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    My Hamers: 1981 Special B&W; 1981 Vector; 1983 Phantom A5; 1984 Prototype II, 1986 Miller, 1994 Duotone; 1994 Mirage I, 1995 orange Eclipse, 2000 Newport Pro, 2006 Artist Korina
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    Music man RD 50 110, Marshall 1974x
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    to much :-) favourits: Rodenberg 827, Marshall Gouvner, Hughes Kettner Replex

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    guitars are my passion!

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  1. I have had owned two of those over the years. Thin neck and (Steve is right :-) ) very cool case Special run for German Hamer/Marshall importer 1993
  2. blue guitars are coool :-) not mine, no affl.! https://www.ebay.de/itm/Hamer-sunburst-USA-blau-inkl-original-blauem-Hamer-Koffer/154266477170?hash=item23eaffa272:g:wUQAAOSw2lRf6hMk
  3. I´ll have a problem right now: Two children and 9 Hamer guitars. What should I do? Sell some Hamers or.... I don´t think my wife would be lucky to increase number of children.... Way out: one Hamer for every year : Would be a great possibility: They are 17 an 19 years old. I have a look at ebay soon :-)
  4. Think you have to hurry up! End of the year the market to rest of Europe should be closed for you :-)
  5. and buyed from disappointed Jochen :-) Its good that the feeling and impression are different!
  6. I am a great Hamer enthusiast, but... the T 51 was a big disappointment for me. Not the "real" Tele I like...
  7. oh man this is the darkness of German music... (funny time in my youth in the early 80´s) :-) If we talking about Rock: Scorpions, Accept , Rammstein (o.k. not mine, but successful) and more..
  8. "Rock" is German of course! Its the word for womens dress. ..... :-)
  9. greetings from Germnay! I am shure it shouldn´t be the last Hamer :-)
  10. What me impressed most: "Sitting at my island"... oh man I wish I ´ll have an island too ;-)
  11. Its about 24x the weight of my Arist Korina (incl. Roland GK3) :-)
  12. and at last you want to know my scale... this is to privat!
  13. I am a Hamer artist. My weight is about 84 kg ;-)
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