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    My Hamers: 1981 Special B&W; 1981 Special; 1981 Vector, 1984 Prototype II, 1986 Miller, 1994 Duotone; 1994 Mirage I, 1995 orange Eclipse, 2000 Newport Pro, 2006 Artist Korina
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    Music man RD 50 110, Marshall 1974x
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    to much :-) favourits: Rodenberg 827, Marshall Gouvner, Hughes Kettner Replex

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    guitars are my passion!

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  1. Good reason for selling a Special, isn´t it :-)
  2. I have owned one with Bigsby and Fat Cat some years ago... I´ve sold it again. (to much Jazz/Rockabilly for me :-) ) Now I play one with Humbuckers and Stop Tailp. My absolute favourite guitar!
  3. A new guitar will arrive in a few days. So another of my collection have to go (So I´ve promissed my wife..) https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/hamer-usa-special-1981/1242344048-74-1491 This green Special is build in 1981. bridge PU has a rewound. Changed switch and knops. No breaks, original paint. For HFC members 50,-discount
  4. what is the value of a guitar? 58´s Les Paul for 200.000 $ is also only a guitar... i.m.o. Value is that somebody who want it is "willing" to pay for... (of course: I have sell this one for much less 13 years ago...) I have payed much to much for some of mine guitars, but be happy to have them! (please don´t tell my wife!) :-)
  5. If you count on that way: It is still a "bargain" compare to an Esquire with only one PU :-)
  6. oh man, thats my old guitar sold in 2006 to San Francisco area (if I remember correctly)- I think Peter bought this ... big increase in value ;-)
  7. Something is wrong with the picture. Knobs are hidden.. :-)
  8. try to send a message. Didn´t work? Please send me am PM or j.panthel@ktkmail.de Thanks!
  9. Hello Matthes, I think about buying a A5 "project". So I am looking for 3 PU ring and Sustainblock trem. Are those parts available somewhere? Price?? Thanks for your hint! Best wishes from Germany Jochen
  10. In Germany there is an old A5 available, but.... very bad "modification" (Sustainblock to Kahler) and a lot of work.. Is there a chance to get a (original?) Sustainblock Trem and the PU frame/ring for the threecoil PU somewhere ?
  11. There was allready a question about this in june this year (Eclipse wirring weirdness) Here the wirring from my 1995 Eclipse
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