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  1. Intuitive yes and I've certainly had moments of psychic foresight and dreams that were actually premonitions of upcoming real-life events. Thankfully and knock on wood: never psychotic or crazy...unless hand-guided winding 145 humbucker coils in one day qualifies? Not a single dud in the batch, all within +/- .03 variance too.
  2. 6 Ultimates (Schlabotniks) left 6 Standards (Charlotte) left It's so fun for me to do this, make some new friends, and I'm excited to get to work! At this pace, it won't be long.
  3. Bubba, here's a killer old Spoon track. One that I was in the audience for on that specific night. They were awesome of course, and still are. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KC48x9F8WFA
  4. A question was just asked in my private messages: DiMarzio codes for 4 conductor but if you're more comfortable with Duncan colors, no problem! ** edit: And if you want matching pickup mounting rings too, I can only get them in Ivory or Black. I thought I had a line on parchment and white ones from my usual parts distributors but they don't carry them anymore. So if you want Ivory or Black + $6.00. In this case, these will come fully assembled and ready to drop right in.
  5. Hello HFC Friends! Once a year I like to do a special run of pickups at a deliciously discounted price to support all of you here on The HFC, to encourage casual participants to join up properly and be Supporting Members, to keep Shishkov Guitars on peoples minds, and to do good by/for the best and only internet guitar forum I will align myself with. It's now 2020 and this amazing New Year deserves some amazing new pickups! The cost of parts, coil wire, and all of it has bumped up on my end but I'm going to stick to last years prices of $220/set. Shipping to your doorstep with insurance and a tracking number is $8.50, so you're looking at $228.50 Grand Total per set: handwound and assembled to exacting specifications using the absolute best top-tier parts, as always. Ivory, Black, Parchment, and White bobbin colors are available, 49.2mm, 50mm, and 53mm string spacing, and your choice of output lead wire. Let's start with 8 sets of Charlotte and 8 sets of Schlabotnik ok? Why 8? Because it's also symbolic of "Infinity" and I think it's appropriate. If I need to make more, I will. To claim your set, send me a message with your bobbin color choice and output lead choice. I will consider magnet swapping to your specifications if I know it works with the wind also, but would really prefer to put these forth per the proven recipe. If you want covers (only the best USA made), add $30 for a set. For Gold, + $40. If you live in a different country other than the USA, please mention that so I can quote exact shipping costs. Payment accepted via PayPal, Personal Check or Money Order, and of course Cash Money. These custom built pickups will start shipping in 3 weeks. Or less if I can manage it, which I probably can. Under-promise, over-deliver right? Right. 8 Standard (Charlotte set, UOA5 Bridge/A2 Neck, 10.9k/7.7k) : $220/set + $8.50 s/h 8 Ultimate (Schlabotnik set, A2 Bridge and Neck, 8.7k/7.5k) : $220/set +$8.50 s/h Get in touch, claim your set, and let's rock forth in 2020. HFC! ♥
  6. It would be my pleasure to help with the pickup stuff in any way I can. Advice, magnet swaps, etc - anything I can do to assist any of you - y'all got me in your back pocket!
  7. Awesome guitars!!! Thank you for your kind words. It's my absolute pleasure to build special pickups to make your musical experience what you want and deserve it to be. This is exactly why I do what I do. Rock forth!
  8. Glad you're pleased Thundersteel! I enjoy doing non-standard type of builds so much and it was a real pleasure to make these for you. Bubba: because I use nickel silver for the frames and covers, there's essentially zero eddy currents generated and no measurable or audible changes that I can test or perceive. Additionally, I made sure to mount the coil assembly squarely in the middle under the covers to faithfully replicate the positioning of the pickup were it to be an actual mini-hb firebird type. Good stuff! Thanks!
  9. I'm fascinated with this new Boss offering and I know my neighbors would appreciate it. Discuss!
  10. One of my favorite players! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZaPhNSmu1Q
  11. Thanks for the kind words Travis. I had a blast making these for you!
  12. Chromes are the brightest of the flatwounds available but will eventually settle into a pleasing classic flatwound sound. I like them on my Guild Starfire II quite a bit. On Fender type/scale basses tho, IMHO...pretty hard to beat either the Sadowsky or the LaBella flat sets.
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