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  1. Ha, B&B! I liked this band back in the day. They were tight, more "Tesla" than "Crue" for their genre. Plus, Tommy Thayer. Another one of Gene Simmons' pet projects, Keel, reached greater success than B&B. Shame, B&B were better! I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed spinning WL front to back. Holds up for me.
  2. Metaphorically: Jeff Lynne's ELO New Foo Hollywood Vampires Literally: Black N Blue Without Love Cheap Trick Lap Of Luxury
  3. Also dug into the new Winery Dogs, Hot Streak. Pearl Jam's Lightning Bolt got a spin as well.
  4. I was looking for a pick me up after a shitty day at work on Saturday so I cracked open my copy of Jet's Get Born in white vinyl. What a fucking monster record. Tracks 2-3-4 on side one where hits, along with a track on side two. Just an amazing record.
  5. Waiting for the vinyl to come in. The video is SO cool! https://youtu.be/X8cmbmwFAl8
  6. Johnny b, A-you think I'm dumb enough to miss a speed knob B-gtrfaddy just Johnny b'd you into oblivion But - I still don't know if the soeed can be fixed, unless it drowned in Gtr daddy's post. I keed! I keed! .-)
  7. Yup! Gifted to me by a customer. Lucked out there! The speed is just a tad off, doesn't bother me when listening but it does if I play along. DP-45F?
  8. Sounds like a good night at the MD Matthes!
  9. It's ALL about this record at the moment: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCNxHms0UeHMFg6wqaJaq6XdHN7iwhtCf
  10. Way digging Trigger Hippy right now.
  11. Would this happen to be what awaits me on my kitchen table? Thanks Steve! Uber props on handwriting. Your return address reads way cool and my address looks like I wriote it myself.
  12. Matthew Sweet-Altered Beast Jet-Shaka Rock
  13. Glyn Johns book, Scott Ian book, Supermensch DVD, Big Star concert DVD...
  14. Nope, doesn't count. Next thing you know, you'll be telling me that some had Kahlers on 'em. I like that one, but...would it have killed the boys from Kalamazoo to install two more dots on the fretboard? I mean, it looks a tad incomplete, as is. The extra dots seem to have materialized in the form of several extra switches and knobs. I keed, I keed. Someday I'll try a Heritage. I never see 'em around here and I have to admit none have ever looked very sexy to me. But we don't play looks, we play sounds and feel. Oh, we play looks.
  15. Yeah, I put them on part one of my year end shows. The Trunk interview with Lee and new (old) bass player Chaisson was one for the ages.
  16. That drummer impresses me with the sound he gets from a relatively restrained motion. Live, I was also struck by his dynamics. I like his live sound a little better than his recorded sound, onece explained as a little fatiguing to hear over a long stretch due to retro production approach.
  17. 10/28/14 show, "The Week In Foo." at your leisure: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vjcw0coprrwclxf/sik102814.mp3?dl=0
  18. It's like a strap on dildo, except it clips on to a guitar and aids in tuning.
  19. Email Snark, tell 'em your story. Make sure you don't ask for anything, but include your name and address in the email. See what happens.
  20. Taylor Hawkins just now: "Surrender, surrender, but don't give your Hamer away." Foo Fighters with Rick Nielsen, Chicago, IL.
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