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  1. $1,300 shipped ... not a case queen, but in excellent condition for a 20-year-old guitar. Can shoot some more pics and give some more details if you're interested.
  2. https://bestclassicbands.com/gene-taylor-musician-obituary-blasters-2-21-21/
  3. The composer of “Why” was Charles E. Calhoun, a pseudonym for Jesse Stone. In 1954 Calhoun composed “Shake, Rattle and Roll” for Big Joe Turner.
  4. The Reverend covers fellow Texan Roy Head
  5. 1956 ... The Cues were an American R&B vocal group, who recorded both under their group name and under various other names as backing singers for artists on Atlantic Records and other labels in the 1950s. They recorded as the Rhythmakers with Ruth Brown; as the Blues Kings with Big Joe Turner; the Gliders with LaVern Baker; and as the Ivory Tones with Ivory Joe Hunter. Independently, they also recorded as the Four Students. Researcher Marv Goldberg has claimed that "because of their unique role in the recording industry, The Cues probably participated in more hit records than any other gro
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