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  1. In my 30+ years of bass playing with heel-adjust Fender Ps and Js, combined with working in guitar shops as Service Manager for years, doing instrument setups and repair privately, and having loads of vintage heel-adjust Fenders of all types on the bench: never once have I encountered stripped neck mounting holes. Not to say that it can't happen but it's pretty unlikely with Maple as long as the work is done properly. You don't need to physically remove the neck to adjust the truss rod. Loosen the strings until they are slack, capo at the 1st fret to keep the strings seated and in-line, l
  2. I recently bought an Epiphone J200 type that had a full mandocello conversion done to it and the top could not manage the string tension. I noticed it right away and returned it because while it was playable right now - in 5 years that top would've collapsed upon itself. Nope and no...can't bother with that. An electric mandocello with a vibrato tho? As a bass player, this is heavenly!
  3. As I do play more bass generally, I'm doubly-confused as to which brother but they're both gems yeah? Word on the street is as such...
  4. I know and love these cool old Hamers but without a resistance reading, it's really hard to tell! I'd put this in the late 70s/early 80s era of DiMarz but I could totally be wrong. Short output leads indicate a bridge humbucker... 10.4k and 11.4k versions there, +/- a little are soooo good. v1 or v2 Slammer, possibly. Or could be a late-model DiMarz PAF? I dunno. Again, a resistance measurement would be helpful.
  5. Mandocello too, which is what I'm thinking would be spectacular for this type of funky bass 8 string thing i mentioned previously. If someone made this, I would figure out a way to get it.
  6. Yes you did and yes I have. And also yes, I can 100% build this into a Telecaster or typical Stratocaster pickup footprint. It'll take a few more parts and increased cost as such, but it can be done.
  7. 2 magnets yes, just like a normal P90. Hum canceling, no. These are single coils. To achieve hb they would need to be either 2 coils stacked, a dual-blade style, or side-by-side coil type, with the best of these styles already available as a stacked coil from Kinman Pickups and either Duncan or DiMarzio or Fralin or Barden for the dual blades. I'm not sure I could improve on the Kinman design because it's excellent! For anyone looking for humcanceling single coils types, save yourself the trouble and throw your money at Kinman right away. I mean it. As for the blade/rail types, they'
  8. I think this is pretty cool and would buy one if they came out with an 8 string version
  9. 6.8k - 7.4k is not unlike the earliest P90s. I'm in the ballpark, using what I feel are the right size for this small, real Alnico 5 bar. To me, given the footprint of the pickup I honestly don't see how I can come any closer. Mids are slightly up, bass is tighter, treble and jangle-zone didn't shift as much as I thought it would.. P90 meets goldfoil meets JG. I want to try the A4 with this. I see a set of C8 working out pretty well too.
  10. In this 6.7k - 7.4k or so range it shares some of the sonic imprint of V2 Hamer singles but with a frequency shift and dynamic "feel" response that is P90-esque because internally it really is a P90 build at its core: done on a smaller scale, to fit the single coil size. The biggest hurdle here was the magnetic circuit and optimizing the output gain. I had some dimensions of the bar in mind for this, dug around, and finally found a cool source for A2, A4, A5, and C8 in all sorts of funky shapes and sizes; bought a few different variations to play with and settled on these specific ones. T
  11. It's exactly the same footprint as the DiMarz/Hamer Proto/Phantom singles and does fit a variety of single coil routes including a Strat style pickguard mount. This 6.9k version is a middle position. 6.7k - 7.4k or so, depending on what a person is going after would be totally good for neck or middle. As for a bridge pickup, an 8.5 to possibly low/mid 9k zone is doable for sure. I haven't built and tested a bridge pickup specifically but I know I'm right in the ballpark.
  12. All but 2 customers sets shipped out today so check your messages for tracking numbers. Yo, Chicago and Minneapolis - yours will ship on Wed.! A cool new pickup came out of this special HFC run: a Mini-P90. 2 custom-cut Alnico 5 magnets charge the assembly, mounting frame done up in my shop, 6.9k, 2 conductor + ground output leads ..pretty cool!! Here's a photo.
  13. I want to like Airborne and I try them out again sometimes. The guitar tones are killer but - and I'm not sure if it's the songs or the vibe but it's just not enough to sustain my interest past a 1:50 or so no matter how much I try to love it. They do rock tho yes! I'm not sure exactly why this doesn't stick to me personally, but it just doesn't. It's just me tho so who cares. I hope they keep rocking forth and as long as they do I'll keep giving them another shot.
  14. Such a hilarious and smarmy name for a cap! Perhaps my appreciation for these are clouded by how good I think the name is.. but really, they DO sound pretty dang great! I use the .047uF versions in my P and J basses and am very satisfied. Reports from guitar players I've hipped these to say the same thing.
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