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  1. SOLD It’s been about a decade since I last posted here, but I have a Standard for sale. Taxman needs his cut and this beauty has to go. I think it’s an ‘83, and I think it’s all original, (including that finish!) but I’m sure that will be confirmed or denied once everyone sees the pictures. Obviously played, but not abused. It’s been issue free since I’ve had it. Considering I’m not 100% on the year, that I need the cash ASAP, and I don’t want to have to want for a misrepresented guitar to get returned to me from Australia or something, I’d prefer to do this local to NYC. I’m willing to meet anywhere within an hour of Manhattan or you can come to my place, whatever works. Take it apart, check it out, go nuts. If it sticks around for two weeks, I’ll ship via whatever the buyer prefers at actual cost. I’d like to think I’ve priced this well enough that it’ll move quick, though. That said, if you’re not thrilled after 24 hours, I’ll take it back no questions asked. Price includes everything in pictures except the sheet. The original receipt is pretty cool. $2800 local pickup only (check back in two weeks and I’ll be shipping)
  2. If you end up playing your JM more than anything else, invest in the Mastery Bridge. http://www.masterybridge.com It is absolutely worth the money. I think John Woodland may be very sick at the moment, though. They might be out of production for a while. The CIJ ones usually respond well to a pickup and bridge replacement. Also seconding offsetguitars.com
  3. I'll take Office for the mac if it's still around! email sent. My address is vockins at yahoo. Thanks!
  4. Of course. http://larkstreetmusic.com/ The subject of the establishment is a discussion for another day... I'd be happy to contribute when that day comes.
  5. My God, Foreigner. I totally forgot about Foreigner. I can't imagine what it must feel like to play "I Want To Know What Love Is" in a 600 seat Indian casino auditorium outside of Boise. Think of all the kids that stayed up late in their bedrooms trying to figure the riffs on Agent Provocateur. That record could come out ten years from now and people would be going nuts over it.
  6. This one's the real obstacle. Can't just turn your back on working with Damnocracy to support some Sha Na Na type revival band. Those kind of talents only come together once in a generation.
  7. The Kashmir on youtube from last night sounds fantastic. Not fantastic for old guys, not fantastic despite jr., not fantastic despite sloppy or diminished range or whatever nonsense - it sounds fantastic, period. I would pay whatever they asked for admission if they played in NYC. That's the first time I've ever thought that for any show. If you prefer the Olympics of the fretboard, more power to you. Whatever gets you up in the morning.
  8. WTF If there's a more insane neck repair in the history of stringed instruments, please post it, because maybe the shock of looking at that repair will shock my brain into functioning properly again. More insanity.
  9. Late 80s? I think it's been far longer than that. Check out this abortion: http://tinyurl.com/25hjbz The whole thing is completely retarded, but make sure you watch 6:30. It's supremely stupid.
  10. ... which Sharon and the labels have the rights to.
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