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    My Hamers: 1981 Special B&W; 1981 Vector; 1983 Phantom A5; 1984 Prototype II, 1986 Miller, 1994 Duotone; 1994 Mirage I, 1995 orange Eclipse, 2000 Newport Pro, 2006 Artist Korina
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  1. everything less that 100 bottles in the bassment is "Notstand" :-)
  2. I think its just a German "problem" no one else would care about that "shit"... If you want to trade overseas, you have to offer "munitions" this days (so I´ve heared) : Maybe like this: .308 Winchester only one time used make an offer not less than 350,-.... :-) In my heart I am a french and have order some wine by my "dealers" in the south :-) for the lonesome days
  3. It looks like a view inside a Gibson Les Paul ;-)
  4. I´ve been there (we talking about Beyers) a couple of years ago (even its "near" to my home). Not a big store. "Main shop" is located in Bochum "Music Store": one of the "Music super markets" in Germany! Worth to visit, but no Hamer guitars :-( Cologne is a "nice" city with a "unique" beer. (not mine first choice :-) )
  5. is she hot? I think its the first Hamer "Corona"
  6. I have payed about 1.400$ for mine (Korina Artist Humbucker, absolut mint cond.) o.k. Europe is an other market... But: I didn´t care: It´s worth every pence!
  7. planks are also be available in Germany. I´ll /would take a white one (as same as Pickguard..) My idea was to take one from a Fender Strat would be easier :-)
  8. mhh... think its not the right one: i.m.o. holes for the screw in the middle have to be in one line..
  9. missing the "back plate" from Substainblock Trem on my A5 Did Any else (fender) fit?
  10. o.k. guys, I will part with my Proto II Build in 1984. Stock Kahler. Orginal case, Trem Arm included Not original: - Humbucker has had a rewound by David Barfuss - one mechanik is a Hamer, but not a locking one.. - one srew from fixing system at the nute is changed Price: I think about 890,-€ o.b.o. More pics with PM
  11. Hi, send me your mail adress (as PM) and I will send you a pdf with information from the Hamer book!
  12. Thanks for "translate" to the humorless! To help them it also was marked with :-)
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