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  1. Never seen in the same place at the same time.
  2. See, now the prospect of an R8 and I'm immediately back in GAS mode... 55 years old and I've never owned a Les Paul. I find the typical R9's too fancy (topped), not to mention waaaay too expensive. Gee, thanks Bubs.
  3. Not a guitar, but I have been gassing for the MODX since they came out (Fall of 2018). It's the internals of their top-of-the line Montage in a lighter and way cheaper package. The Roland JD-Xi I bought a couple of years back only greased the GAS for the MODX. The JD-Xi is great, but the mini-keys are awkward for someone who doesn't really know what they're doing. The only thing I've been considering otherwise is going with a good MIDI controller and virtual synths - much cheaper, but the MODX is really, really attractive. I'm still full-time (and then some), but I (obviously) have time for the occasional visit to the HFC, which leads to diversions on Reverb, which leads back to the HFC, which... oh, wait! Wasn't I paying A/P? Crap! Gotta go!
  4. Sorry, thread off rails. The real mystery (other than, "why?") would be whatever (additional) travesty the metal plate is hiding. If that's not too buggered up, this could be salvageable (if bought at the right price).
  5. Seriously though, if anyone is interested , the BBC has available a fantastic PSA on banana defense:
  6. https://nypost.com/2019/01/02/man-goes-bananas-on-store-clerk-causes-1k-in-damage/ Even more amazing was that this report didn't start with, "A Florida man..."
  7. Travesty. What on earth is this trem "fix?" Originally white... Bottom line, looks like it's mostly there. Beautiful slab-o-hog! I don't think the $549.99 price (plus $55.00 shipping) would leave room to fix it. Tree two-fity shipped, maybe?
  8. Me either, but a quick search shows a USA decal looking more like this: The decal in the ad may be a bit TOO "Made in U.S.A." Also, and maybe it's camera angle / fisheye effect, the placement and size of the decal looks suspect.
  9. Just received this email: Link: https://tvjones.com/?mc_cid=080763bdbd&mc_eid=de537975f0
  10. If you're open to having a single master tone, give this a look: it automatically splits the humbucker in the 4 position for more Strat-like tones. With a master tone, you only need one side of the standard five-way, freeing it up for automatically shunting one of the humbucker coils to ground. The second tone knob becomes reassigned to "talent." (according to Jon Herington)
  11. Thoroughly enjoyed it and posted a Hamer case sighting earlier this week. Kind of stopped after the 80's - I really would have liked some additional post - Eliminator details. The Rhythmeen back-to-their-roots move, for example. At any rate, laughed out loud in too many places. And the oft, overlooked, ante-Eliminator "El Loco" is absolutely my favorite ZZ Top album - sneak peeks into the synths and sequencers to come but still recognizable as ZZ Top, just enough quirkiness. Fantastic!
  12. And it's easy enough to wire the Humbucker to split in the "4" position, only, negating the need for any superfluous switching busyness. To quote some of the best guitar advice I've ever received, "make it a rocket ship, not mission control." - @Murkat
  13. I've had mine (burst) since '94 - amazingly versatile guitars - great for rock, blues, country, etc., and a set of flatwounds transforms these into killer (feedback-free) jazz guitars. The necks are Gibson's (perfect) '59 carve. That and the ebony fretboard make them play so easily it fees like cheating. I think the fingers tailpiece is vastly misunderstood: it's not meant to be used for fine tuning (like a TP-6), rather, it is purposed for adjusting the tension of each string (and it works!). These tailpieces are expensive, and found on Gibson's higher-end jazz boxes (LeGrand, Lee Ritenour L5, some Johnny Smith models, etc.) Really would prefer the black finish on this one over the burst I have. My opinion (after a quarter century), YMMV. 😊
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