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  1. I grew up reading my dad's Hot Rod, Motor Trend, etc., magazines from the 60's. The Motor Trend magazines always had these ads with these "interesting" looking cars: I had (when I was a banker) a dermatologist as a client who was fairly noteworthy for his restoration of very unique and rare Volkswagens and Porsches. On one visit he showed me his latest project he was restoring for his mother-in-law, a twin engine Citroen, kind of like this mock-up: At any rate, Luc, enjoyed the rant. I have enjoyed a few PRSi but never bought one. I think they're beautiful (and the KL380 remains a bucket list guitar for me), but the ignorance of others mustn't bring us down! You're an educator - educate!
  2. velorush

    Eruption at 40

    My friend Tony's '76 Monte Carlo headed north out of town. I didn't ask "who is that?" I asked, "what is that?" as in, "what instrument." Absolutely changed everything for me. This is what I have tried to instill in my children and in the younger guitarists over whom I have had the great privilege to have influence: context! When the kids showed an interest in Van Halen, I provided context by playing snippets of The Village People (they were familiar with them from ball games), several Nile Rodgers tunes, Donna Summer, etc. After a few minutes of that I put on Eruption cranked way up - try it some time, it's shocking. I explained, it was in that musical context that we heard this. It was from Mars! Sure, there was rock out there at the time ( 2112, for example, was a couple of years old by VH1!) but disco was more or less ubiquitous (we had Rick Dees on 560 WHBQ, Memphis, for cryin' out loud!). I'd had a cheap Sears guitar for probably two or three years. It gathered dust no more! I put EVH right up there with Hendrix: there is rock music before him and rock music after him. Oh, and thanks for posting such a well-made (as well as well-played) video!
  3. Dream concert! First: Rush (Moving Pictures) Last: Rush (Clockwork Angels - took my daughter out of school for her first concert)
  4. velorush

    Stratocaster Pron Needed.

    Wait! How many times have you posted you just don't get along with Strats? You hate Strats. e.g., That said, the partscaster I started last year has come together marvelously. American Special body, a new Allparts SMO-FAT neck, Callaham trem and now sporting the electronics out of the former Cold Dead Fingers Strat (courtesy of a trade with Punkavenger, owner of the CDFS). It got too cold to finish the stripped body, but my son wants Fiesta red (I'm still torn between that and Sherwood green). Hopefully winter won't last too long. The CDF Strat (if Photobucket cooperates): And the CDF Strat with a really horrible sounding but beautiful VHRRI in (the new version of) Sherwood green: I tried four sets of pickups (including a set of Wilde Bills) and a Callaham bridge, but still the green guitar's bridge position was the shrillest, thinnest Strat ever. Here was a great sounding SE3 that came to me (around 1990) after having been played nightly in some bar in Champaign IL. Edited to correct the post on the last Strat - that was an E3, not an S3 (the decal would be at least one giveaway, headstock, another...)
  5. I made the exact mistake trying to point someone to a CME sale on the pedal a couple of months ago - they couldn't find it until I corrected myself: it's the VCR (Volume-Chorus-Reverb)! Yo, Bubs, check out this one on sale (half-price) now: The Lovepedal Echo Baby is also half-price (less than a C-note!):
  6. Agreed. Judging from not the bridge (I don't have no idea if the hardtail bridge is positioned exactly as the trem) but the screw position relative the trem inset, that's definitely from a different template. Will be interesting to check a Fender guard when I get home... ETA: yep, the Fenders look just like the Hamers (bridge inset relative the treble side screw position). Interesting.
  7. velorush

    eBay GSP and CITIES and a WARNING!!!!

    This worked marvelously for me. I ended participation in eBay around the time I ended participation in Facebook. Every day I've missed them even less. Life is good!
  8. velorush

    TDC: Ting's Power All, Dead

    What I was trying to get across only much better said. If you're building a pedalboard and have something more permanent in mind, the isolated power supplies are definitely the way to go. If you just need an inexpensive means to power a few pedals to experiment, the One Spot is fine. The only problem I've ever had with a One Spot was powering pedals before the amp and others in the loop on the same One Spot - lots of noise! Otherwise, it's been fine.
  9. I bought this both-in-one. No presets, but it does an amazing number of things very well. Got it used at CME for a really great price. Does all of this and the box is only 4.5" X 3.25":
  10. velorush

    TDC: Ting's Power All, Dead

    One Spot. Not isolated, not fancy, but they are inexpensive and they work.
  11. velorush

    I got this strange pedal for Christmas

    Definitely want. Pete Thorn (demo #2, above) even put one on his new (Friedman built) pedalboard. He loves it!
  12. velorush

    Tell Me About Your Christmas Haul

    The numbers "427" on a pedal covered in (nearly) Shelby blue infers anything but mild!
  13. velorush

    Tell Me About Your Christmas Haul

    Brother got me a CME bag for my bass. Actually a great little bag. Now I just need some reason to actually take my bass out of the house! My daughter (and fellow Python fan) bought me this: Lastly, the Black Mamba Tchula I bought for myself here on the FS Board just arrived and the HVAC guy just got my heat working again (out since Christmas Eve) - it's a great day!
  14. For the Google averse: https://www.faberusa.com/