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  1. WOW! Well, awaiting the explanation as to why the deal was reneged on....If he truly sold it due to a higher price after the fact then that is wrong on so many levels....
  2. He got called out on the Heritage forum, and was asking 1050 for it, Looks like he sold it for around 600 or so on his reverb shop....I wouldn't have paid that, the headstock "Repair" is hideous...
  3. Well the Haircut is just the opposite, rarely cut it and this is what you end up with! Thanks so much it will go to good use. "G"eorge the 4th in the line of George's, unfortunately it ends with me, the 5th passed...
  4. Ive been looking for luthier tools. Let me know how you want to handle this, I can use all of this! Thanks so much G
  5. I built my first Synth Module using all parts from Radio Shack back in 1978 or so, used to be a great place for all the electronic tinkerer or even the professional. They even built the TRS-80 one of the first personal computers....It was sad to see them go but they had changed so much it truly wasn't much of a electronics (Parts) store anymore. A few drawers of common resistors and capacitors and as stated before nobody had any idea what was in those drawers. Sad for me, I won the local Science fair with that module... G
  6. george4th


  7. Freakin Amazing, I love this thread and those similar. Great to see a start to finish project like this. Makes me want to cut wood again! Really Really cool Brother! G
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