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  1. Wow, that’s beautiful, reasonably priced and uncomfortably close to me! 😂
  2. There are some, interestingly, Matthes-designed, instances where an exception is universally supported, e.g.,
  3. Kind of like seeing a vintage Corvette on a questionable used car lot. “How cool, but how did it wind up THERE?”
  4. Same thing as the last time one of these lists came up (2019? 2020?): Yamaha MODX. I can't decide on the 61-key or the 76-key and am too ignorant to know why I would choose one over the other, other than maybe portability. I had too many guitars as it was and then bought a Lester last year (after 40 years of torturing guitars while purposefully staying away from them, I'm totally sold on the Lester concept - it works for dang near anything). I'm playing zero guitar outside the house (for years now). Time to really learn synth and the MODX bang-for-buck remains off t
  5. In Carolina Blue, no less: Reverb $1,498.00 with Free Shipping. No affiliation (of course, I've never even seen one of these in person, let alone gotten to play one).
  6. I went to college in the Fall of 1982. New Wave, and Metal (to name it, Priest and Scorps) were all getting cranked up as Punk was on the wane (though it fascinated me and still does). MTV was in its second year. With my breadth of my musical universe running only from Kiss to Skynyrd, it was wonderfully bewildering, but also overwhelming - so much new stuff that I missed major pieces of it. Spotify has really helped fill in the gaps.
  7. EXACTLY my upbringing. The only albums in the house were the entire Elvis RCA catalog, Credence Clearwater Revival "Credence Gold," the Shaft soundtrack and a Jimmy Reed album from the 60's that was ruined on one side. It was AM radio all the way until high school, then it was eight-track tapes of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Seger and 38 Special (still can't listen to any of those). I missed almost all new music save my weekly viewing of "Midnight Special" and "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert." If you tried the free version of Spotify, you didn't try Spotify. The pay version is cheap and most eve
  8. Zactly. The bridge (double cream) is the easier of the two to source as they were in Hamers, Aria Pros and other guitars OEM. That zebra neck pickup is a bear to find by comparison. I picked one up a double cream PAF out of an Aria Pro on TGP for around $40 back five to ten years ago. Of course, now that everything is "rare," it might be more expensive than that - yep, a quick survey of Reverb had one double-cream in rough shape (and it appears the threads were gone in the base plate) at $120.00. If you're not a purist, the PAF Pro (DP103) is an excellent and extremely similar pic
  9. You're really not far off on the EVH thing. Then came Vai. Forced me to WonderbarTM my SG! I really have no problem with a Kahler with a proper setup - amazing flexibility and adjustability. IMO Floyds have their own "tone suck" issues (oh, the blasphemy!) that, too, can be overcome with setup and proper pickup selection. Kahlers with heavy duty springs work well (again, IMO). What I do have a problem with is handing out $2,300 on a partially-refinished Phantom A5, six-on-a-side or not. At a reasonable price (tree-fity, for example) one could have it re-refinished and have a rea
  10. Da tovarich, Da! The only reason I mention them is the references above to longer life. The 6π14π (aka 6P14P, also incorrectly cited as 6N14N, I suppose because the π on the side kind of looks like a lower case n) is a ruggedized Soviet military version of the EL84 and is supposed to be longer lasting. According to Dr. Z they also sound better. Personally, I've paid big bucks for EL84 variants (well, EL84 big bucks - they aren't very expensive) and I've bought JJs and personally I can't tell a worthwhile difference. I have, but have not installed, a set of 6π14π I bought on the b
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