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  1. That's just down the road from me. If it was a 4 string and $500 cheaper I'd be all over it. I have it's cousin, a B4M from 2006.
  2. My first Hamer bass, 1985 Jack Blades model. The story is he used it on tour in 85 and sent it back to the factory to have his name inlaid on the fret board. They built him another just like it with his name on the board and Paul Hamer sold this one to a friend of mine who owns a music store in Jacksonville, AR where he had it displayed in a glass case. Long story short he wanted my Grandfathers old 1943 Gibson L7 and I wanted the Hamer so we made a deal and were both very happy. The bass was Lavender and the bevel was painted Fuchsia.I believe the hardware was white with black. Last I remember Peter has it.
  3. The one on the bottom was older and was just called a bass combo, the top one was a TNT. They were pretty much the same amp, the TNT just had more knobs on it. I started using these when I got tired of moving the Acoustic 370 and the two 301 cabinets which was overkill for most of the clubs we were playing at the time.
  4. Found this one when I was cleaning out an old dresser full of pictures last week. It was probably 1986 or 1987.
  5. It's been hard but I'm doing alright. Smoking lots of killer weed to ease the pain.
  6. Pancreatic cancer is a quick killer, only 20% of people make it a year after being diagnosed and only 3% make it 5 years. My wife of 42 years was diagnosed with it the second week of March. They told her she had 2 months to a year, she died April 24th.
  7. Those are the best playing long scale basses Hamer ever made IMO but that's a COCV price.
  8. Single truss rod, skinny neck. Of the five I had this is the only one still around.
  9. I have this one from 1987 I would possibly let go.
  10. Something like the one in the middle which was inspired by the brothers basses, It's 1.5" at the nut. It would have had the split fork headstock if I would have known it was available when I ordered it. I put in my request almost 4 years ago for one like it and an Ultimate bass. I never heard back. I think the Shishkov headstock would look cool on a double cut bass.
  11. marcnorth


  12. This thread just keeps getting better and better, I can't wait to get my chance at a four string version.
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