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  1. Is there truly still no price? Why is this still up? G
  2. Neither do I your eyes are fine... G
  3. george4th

    artist 25th

    Just a little, If anyone want to pay 10k for one I know a guy...
  4. WOW that is beautiful...Love it. Bet it sounds as good as it looks also. Reminds me of one of my McNaught VSC's (the top and the cut) G
  5. george4th


    Saw that and usually look forward to what I can waste my money on stuff I will NEVER use with the SDOTD but this has to be the worst ever. You are certainly correct as this is just STUPID! G
  6. is this yours? https://www.ebay.com/itm/CP-Thornton-Fusion-Masterbuilt-by-Chuck-Thornton-57-Bel-Air-Red-Paint/192555571313?hash=item2cd534d871:g:y1gAAOSwRNRbEHMS
  7. Yes you are VERY correct sir! There is just something very special about his builds. I've never played/owned a Huber I didn't just LOVE everything about. Thus the reason I keep them. I'll sell off almost anything else but my Hubers, BUT i say that a lot about a lot of boutique(ish) builders....Just awesome guitars.... G
  8. Am I seeing this correct, this guitar was listed a year ago? That is patience brother! G
  9. Yes, Dakota Red. Very hard to find. The Burst is the easiest, but Dakota not so much...I Love RED guitars so it just made sense. G
  10. Funds Sent! looking forward! G
  11. george4th


    Price please or is this a PIF? If so I'll take it! G