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  1. I have my iron set to blazing hot (825F) when I work so that I can hit it and quit it fast. Clean the tip, a touch of solder to wet it, heat the part(s) for a moment and flow the solder in. On and off, fast and efficient. Using the eutectic solder with my iron at a good temp, I create perfect shiny connections in 10 seconds or less which is exactly how it should be done. For soldering to the back of pots this is especially important: if your iron temp is too low or if your tip is too small, it can take forever to heat the area and the pot can get "cooked" and not work correctly. A 40w iro
  2. Solder: my favorite is the Kester 44 .031 , a 63/37, which is what's called an eutectic solder. If you're not familiar, what makes it so great for guitar electronics is that it melts/freezes at a specific temp right at about 183C: fast clean soldering and shiny joints. As opposed to 60/40 which melts at a higher temp and will sit as a molten material for longer which increases the chances of cold solder connections. It's what NASA uses and is excellent for guitar electronics too. I prefer it above all others. Here ya go: https://www.jameco.com/z/24-6337-0027-Kester-Solder-Roll-63-Sn-37-Pb
  3. I used a lower-end 40w Weller with a small chisel tip for years and it worked fine. I think I paid $45 for it - something like that. But then, about 8 years ago I purchased one of these https://hakkousa.com/fx-888d-digital-soldering-station.html and it's been a total dream. Zero complaints. Would buy again without hesitation.
  4. I hear recognizable and good! tones with the pickups, body/finish looks nice, seems like quality all around so that's real nice. But then, we've all seen this guitar a million times made by everyone since ye olden. I'd trust the build-quality, curious about the neck profile. How much? Could be worth it to the right player.
  5. 2 pin tuners: I tried to find, dug around, and sadly couldn't come up with much. Sperzel makes a single center pin that's 3x3 and this pin-hole would be hidden once the tuner was installed. As an upgrade option, this is as good as it gets I think because there would be no visible changes to the back of the headstock. My .02 - good luck!
  6. This is sad and I'm really sorry to hear of this horrible news. He was always a cool person to me; to everyone, as far as I know. My heart goes out to your family and to all that knew him.
  7. Gaaahhhhhhhh! Who here owes me a boatload of cash? PAY UP. I want this.
  8. Totally fake guit, headstock not original, worthless. I'll offer treefiddy and you better take it. NOW! :) Just kidding. These are bad-to the freakin'-ass rockers. My pocket isn't so deep right now. GLWTS!
  9. This. But thin the poly a bit and do a number of light coats and build it up until it blends with what was peeled away.
  10. You are a pervert and I reported you to the Cool Amps And Gear Guild. Send 100w to me now to make this hardship disappear.
  11. Yes. Could be a sad thing that we think it? Priorities, yo!
  12. Gawwwwddddddd ** Edit: Floyd and a Kahler in the line up. Nicely played, sir.
  13. This popped up for sale on my local Craigslist. It's not Treefiddy but it's pretty freaking badass anyway! Marshall Lead 12 stack in white. https://mankato.craigslist.org/msg/d/mankato-1987-marshall-lead-12-mini-stack/7288058180.html
  14. Looks can be deceiving, as they say. The inductance and overall output gain with these will actually be higher than either pickup built in the standard way for a couple of reasons, neither of which I will disclose on a public google-crawled forum as to protect my original work. All I can say is that the only thing thats the same as a strat or tele here is the footprint. Cynic, if you (or anyone) would like a detailed explanation of how and why feel free to send a PM. I'm glad we're friends too bud! Superprobro, fo sho. I'm still working on the "most knowledgeable" part though and to b
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