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  1. Is there a way to tell from the serial number the original color ?
  2. I was told this is a refinish but how could the serial number stay ?
  3. I had a change of heart . Still own the guitar . Was told by the buyer he would contact me in the morning before he came. Waited and after no contact finally texted him and got no answer. When he finally replied he said he was half way there and was driving and couldn't answer. Never contacted me before he left. Offered to pay his tolls .None of you have never changed your mind about selling a guitar ?? Its never about money for me but I have tons of guitars and was getting heat about taking up space.I had a early blue prototype with a white guard and sold it and regretted it . Had a 79 sunburst and sold it and regretted it.Had a RED and WHITE GRAPHIC and sold it and regretted it.Im glad I came to my senses and am sorry for what happened but if he contacted me like he said he would have never left his house !! Enough said .
  4. Let's talk about that 80 Blonde. Can you send me pics to asmialek @ esri DOT com

    Typical neck of this era? 


    Any issues?

    I know it's been resprayed, who did the work? Just the top or the back too? Was the original serial number preserved or not?


  5. I have a couple Vectors 81 and an 84 Vector with a Floyd Rose and a 80 special that once was green. I going to sell at what I paid around 900 each , you pay shipping . Will post pics when I figure out how
  6. I put the pic up as a goof that WAS a green 81 !!! Typical green Hamer with no green left except under the pickups and knobs
  7. The vector is one of three I have !! It’s a beast !!
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