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  1. Something like the one in the middle which was inspired by the brothers basses, It's 1.5" at the nut. It would have had the split fork headstock if I would have known it was available when I ordered it. I put in my request almost 4 years ago for one like it and an Ultimate bass. I never heard back. I think the Shishkov headstock would look cool on a double cut bass.
  2. This thread just keeps getting better and better, I can't wait to get my chance at a four string version.
  3. Wow! That's what I'm talking about! Thanks!
  4. Not everyone does facebook, how about some Shishkov porn.
  5. I would probably ride it out for a little while to see where it's going. BTMN is right on with the way to approach the situation if it doesn't change.
  6. This last pic is me hanging with wyldbil #5 in the back yard. I'll fiddle with it tonight and pack it back up so it can make it's trip to Columbus on Monday. I put 2 packs of HFC picks in with the swag so feel free to take one if you want one. This is a cool guitar and I was happy to get my hands on it for a little while to get some of the wyldbil mojo.
  7. Here's wyldbil hanging out with a buddy.
  8. The wyldbil special is so cool, I plugged it in my Marshall combo and it really does "RAWK". The pickup sounds hot in this guitar and I love the neck, nice and thin just the way I like it. Looks like the swag pile is getting a little bigger too. It has a cool little glass piece added by someone. I started to use it but then I would have had to clean it or keep it and I'm more of a paper man so I left it alone. I managed to get a pic of the swag and of course the battery went dead and I had to go put it in the charger. I'll get some pics of the guitar tomorrow. The neck looks no different tha
  9. It just arrived at my place, need to go mow my grass and I'll unpack it and check it out.
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