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  1. I always wondered why Gibson never sued Guild for the Aristocrat or Gretsch for the Duo Jet. Maybe because we weren't a law suit happy country back then?
  2. Because so many makers had used the S, T and P shapes for so many years (without a peep from Fender) that the shapes ceased to be a unique signifier of who made the guitar. The LP shape hasn't been quite as widely copied, so Gibson was able to register the shape as a trademark. But as has already been posted, they weren't able to prove likelihood of consumer confusion in the PRS case. Gibson has the trademark on the headstock, not on the Les Paul body which is one of many reasons PRS won the case. Fender only has the headstocks protected. What sunk them was in the 80's when they had gone to ot
  3. The top two frets are usless. Neck pickup is too bright for me. Bad design. Get a Studio instead.
  4. FWIW the last pricing on the PRS Santana II was $8400 with a selling price of $5800. Now the current Santana sells for under $3000 with a non 10 top. It has a few feature changes from the original Santana I and II models ( lost the BRW fingerboard and the frets are installed differently) but the overal all look is the same. PRS adapted to what the market would pay where as Jol did not.
  5. Yeah, what was up with the stupid two hand over the finger board thing that Carlos did? I was there for the dealer meeting and when they did the sound check with Maggot Brain Carlos stood back and watched Buddy cut his head off. I have video some where. Davy Knowles, my oh my. Cool kid and he let me play his week old single pickup Goldtop custom built McCarty.
  6. You just missed a Sunburst. http://www.hamerfanclub.com/forums/topic/55730-gc-dot-neck-sunburst-ohsc-1200/
  7. Killer guitar. Now you need to update your signature line.
  8. No longer on the Fender website. I have not heard of a replacement yet. Nice amp, I got mine a couple of years ago. Sounds great through my 2X12 rectifier cab. http://www.fender.com/products/index.php?section=guitaramplifiers&price_range=[100+TO+499.99]
  9. I was the first person in school to buy the album. I made many "you have got the hear this" phone calls to friends. I had heard You Really Got Me and had to buy it. Glad I saw them on that tour, hungry and out to rule the world. Sabbath didn't know what hit them.
  10. If it came from anybody else I'd swear it was a parody. Isn't Henry starting a Revolution and Inciting a Swarm over at Gibson?
  11. Some sellers just don't seem to understand that a copyright date does not equal the production date. They guy I got my cracked DayGlo from thought it was a '84 and there was the blue metallic that I passed on (that ended up selling on eBay a few months back) that the owner also thought it was a '84. Once I explained the serial system and the copyright they understood.
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