rep: Will Amplitube work with Bluetooth headphones when the iRig is plugged in for guitar input?
  3. I happen to dig the look of graphite anything (maybe from looking at too many race cars in my youth) but I can totally respect where you're coming from. The thing about the Rainsongs, though, was that they were actually so cheap relative to what they were delivering tonally. In fact, I actually liked the entry level model (at about $1K) better than the more upscale model (at ~$1600 IIRC). The only pro I could see w/ the more expensive model was that it was lighter. If I hadn't just gotten the Breedlove (as a gift from my wife, who was looking on while my jaw dropped over these Rainsongs,
  4. I don't really know what you're looking for, or what you value in terms of aesthetics and tradition, but I recently picked up a couple of Rainsongs and they truly blew me away. They're all carbon composite, so the look isn't going to appeal to everyone, but the projection and tonal balance were amazing for guitars that start at around $1K. If I were running out to buy a new acoustic right now, that's almost definitely what I'd be going for. I made the discovery just a couple of weeks after picking up a Breedlove Pro C25/CR, so that aint happening. I love the Breedlove, but for some applicat
  5. The first thing I think of is Sam Jackson calling that poor kid "Flock of Seagulls" LOL!
  6. I heard that god-awful cover of In Your Eyes in a grocery store last week - and threw up in my mouth a little. To be fair, the original's a bit syrupy in the first place, but it's original and it's Peter Gabriel, and if you were 16 when it hit it might have been a little special to you. Hearing some dude strum away on an acoustic guitar and mewl away at those lyrics... it's like listening to some douchebag trying to get laid next to a campfire. At the grocery store. Puke.
  7. LOL what if you're a guitarist? Will he build you a guitar-themed guitar? A meta-guitar?
  8. Cool, sounds like you run in some pretty hip circles. Interestingly, a Google search for Penny Piper turns up everything from a Property Manager, Corporate Trainer to a Barak Obama advocate, to a porn star (Or so I infer... no clicky at work LOL.) I wonder if this bassist/vocalist is also one of the above?
  9. A Boston band called the Stardarts formed by former Neighborhoods frontman David Minnehan. These guys never went beyond local status (with this specific band) to my knowledge but oh my god those shows rocked. Also, MIRV, a San Fran band (I believe) whose album Dancing Naked in a Minefield I am forever promoting. The rest of their recorded material is so-so IMO, but they were a serious trip live.
  10. I've been eyeballing the Atomics for years now, but I'm too cautious to buy "sight unheard" only to find that it isn't a significant improvement in tone. Lately I've been running my laptop (Guitar Rig 3) into the effects return of my old Flextone II (1x12 combo) and that works great, actually. Plus, if the laptop were to die at a show (should I ever gig again...) I would have an easy backup plan by way of the Flextone pre. I nearly bought a Power Engine back when I ran a POD but wound up with a Bronzewood instead - all the functionality of a Power Engine T, plus a vocal preamp, acoustic guit
  11. Wow - I always dug Warwicks because of their looks. Just goes to show ya...
  12. Parker Fly. Thought they looked ridiculous at first, but the ergonomics and playability are ideal for me. After a few years of playing them, even the looks have grown on me.
  13. First thing to come to mind: "2002" by this guy Bob Schneider. Hear it for free here: http://www.bobschneidermusic.com/ (All his stuff is up for free, with commentary, on this most cool website. "2002" is on the album Lonelyland.) Also, just about anything by Jim Croce.
  14. That description makes me think of Iommi on "Country Girl". Not much compositionally, maybe, but he just rolls in blazing, 3 seconds later the high E-string is off the side of the fingerboard ("meedley-MEEE"), and he's out. Love that. On the opposite end of the spectrum ("Get In, Get an Entirely New Piece of Music Composed & Get Out Roughly Four Days Later") - Fripp on Eno's "Baby's on Fire".
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