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  1. My favorite Ace "other" guitar: the Breadwinner! Oh, and (unfortunate choice in blouse, aside) found a color photo with the Ephiphone:
  2. I have no questions (though I have very definitely enjoyed the discussion), but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to again go on record as hating Facebook.
  3. I had the original THR10, sold it and bought the "boutique" THR10c. IMO, the original was a much better sounding amp. On the software side, I really enjoyed the ability to tweak, but any time I used saved a preset, the preset went away if I tweaked any of the controls (for example, in a saved preset I decided I needed more treble. Moving the treble knob ejected me out of the preset and into the stock amp setting). Was that normal? So far I am liking the Spark better than the THR in spite of the noise.
  4. I can attest to the washer trick working when the truss rod is maxed out. Worked fabulously on the most-expensive / worst Strat I've ever owned. Allowed for additional adjustment (In the end, the additional adjustment was no help as we discovered the neck was twisted - replaced by Fender under warranty and promptly sold at a loss). I am definitely watching this because I have a fantastic P-bass (no congratulations due me: Fender built the bass) and knowing no better I set it up like I would a guitar. Plays great to me, but it would be interesting to have an actual bass player provide some feedback.
  5. I was speaking specifically to girth of content and lack-of-hype. I leave spelling to others. I was taught to read English (a non-phonetic language), phonetically. Consequently, I could read at a ridiculously early age but never became proficient at spelling.
  6. S'bout right. The real delay (and what torqued everyone) was we bought in December with a promise of something like February. That was fine: but then they hit everyone's credit card IMMEDIATELY, then, did NOT deliver. The constant flood of excuses really put a bad taste in everyone's mouth, so when the end result finally arrived it had to be absolutely perfect (which nothing ever is). It was just handled poorly in so many ways. That aside, it's a pretty well-done piece of kit with massive potential if Positive Grid will continue to support and innovate.
  7. I think Cynic's sold in around thirty minutes at a very reasonable price. Given the backlog, any of them on Reverb or eBay not asking "Ludicrous Speed" prices are going quickly (e.g., when I started researching what to ask, there was one on eBay for $650). If I throw in the towel I'll give you a shout. If you just ordered your new one should make it in time for Christmas.
  8. On Spotify, too. https://open.spotify.com/album/2AsWLXCgUDi4FsG8aHgTvB?si=Fx3Eq4YPSl2-hObHGe92HA Queued up to listen as soon as Sibelius' King Christian II finishes. ETA: and THANKS! ETAA: Why is this guy not top of the charts? Voice. Chops. Tone. Song structure. It's ALL there! Please tell your friend: more music, please! ETAAA: Seriously!
  9. I received my Spark the same day as Cynic. We had several conversations along the way and I ended up with an RM number from Positive Grid, but complained I was going to have to pay shipping on the return. They responded with a shipping label. By then I'd decided to reconsider the return. I'm still torn, but I haven't had another minute to work with it again. We had 'people' working in the house a couple of weeks ago, so, as always, every single hint of guitar was put well out of sight and I have yet to get a thing back out. It's noisy, but the gate can be used to hide most of it. To me it seems the noise is coming from the modeling rather than the hardware. If that is the case there could be a fix in a firmware update. Or not. The appeal to me (above a guitar practice amp) is that it accepts bass and keyboards. Putting my JD-Xi (70's organ preset) into the Marshall Plexi model cranked brought some serious John Lord (except for the chops, of course), so there is some merit to keeping it around... so far.
  10. I must point out: that, sir, was an excellently written Reverb ad. Nicely done.
  11. Hendrix' most viewed SG appearance was on the Dick Cavett show: There were others:
  12. Looks like Sting's: Though, I believe I recall someone in the know telling me Sting's was a four-digit. Is that right? Cruisebass / Phantom - IMO the most comfortably hanging instruments ever! Loved this ad with the same configuration:
  13. I like the old DiMarzio Model P and Model J in the original Cruisebass sounded great to me. They were like the old Fender pickups, just more. Cheap(er), too (still manufactured). Reverb, $98.50 for the Model P and $87.58 for the Model J. One caveat: I would like to try then newer DiMarzio Ultra Jazz - it's hum cancelling and much more powerful than the Model J. The only fault I found in the old Model J is it was a bit anemic compared to the Model P. The Ultra Jazz would likely be a better match. $69.99 for the Ultra Jazz (Reverb).
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