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  1. I always called that "mustard and ketchup burst"
  2. It's the ruby red that most of Newport Customs are in (never say all)....
  3. It has very minimal fretwear. It is an ebony fretboard. there are 3 shallow dimples in the back, a 'hameritis' type ding along one of the edges (some finish separation) and a couple of dings on the front. When I say 'well-loved' I don't mean all beat up...but it's just not a case queen.
  4. Oops....I answered for the Newport. I really don't know. I didn't switch them out because I thought they sounded good. Possibly they're stock. The middle pot fades in the middle humbucker which yields some nice tones.
  5. In the Bridge I think it's Muy Grande Humbucker and a tallboy single. At the neck I believe it's a tallboy humbucker. I have the switching set up so you can get to pretty much any combination of singles and humbuckers.
  6. I don't think it's chambered. HACL is just what they called it. There's faint script on the back of the headstock reading "HACL 2 of 9" It's not too stout...not shredder-thin but medium slender....
  7. As of 10/3/2013 8:53 CT: Newport sold to Feynman!!!As of 10/4/2013 2:30 CT The HACL sold to PolaraIn discussions with HFCer on the Goldtop, but deal not finalized...will keep you all updated.I've pasted what I hope is a functional link to Google+ images of guitars I have for Sale: https://plus.google.com/photos/115958177390492414570/albums/5871555229618093489?banner=pwa I have a Factory Gold Top 3-pickup Studio made for Bill Kaman (once owned by our own Paults) and a Hamer Artist Custom Limited (HACL 2 of 9) also made for Kaman for sale. Both are in excellent condition, however, they are not
  8. Thanks Mike. Hope you enjoy the guitar while you're waiting for the new build from Jol. ...and thanks for the comments about the CD. Yours' is the second comparison to Zappa (the other was "Like Frank Zappa making fun of Al DiMeola")...I must say, that's totally unintentional as the only records of his that I really liked were Freak Out, Hot Rats and Live at the Fillmore...but I'll take it. Hectorp
  9. They're actually on Amazon and CD Baby. There's a Facebook page with lots of tid bits on it about upcoming events... Thanks for the interest!
  10. Awesome!....making personal revisions of these guitars is our way of keeping the brand alive. By the way, the item at the far left is my T-62 that I had Stike refinish in Dakota Red and dropping in H-S-S Bardens . Soon I will have my own " 'T was a good day" post....
  11. Bjork Kate Bush Tracy Bonham Chryssie Hynde Annette Peacock Joan Osborne Madeleine Peyroux
  12. Maybe half of the stuff we put in descriptions comes from experiences in which we got burned. If I do take the trouble to have something set up by a luthier, the reason I would mention it on eBay is because once I had a guy pressure me into paying a luthier's set up bill after he got the guitar because he didn't like the way it played. Like Humongus in the Road Warrior "I'm a reasonable man" and all my guitars play just fine...but I didn't want to risk some stranger posting nasty feedback, so I paid him off.
  13. You maniac. Your mind goes through cycles like the moon. Hope all is well at Casa Gerg.
  14. What if we have a substantial modification done to an existing guitar...making it 'new.'
  15. 2 Truss Rods...Oh My. That's like three t*ts. That's a power date!
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