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  1. I If you read the interview itself it's clear that it's an old interview, either from the late 1970s or early 1980s (reposted on the Internet and copyrighted in 2007). I quoted it for its historical relevance regarding what Whitford was likely using in the 1970s, not currently. Take this quote from the first page of the interview for example: "Depending on the venue, he uses one or two Music Man tops running through four custom-made cabinets similar to Marshall except they are ported and use JBL speakers." You're quite right, he and Perry have moved on quite a ways since those days.
  2. You might call this "pre-glory days." Fairly decent quality audio from an FM broadcast, and apparently a pretty well known bootleg of the early band (1974). When I discovered it I couldn't bring myself to turn it off and found myself listening to it in its entirety. They're just playing the material from the first two albums but it sounds great and raw. The guitar tones are worth noting, in that, from what I can tell, both Joe and Brad were using Marshalls, whereas on the Texxas Jam date they had moved to using modded Music Man amps (see link below to 1980s interview with Whitford in which he talks about the changes in Aerosmith amps--at least his.). To my ear, the Marshall tones are pleasingly raunchy, which adds to the historical and overall sonic pleasure of this recording. Aerosmith amp info: https://www.classic-rock-legends-start-here.com/brad-whitford-gear.html "After Aerosmith had it's Marshall gear stolen, Whitford switched to Ampeg V-4s. “All Marshalls are so different and the really early ones were much better. Then they started changing little by little...Recently, he purchased a vintage Fender Broadcaster and also replaced the Ampegs with revitalized Music Man amplifiers. The interiors were altered – exact mods escape him – but with the change, Brad believes, the amps now are virtually indestructible: “You could play them for a week and they wouldn’t blow up.” Brad had the amps modified because, in their original, off-the-showroom floor condition, “They had a tendency to diminish treble response when the bass boost was on. The bass boost now adds bass without detracting any from the other ranges.”"
  3. Rock! Dig it. Congratulations on the release! The Spotify link is such a teaser. Just as I'm digging one tune it ends, but then I'm digging the next one, and it ends! Some nice classic and tasty guitar playing there brother!
  4. "God, I loved that band in its glory." Me too, Jakeboy, me too. The 1978 Texxas Jam footage has the best glory days playing of the band that I've ever seen/heard. There's something like ten or so songs from TJ out there, all worth checking out:
  5. Dude, that is one of the coolest shots of a Standard that I've ever seen. Thanks for posting. So sweet. GLWTS.
  6. Hey thanks for the link! It's easy to overlook Matthias Jabs as he had some huge shoes to fill following Uli Roth and Michael Schenker. But he burns really nicely here for sure. He's not quite as speedy as the others, but there's an intensity to his playing (especially here) that's so cool. Plus Lovedrive-era Scorps are my fave. Have you seen the video to match the audio? I suspect it's the same show--Tokyo 1979. Appears it was filmed for a Japanese TV show. Now on YouTube. Lucky us:
  7. Bumping just to say, the guitar is sold. Happy as I am to sell it, I'll miss it. A real nice guitar. Thanks for all the support for the sale guys.
  8. You know, I'm not certain. But it seems a bit lighter than a 9 lb LP that I have. I'd guess it's about 8.5-8.75. Sorry I can't be more specific as I don't have a scale here.
  9. Nope. It's all smooth finish everywhere I can see. But since it's a 2001 model, I think the Hameritis issues had been sorted out by then hadn't they? Thanks for the interest.
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