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  1. You could have taken a ssb Vector back to Hamer for the Kahler install . So one that was done this way would still have the ferrules would it not ? That’s what this guy was saying had happened
  2. Dear Ed Rechts Im not a Hamer novice . I bought the guitar knowing it was a beater and didn’t care about the Kahler . I have several sbb Hamers and have had Hamers as far back as 82 ( including a blue metallic Prototype , a red and white Graphic and a 79 sunburst ). The seller was saying it was all original as in the Kahler was installed by Hamer. If you see the listing the pics never show the guitar straight on and considering I was on vacation when it arrived I didn’t inbox it for weeks. I’ve never had anything done by BCR I just knew they were in Pa. For anyone who cares it’s being restored to original by a repairman in NJ.
  3. I wasn’t concerned with it being original but as you see the angle of the photos are misleading and didn’t see the Kahler placement till I took a pic of it a month later ( was away when it arrived ).
  4. Wouldn’t he be dealing with Jol !! 😂 Im putting it back to sbb anyway but I thought I’d post this for a good laugh !!
  5. The finish is got to much mojo . I’m gonna see if BCR can shift it to center
  6. Would you fix the Kahler or try to covert it back to sbb ?
  7. Here’s what the seller said when I questioned it .... “Of course its original, that's just them, you'll see that with bridge spacing, pickup pole-piece spacing not unusual especially for USA hand made very typical. “
  8. Do you think Hamer would have installed this in this way ?
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