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  1. OD11 and Amp808 available as of this morning! https://lovepedalcustomeffects.myshopify.com/
  2. Neck pickup ring has been replaced with a black Dimarzio neck pickup ring. The ring that was installed is in the case.
  3. SOLD! : 2001 Korina Standard. 2 piece body with straight face grain and a really cool edge grain pattern. Plays nicely with very light fret wear in the cowboy chord area. Pickups are SD Alnico 2 Pro Slash set. Nice condition with a few dings and holes from a different set of tuners. Ding on the neck is behind the 11th fret. I replaced a few rusty pickup ring screws and put the originals in the case. Also, the neck PU mounting ring has been replaced with a Dimarzio neck PU ring. Includes OHSC. $1900 PP gift, shipped, CONUS
  4. If you have a Strat or Tele you don’t mind swapping the neck on, you could get a Warmoth conversion neck for around $200. That’s for a unpainted neck so you’ve got paint/tuners/nut to deal with which you could elect to have warmoth do as well.
  5. Now it’s down to $1750 shipped. A bit homely isn’t it?
  6. Sweetwater has the Way Huge Havalina germanium for $70! https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Havalina--way-huge-havalina-germanium-fuzz-pedal
  7. Oh, ok. Now it all makes sense! 😁
  8. My first “Jazzmaster”. Warmoth Limba body, ‘59 profile 1.75” neck, streamlined electronics, Duncan Antiquity IIs and rattle can lacquer finish.
  9. On the original bridge, don’t you just have to pick up the strings and move them to different threads on the saddles to adjust the width? That’s what I’ve done with mine.
  10. I just stick ‘em to the side of the ‘fridge. 🤷‍♂️
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