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  1. Shades of Eddie Hazel and Ry Cooder over cool down-tempo groove. Nice.
  2. Those are GREAT guitars! I had one on my bench for a local player not long ago for a pickup swap and wiring mod: neck pickup open w/ push-pull, stacked Vol/Tone on the bridge. Playing acoustically, the guit rang! One of those vibrational things a player feels in their ribcage and I was impressed. Swiss army knife guitar IMHO. Rock forth!
  3. Odd skinny horns and with no close ups, it's pure speculation. Could be a Carvin!
  4. 250k is the right value and that's what's in those Bullet basses. No need to change or upgrade them unless they are broken.
  5. @ Murkat, he did provide his own measurments and that was as close as I found with the tusq stuff: 6mm width. Here's another less expensive alternative that suits the OPs measurements: https://www.guitarfetish.com/Gibson-Style-Nut-Black-Lo-Friction-Polycarbonate-Pre-slotted-43mm_p_1479.html Regardless, it's never an exact fit with after-market parts and there's always going to be some work involved. Nut blanks are available tho and with some focus and gumption, it's not difficult to do it exactly right. If there's a local luthier that does good work that you trust more than yourself, it'
  6. TresQuire for the win! Routing templates? Oh come onnn... free-ball it! Cajones, mi amigo. 🤪
  7. It's a cool track. Sounds like a Tool B-side and, of course right? These gutted recorded track breakdowns are both interesting and can be disappointing at the same time. As a critical listener with much studio experience, it reveals things I did not want to know about. For example, I'm 99.9% sure that kick drum is sampled and dropped in. Freese is a badass, without question; yet to hear the isolated track, that kick has surely been manipulated and fixed. And I hate hearing that! It bursts my bubble regarding my high regard for the players sometimes. Thanks for sharing bud. Interestin
  8. Great song from musical composition to lyrics and it sounds great too. Pro work and performance. I like this.
  9. Velo, I love this idea so much! Yes: 4-way switch. And if you really want to get nuts: stacked Vol/Tone pots for total control of both pickups individually. Not only would it sound ridiculously good and have every tonal option at your disposal but the "turn heads" factor would be through the roof. The only modification needed would be to sand down the bottom of the mounting ring to around 1/4" or so and make it flat so that it sits correctly under the strings. I'll be ready anytime you are. No rush.
  10. I have experience with both the 350 and 500 versions and can say that they are excellent heads. Aguilars have a warmer sound compared to some of the others on the market; a baked in tube-like tone and response. They can be easily tweaked for a more hi-fi sound if that's what your guy is going after, but with the controls set flat it's going to have a smoother creamier sound than many other light-weight heads in the same class. Personally, I think they sound great! Nice quiet DI too w/ pre and post as well as a lift. The 500w version will be a little louder, have more headroom .. 11lbs or somet
  11. Yes, but... there's a better way. I'm not going to share the details publicly because I don't want to give it away. PM'ing you, Polara.
  12. Peter, I've been poking around my shop and house gathering things to sell too. My professional musician life was about to be filled with a full summer and fall touring schedule where I would have made such a nice living, not unlike what I was doing in Austin TX previously. That disappeared. With my business of pickups, I'm pushing on a 2-tiered approach: innovate! and then, recreate some incredible stuff that no one can get anymore. If that fails: factory job or some other thing that I will despise, but will do it just to get by. It won't be the first time I've had to do that, but I'd rea
  13. Both my laptop and my phone are too ye olden and will not run Skype or Zoom. Yes, I need tech upgrades and yes, I wish I could be there because this sounds like so much fun! My best regards and good rocking vibes to all.
  14. Jakeboy, the Slammer is a unique and very cool pickup - truly a classic DiMarz PAF x2! I love them also and it's a quintessential Hamer sound that is on a boatload of records. Reproducing those pickups is nothing compared to making my own 2 cond with braided shield leads! Seriously, it's a pain in the ass. I'm especially pleased to know you love it - makes it all worth it. Thank you!
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