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  1. I think I sold it for $150 (I know I bought it for that without yhe neck finish stripped).
  2. In 1983 with ‘82 LPC and more hair than I have today.
  3. I had a bunch of NOS ones. Still have a few, but they’d be almost as pricey to ship as what they’d sell for.
  4. I had a few Floyd Rose trems for Les Pauls that I got cheap off of eBay in the early days (97-98). Put them up on some message board where they sat for years with zero views. Two were complete and NOS, another was in great shape but had a few missing parts. Totally forgot about them in a drawer and got an email out of the blue from a guy who offered me $400 for a complete one. Sold.
  5. I’ve been swamped with work, life, etc and haven’t been able to so much as THINK guitars in several months, but yes, this one is still available if anyone is interested.
  6. Since I moved up to boss-man at work in January 2018, I have very little free time, so FB is about the extent of my online life anymore... The image I had of just the Vector wouldn’t upload-I have crap cell service in my new office-the other guitars are not included in the sale!
  7. Here is a custom order I had the Hamer guys do up for me. Stunningly beautiful 2002 Hamer Mahogany Vector in Surf Green. Featured in “The Book”, this is absolutely a one-of-a-kind. In great shape. Unfortunately, work and other things keep me from gigging or playing at all (a main reason that I can rarely get on here anymore), so I will be putting a few things up that I haven’t played in years. With OHSC, $2800 plus shipping in the Lower 48. Email me at “serialsteve79AThotmailDOTcom” for questions, etc.
  8. All flametop Standards were one-piece bodies. The Mahogany Standard and the Standard Korina had two-piece bodies many times, but they are thicker and have different heels.
  9. I have no words for this. "Wow!!!" maybe, but that's about all I can squeak out as my jaw is on the floor.
  10. Sorry, but there is nothing quite like the excitement of a Shishkov order in progress. I'm getting set to get in line again-it's an awesome ride.
  11. I always had the same issue with PRSi-loved the look and feel (especially after factory visits), but that subsided as soon as I plugged them in. Just didn't dig the sound, no matter what amp. Then I picked a beater Custom 22 10top for $300 from a pawn shop (missing trem arm and two broken tuners). Great guitar.
  12. It's McChris, so 'ELO Out of the Blue' or 'Mister Blue Skies'?
  13. That's #0001. I take care of my stuff.
  14. To celebrate the 35th annversary of 'ATCWR''s release as a single this week, I've been cranking WACF by VH.
  15. I believe that you may have named your finish! That's perfect.
  16. Yeah-after years of lugging a Fender Twin or a Marshall 100w 1/2 stack, I'm ok with the 34 lb TM60! We go direct which compresses the hell out of everything and makes the feedback I love so much all but impossible (although I will say I was able to get some Friday-the chambering?).
  17. Here is a little bit of video from last Friday night's gig with #0003. This happened to be the last song we did with our drummer, who is retiring from the band and also happened to be the first song I played with the drummer and the other guitarist which got us to start the band.
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