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    My Hamers: 1981 Special B&W; 1981 Vector; 1983 Phantom A5; 1984 Prototype II, 1986 Miller, 1994 Duotone; 1994 Mirage I, 1995 orange Eclipse, 2000 Newport Pro, 2006 Artist Korina
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    Music man RD 50 110, Marshall 1974x
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    to much :-) favourits: Rodenberg 827, Marshall Gouvner, Hughes Kettner Replex

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  1. just write: "to buy less and to play more.. " on an other topic and than I´ve seen this and thinking about a trade :-)
  2. Oh man... if she was available in Europe , she would have found a good home weeks ago...
  3. Good and peacefull year for every one! My "good intent" for this year: Won´t buy a guitar which I don´t need ... o.k. maybe one or two.... ;-)
  4. All friends of the "The Ultimate Guitar" a happy X-mas and a peacefull new year!
  5. I am worry about Cites! I have an offer from USA, but my fear: the guitar will not arrive ....
  6. I don´t understand the world: No one serious intersted in this beauty? and another special with wood work is sold for only a few bucks less ...?? https://www.ebay.de/itm/Hamer-Special-USA-1983-/123991956270?hash=item1cde7f1b2e%3Ag%3Am8EAAOSwdi5d39ra&nma=true&si=jXV%2BFv%2Bt%2Bpgsay%2FxxHGpJWUvsBk%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  7. Some guy from HFC is interest in buying one of my USA Hamers. Shipping and payment would be no problem at all. My fear: Cites. Have anyone shipped a guitar from Europe to USA and get some problems? Thanks for hint!
  8. Unfortunately there are still some "zombie" on the market. After a couple of mails and promisses over three weeks it isn´t payed yet and so again available! EU (includes GB! ) only please!
  9. I have owned one with Bigsby and Fat Cat some years ago... I´ve sold it again. (to much Jazz/Rockabilly for me :-) ) Now I play one with Humbuckers and Stop Tailp. My absolute favourite guitar!
  10. A new guitar will arrive in a few days. So another of my collection have to go (So I´ve promissed my wife..) https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/vintage-raritaet-hamer-usa-special-1981/1270521313-74-1491 This green Special is build in 1981. bridge PU has a rewound. Changed switch and knops. No breaks, original paint. For HFC members 50,-discount
  11. what is the value of a guitar? 58´s Les Paul for 200.000 $ is also only a guitar... i.m.o. Value is that somebody who want it is "willing" to pay for... (of course: I have sell this one for much less 13 years ago...) I have payed much to much for some of mine guitars, but be happy to have them! (please don´t tell my wife!) :-)
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