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  1. I cannot believe it, there are usually very few guitars for sale at EU and now that there are two nice ones (this one and JochenP's Special), I already have one of each :-( Good luck with the sale! These Korina Jr are really great
  2. Hopefully rosewood will be out of CITES for guitars soon.. and I would be able to get it...:-(
  3. Another suggestion: Laney CUB12R I had the chance to play it this weekend and it is really nice! 15W All valve combo, single channel, 12" speaker and 1W input option. It also has a very good reverb.
  4. Lehle sells various switchers that 'guarantee' (I have not tested them) no ground loops and some with individual signal levels. This one might be the right one for you: https://lehle.com/ES/Lehle-1at3-SGoS
  5. I feared asking the question......😪 Anyway, it is not a problem with the Studio, but in the Special it really is, as much that I am thinking about selling it because of that. I have just tested it and it is totally fine strapped. I also have a Korina Jr that balances just fine. The shape seems the same to me, although the Special its quite heavier.
  6. As far as I remember it was fine strapped, I will try again later today. The Fatfinger seems to be around 100gr, probably too little. I also have an Studio with the same problem but not as noticeable. No other of my guitars have this issue.
  7. Hi all, Sorry if this has been asked before, but I only find references to 'neck heavy' guitars. I only play seated and I have a Hamer Special with two P90's that I find nearly impossible to play seated, it keeps trying to 'fall back' raising up the neck. The guitar is otherwise wonderful, is this problem something normal with this model? are there any easy solutions? Thank you! Regards
  8. Ed Sheeran even does full tours just alone with his looper. He started using Boss loopers and now he has his own one: the Chewie Monsta (I and II) https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/articles/features/ed_sheerans_secret_weapon_chewie_ii_monsta_loop_station-73703
  9. For home use, valves and a 2x12"... seems way too much for me (I guess that bedroom levels are really relative). I would look for a really low watt amp (1 to 5w) or one that have a pretty good master volume (or an attenuator). I have heard a lot of good thing about the H&K Tubemeister and the little Orange heads. Anyway... if you are looking for Marshall sounds, the Marshall's anniversary amps might be exactly what you are looking for, and there are 7 'flavours' to choose from: These were a limited edition but they still offer now the DSL1H I live in a flat and after trying a lot of things, I ended up using solid state amps (sometimes with a tube preamp). There are a lot of good solid state amps that sound great at all volume ranges.
  10. Ibanez semis and full hollow 'jazzers' are great guitars for the price. I had one of their 'AG' series (George Benson's size) that I really liked a lot.
  11. This is the only 'decent' video that I could find:
  12. I like the idea of having two telecaster pickups, how will it sound in the 'in-between' positions?
  13. I have a Fender Subsonic and it is a really fine guitar. It sounds different even played in standard tuning The PRS SE 277 seems like a good one, and there is a semihollow version with P90 as well. It looks like it is now discontinued so you might be able to find one at a cheaper price.
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