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  1. Sounds like ordering a case might be worth a shot
  2. mudshark

    Guitar Adventures in Vietnam

    That's very nice of you, but please don't ... only the one that was mine would do.
  3. mudshark

    Guitar Adventures in Vietnam

    When I arrived in Vietnam in March 1971, one of my first moves was to buy a no-name guitar from a shifty looking little fellow in Da Nang. After some haggling (an old guy helped me there as I was still a Cherry Boy), I think I paid $15. I got to say that it was a piece of shit. The open tuners would go out of tune after a couple of church licks. There was no truss rod, and the action was insanely high. The strings were like bailing wire. I'm not even sure what the fretboard was made of, but it looked like some sort of cheap laminate. Through good times and bad, that ugly POS was always there for me, and we had some good times jamming with friends playing their POS guitars. Now when somebody went back to the world, it was the custom to souvenir your stuff to the buddies you left behind. Reefers, the small refrigerators we used, were an especially prized item. I souvenired my old POS guitar to my best buddy. Forty-seven years later, I find myself wishing I'd put that old beat up box in my hold baggage. I'd give anything to not be able to keep that damn thing in tune. In quality, that old guitar was No. 10, but in my heart, it will always stay No. 1. I'm pretty sure it would probably be my most prized guitar.
  4. mudshark


    It's a 1942 reissue that I bought new at Dave's Guitar Shop in 2002. Not an old classic but a sweet sounding guitar all the same.
  5. mudshark


    Gibson J-45
  6. mudshark

    What's Spinnin' ..

    From Sonny Boy's 1969 album "Bummer Road" the banter between Sonny Boy and Leonard Chess is priceless ...