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  1. Hope you find this as interesting as did I: Really enjoyed the breakdown of the guitar and bass at the first of the video. I never paid that much attention and am glad this popped up on my YouTube feed.
  2. One of the coolest spot gigs I ever had was for Starship. We had them as headliners at UTM (UT's @ school in NW Tennessee) with local (fantastic) band The Windows and Alcatraz opening (this was spring of 1986). Starship's contract came with tons of nitpicky stuff we'd never seen before (e.g., each step up to the stage must have its own light of certain dimensions placed in the center (so we had to build that...)). Campus regulars like Cheap Trick, 38 Special and Molly Hatchet were pretty simple by comparison. Their stage setup had a twenty-foot triangular scaffold on each side,
  3. When I saw @scottcald's comment I started to point that out, or pose some regrettable question about where Zappa kept his picks, but then I thought better. Your comment was both appropriate and correct, so I'm glad I showed restraint. 😁
  4. I have a vivid memory of a post-FMac Bob Welch hosting The Midnight Special (a quick Duck Duck Go indicates that was Season 7, 15 June 1979, so I was not yet 15). I had no idea who he was, but I definitely noticed while playing "Ebony Eyes" he was holding his left hand in "that shape." I watched MS and Don Kirchner's constantly trying to understand how to play guitar and this "shape" kept coming up - ends up it was a root-on-low-E barre chord. I also remember him eliciting a cheer from the crowd about his choice in clothing and remarking 'fashion was kind of one of his things...' Why c
  5. I've had two successes with getting rid of cigarette smoke smell: 1. on an acoustic gig bag that was thrown in for free on an eBay purchase of the (seriously) worst guitar I have ever bought (Indian-made "Jackson" with fake lipstick tube pickups). I hung the gig bag in the attic and forgot about it. After about three years I found it up there and took it out. Smell was gone! Probably terribly harmful to anything like a case or guitar (or cabinet). 2. HFC came to my rescue on a DiMarzio PAF I'd purchased off TGP. You guys suggested putting it in a container with charcoal. I d
  6. That's from 1996. The (formerly @Punkavenger) Special FM now resides in Germany with @capridriver. He had it wired up with a scorching Rio Grande Muy Grande in the bridge (with coil split) and a Rio Grande Genuine Texas in the neck. It exported with a nice set of PRS pickups and I put the Genuine Texas in the bridge of the Kiz' Senior (and a Buffalo Bucker in the neck). The FM also had Schaller locking tuners someone (maybe @Punkavenger?) had imported from Germany through no small amount of effort (they were not available in the US at the time). A really spectacular gu
  7. That was the whole diatribe / rant in my "Conundrum" post earlier this month (or was it last?). [In summary:] I have a Gibson (Howard Roberts Fusion) marketed (by Gibson) as having the "'59 Carve." One of the best playing guitars I've ever picked up. I've owned it since new (coming up on 30 years) and have never had occasion to measure the neck, but I just knew it had to be around my magic 0.90" spec as it has never caused me hand cramps, and after all, "it's the '59 carve!" I had the strings off putting the original "fingers" tailpiece back on after an extended experiment with a trapeze,
  8. DIY Midi Gloves ... but most go for a controller like these: PreSonus ATOM $150 or if you need more pads: Novation Launchpad Pro $Tree-Fity Novation Launchpad Mini $110 I don't own a pad controller, but I am constantly checking them out with great fascination. The synth-obsession continues and this is just a cool offshoot. I am amazed at what some of these people can pull off with this sort of equipment and some imagination. I am especially enamored with the ROLI Seaboard (think keyboard with the ability to bend notes). Here's a great example of wha
  9. Perfect now (for those of us using the standard Theme). Amazing guitar. I feel about green guitars the way most feel about blue guitars (and likewise, about blue guitars the way some feel about green guitars). And ('69 Camaro) rallye green? Fabulous! Neck spec., pickups, color and under 7 lbs.; I don't think that guitar would be any different if I'd custom ordered it myself.
  10. Holy Scott Holiday, Batman! You did not just do that! All I got was pictures, but those pictures! Could just be my phone. Is there a price? ETA: good catch, Kiz. That’s an amazing machine!
  11. Convention is a measurement of the cross-section, excluding the fret, measured at the first fret and the twelfth fret. It’s not the be-all-to-end-all, but can serve as useful information if one has a preference. My personal preference is the Hamer Vintage Carve / Gibson 50’s Carve that is right at 0.90” thick at the first fret.
  12. As with my "Conundrum" post of a couple of months ago, true definitions of the typical descriptors are completely up to the seller. '59 carve, vintage carve, slim taper, all mean something to somebody, but are inconsistently applied. I have passed on a lot of guitars over the past ten years (ever since the hand cramping issues developed) just because the buyer couldn't be troubled to provide a neck measurement. I don't get mad or aggravated at the buyers, it's their prerogative, I just move along. It's great that some outlets are in the habit: Dave's, Guitar Chimp, Wildwood, etc.
  13. Those are such great guitars. Had the Kiz Senior not come available soon after I bought mine I'd still have it.
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