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  1. Here's a 79 Sunburst in black with original case. Located in Stockholm. I've bought guitars at this shop and Halkan (the owner) is reputable - although you need to specifically ask for repairs, mods and non original parts - he'll tell you only if you ask :-) But he's nice to deal and bargain with. Nice old totally crammed pawn shop style shop too :-) Halkans 79 Sunburst - scroll down Price converted from local currency at time of this posting is approx. $2300 No association on my side - just info for y'all. Cheers, Todde
  2. Hi Cornelius,

    check mal die schwarze 81 Sunburst bei eBay. Scheint bei mir in der Nähe zu sein und preislich ein Schnapper. Ich könnte das Teil für Dich abholen und für Dich lagern, falls Du Interesse hast.

    Schönen Gruß, Thorsten

    1. cornjulio


      Oho...cool! Aber ich plane tatsächlich eine shishov ;-)



    2. HamerHamburg


      Was kostet eine Shischkov ?

  3. Cornjulio, It's a keeper, sorry ... just to good to let go for the €850 I paid and I just love the "unburst" After I bought my eBay price record breaking 78 I thought I would need a backup, so I decided to get one. I looked around for weeks to no avail (I actually missed a near mint 79 that sold for €1300 in the Thomann classifieds). Last Sunday night I check eBay Kleinanzeigen, type in "Hamer" and the first ad is the above guitar. It had 70 views already and I reckoned it was long gone. It turns out that the guy did not want to ship, local pickup only. Apparently all the contacts were asking
  4. Here are some more pics: Dont's ask me ... dunno what the rose is about ... it was there when I got it ... and the case seems to be original to the guitar. Cheers, Todde
  5. Well, new guitar day today again ... 82 Sunburst B&C all original down to the frets. Killer sound and slightly bigger neck than my 78. What do you think ? Cheers, Todde
  6. That's one nice top ! It's got more of a darker tone to it, that looks stunning too. Also well kept !! I'm into the '77s and '78s for the shimmed bridge and the one piece neck. Sort of a sexy and charming faulty design ... And I just love low serial numbers (8 0425). Next one is a '77, if I ever get my hands on one at a decent price ... preferably unbound and dotted. Cheers Todde
  7. Hello everybody ! Here's my 1978 that I recently bought on eBay Germany. It came with a non original recent case. Just a few days ago I snagged a beautiful and very well worn original case on eBay. All latches working and handle not broken. Just well worn and period correct ... When the guitar arrived it had a replaced upper strap pin. The original pin was gone and the screw was sheared off. I had my local luthier drill the old screw out and plug/refinish the screw hole and fitted my favorite locking pins - Kluson Multi Locks. They have screw on caps and look very "Gretschy". I fit all my gui
  8. The seller never responded to my request for shipment to Germany and the costs I'll try again ...
  9. I put the guitar in a aftermarket Les Paul Special case and it fit in, but was tight on the lid. The neck tight on the rest but the body is not flush or supported. When you closed the case the guitar was pressed down lightly, which put stress on the neck. But, we found out that it fits snug in a Gibson 1st series protector case. But the shop wanted € 250 for for it, which I found a bit high. Luckily my luthier has one in great shape that he sell me for € 170. So I'm going for that for the time being. Cheers, Todde
  10. I'm on it ... asked for shipping and costs to Germany and got a checking and reverting reply. Let's see what he says. If a 79 Sunburst fits in snug. I am sure my 78 will have a snug fit too
  11. I'll check if he will ship to Germany. That price is indeed ok, even with tax/duties on top. Will it fit a 78 Sunburst (it is a Monaco case) ? Thanks, cheers, Todde
  12. I went to my guitar shop recently and must have checked 30 LP and LP type cases ... either no fit (they would not close or bend the neck when closed) or a loose fit that I thought too loose ( in a way that would allow the headstock to bump into the end of the case = no protection at all). I have no problem with overseas purchases (being in Germany), but the shipping cost and the import tax and duties are mostly a deal breaker. I can have custom flightcase made by my local flightcase company for €250,00, but - way to heavy ... I'm close to buying more recent USA Special, just for the fookin' ca
  13. Crap ! Logged in with a wrong account and did not see this .... So ... bump.
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