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  1. Just wait it out if you can, everything will rebound but right now may not be the best time to sell depending on what you have and if you are willing to take a haircut...this is just my opinion since I went through the 2008-2009 financial crisis. G
  2. Crazy Price IMHO, Check it out and let me know if I am off base..... https://www.themusiczoo.com/products/hamer-standard-cherry-sunburst-bound-and-crowned-1982?goal=0_63363c100e-8344f7d9bd-140901053&mc_cid=8344f7d9bd&mc_eid=5375905bdb G
  3. Never even got a reply and I thought I was fast at the draw (less than an hour)...Guess not so fast. I really wanted that one....I think, Never did see pictures, but was willing to take a shot.
  4. WOW! Well, awaiting the explanation as to why the deal was reneged on....If he truly sold it due to a higher price after the fact then that is wrong on so many levels....
  5. george4th


  6. Freakin Amazing, I love this thread and those similar. Great to see a start to finish project like this. Makes me want to cut wood again! Really Really cool Brother! G
  7. I am interested but even though i keep deleting messages It still says I have too many, Just email me at roane@cox.net to talk.G

  8. As far as Wilcutts goes they have been nothing but good to me, I do however have a problem with depreciating the value of a fine instument such as the USA Hamer. I own most of what you guys sold me + many more, the are the Custom quality withouth the price, although they should garner much more. I LOVE Hamer Guitars and will continue to buy. play. cherish. The quality is beyond words. I own all the others I cannot name, but the QC is not the same. Hamer is the best production model that I have played, based on what I own, which is a lot. I will happily go on holding mine as the Distributures devalue what is a great instrument. We are a family. Please act as one. Sincerecly G
  9. Why did he just stand there, He could have at least slapped back. As far as Slash goes I agree when I was young I was not very impressed but as He and I got older i appreciate what he does. I used to believe the faster you played the better you were. I was wrong.
  10. I PM'd amd emailed hours before you and still have not heard back either. i wonder if the pm system is messed up again? i did email also, but maybe thats old...I dont know. i did offer to buy it though. G
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