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  1. Do it Chris! You're not the only one whos been asking about a similar "project". Ideas and advancements with that. Yes.
  2. Rodi, you are so damn cool and I'm glad those pickups are still making you happy! Chimey glistening bright feathery telecaster-esque right? I love making those even though they don't fall into this HFC special deal. The authentic double thickness Alnico mag and extra parts involved to make it as mechanically tight/sound as possible with the thickness of the magnet adds extra cost. Also, the only source I have for those covers is overseas and they kill me on shipping when I order just a pair of them as a one-off. Post some sound clips! I'd love to hear You bro!
  3. Hi Rugby, The Charlotte set would be a good choice here: a medium output "hot vintage" type: blues and jazzes just as good as it metals and shreds - a really nice balance with them as I know a bunch of Shishkov guitar owners as well as individuals putting these pickups in their guitars will attest to. But maybe you want even more muscle? I do custom and if you get a hold of me before these Ults and Charlottes disappear, I'll extend a discount. I've done it already since I've posted these HFC special offers and I'm happy to do so! PM me.
  4. I've been communicating with everyone, getting the bobbin colors and covers and output leads together - so far so good! As of right now, Charlotte vs Schlabotnik/Ult - it's a tie! There's 4 sets of each left.
  5. Paul: Check your PM bud! -- 4 Schlabotnik/ULT sets left 5 Charlotte sets left
  6. People have asked about the cost of covers. Mine are made right here in the USA, german nickel silver, thinly and mostly excellently plated, and preserve the original sound of the pickups I've worked to perfect. Personally and generally speaking, I prefer humbuckers with covers on- the notes solidify and meld together in a way that makes my ears happy. If you want them, it's + $38. And if you don't, that's ok too! The Shishkov pickups were designed and tuned to operate as open, uncovered coils and they are guaranteed to sound fantastic. Just putting that out there.
  7. Got it Boogie. Check your PM. 4 Schlabotnik/ULTs left.. 6 Charlotte sets !!!
  8. 5 Schlabotnik/ULT sets left 6 Charlotte sets left To quote Bob Marley "Strike the hammer while the iron is hot!"
  9. Roshark: no PM from you yet but get in touch when you have a moment! You're in on the early side of this offering and I'll hold a place for you. Scottcald: Unoriented Alnico 5 vs. a standard Alnico 5. The difference between the two in regards to how their made is that with the Unoriented version, they pour the metallurgic mixture in the former without any magnetic alignment whatsoever. Because of this, the particles have a random alignment and once fully charged will exhibit a slightly warmer and more organic sound compared to a magnetically aligned Alnico 5: less cutting and more organic, and sits in the middle of what a fully charged normal Alnico 5 would be vs. an Alnico 2. Which by description makes it sound almost like an Alnico 4, but it's a little more forgiving in the mid-range frequencies. Another comparison would be a louder and more pissed off version of an Alnico 4 magnet. Or an Alnico 2 .. x2! It's not easy to describe such things but to my seasoned ears UA5 sound very classic but has enough drive and gain to split the difference between modern and vintage. A nice balance. Not only in humbuckers but P90s too!! Glorious vintage-y sounding sounds, but more of it ... if that makes sense? I like Unoriented 5 in pickups to 12k. Beyond that the mids increase to the point where the Unoriented A5 is a bit too much! But, a normal A5 (polished for a bit more treble, roughcast for warmer tones) with it's slightly scooped mids balances things out nicely. For example: 14k-ish and a normal A5 for bright sounding guitars = magic!
  10. Rob, you got it. 7 left of each now.. When these parts are gone, they are truly gone - I won't have them again at this price.
  11. All yours Dutch! 7 Schlabotnik/Ult sets left. 8 Charlottes. Who's next?