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  1. Speaking of blue, this Monaco Elite on eBay looks like a nice one. If it had only been in ebony with crowns
  2. yummy blue too bad they are not around still, I need to add a blue Cali to my collection.
  3. Pretty sure that it is the same one as we discussed earlier that started out at $600 on CL in Florida. Older thread. Still nice looking. It will be interesting to see if it goes up much from the starting price.
  4. What the heck if trem's are ok, I will throw some prices on the trade guitars have: $450 $750
  5. I found one, again with P90's but WOW does that look good... It is a 2008 guitar and they called it a Special Custom... it look like a flat top to me, but I am not positive or is that what the Specials were is flat tops? I assume solid body?
  6. Hey McChris... now thats what I am talking about! Great comment on the height factor, I had not thought about it, but especially with it positioned so far forward that makes it even more of an issue. Are there any other brands that have a lower profile? Or i guess if it was a factory order there could be routing to provide clearance... well now we are getting away from the clean look of it all??? I dont know.
  7. I know this bridge is very clean looking but wouldnt it be better to use a wraptail that has individual string adjustments so that it can be intonated correctly? Or does eveyone just find them too busy and I am missing the looks over functionality on this piece?
  8. I am not a big p90 fan but that is so clean looking, wow. Could you imagine how sharp that would be with an ebony board!
  9. OK, so lets start this with: I may be a little twisted but... I see a 140+ post thread and I think whats all this about? Snake Oil Strings, what? where? If everyone is talking about them and now you cant get them, then I probably need them or have to have them... OK, where. So I dig up a bunch of old articles by Dean about strings (Interesting but I would not say they are a must read), none the less, I end up with an email. I send Dean an email, get a quick reply and I am thinking whats all the fuss. He sends me a new website he has up and tells me he has full stock and raring to go. I am
  10. already posted here: eBay Standard #190 Dont need multiple threads for the same item.
  11. Maybe we should get all the HFCers to kick in a few bucks, partner with Jol and start a new custom shop and call them Jolers?
  12. And equally tedious! Sounds to me like you'd be equally tweaked whether they "told you to your face" or not! We all (myself included) take this shit WAY too seriously sometimes. Not really tweaked, just I prefer to know what the rules are and then I can decide if I want to play the game or not. I dont mind the seriousness of it all, it is our hard earned dollar at play here, as customers shouldnt we have the right to at least ask? I am just still trying to justify my Hamer infatuation (ok, again, maybe be declining to just a crush).
  13. Length of list is not a reason that cuts it in my book... this thread is pages and pages. I can understand a list without prices because material costs change or access to skilled employees to do that type of work. If the reason is because they dont feel like doing some at times or even worse they will only do some for the "right" buyer, then at least tell us what it is. I could even live with a custom for the right pro policy but tell it to my face.
  14. First off, even with "specs" being equal. I buy the USA Hamers for that hand-built custom shop quality that you cant find overseas. I also find in the used market they are one of the best $ to quality ratio guitars out there. With the exception of a 71 Gibson LP Custom and 71 Fender Strat (which I only bought to have a couple of the classics from the year I was born), all my current guitars are Hamer USA's (OK, I have that MIJ strat but that one is for sale and on the way out, just taking up space). I have not found a style that I want to play that I cant play on the Hamers. At this stage
  15. Are custom cigarette holders available on Hamers also
  16. If it is really just custom, then can I order something with boomers now? HFC limited edition with boomers, hmmm? Please, please, please.
  17. Pardon the interruption, but now that this has been sold I have a quick question. Can someone enlighten me on the major differences between the studio 22 and the mark series? I dont know what was out for mark series when this was made? 2?3?4? I have been lusting after a mark for a while and go back and forth between the coveted older 2c+ or getting the all the new tech and features in the V??? Now that I see a studio in wood, I am curious. Beautiful amp, I am sure it sounds as good as it looks! Thoughts please. Thanks
  18. If that had been quilt and maybe blue it would have been mine! Am I starting to sound desperate?
  19. I dont know? I sent some questions to the seller and I am very weary of no feedback and one crappy picture and no description. I will post anything I find out.
  20. I think this is a Studio Custom The seller is brand new, anyone recognize this one or can tell me if it isnt a studio custom? Thanks
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