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  1. Had to double check if that was the right order of the colors, and sure enough it is lol
  2. I know this is an old post but those are great guitars for the money if you need a 7 string for some reason. It's the one in my avatar, actually I didn't listen to the video though lol
  3. Out of the blue here, I swapped my "bedroom guitar", from a Chinese Ibanez ASR-70 (like a Gibson ES-330, 335 shaped but hollow with P90s) for my acoustic about 2 weeks ago. It's a great sounding acoustic, but it's green and carbon fiber. I've had it about 6 months, custom ordered it on a trip to the Emerald factory in Ireland, and it still looks so bizarre to me that I have to strum the strings on it every time I walk by it just make sure it still sounds like a guitar lol. I love the sound and playability is amazing, but every once in a while I look at it and think, "What the hell was I thinki
  4. I sold almost all of my guitars over the [past few years due to arthritis, but now that I'm surgically repaired I am starting to get a few. Still nothing about 1200 or so though. There are a few guitars I just like to own, so they will come first.
  5. I used to listen to Pandora, I found that a great way to hear new (to me, anyway) bands that were along the same lines of bands I knew I already liked. I found 'Shonen Knife' that way, 'Symphony X', and even 'The Rashid Ali Quintet'. I don't remember if I found Jimmy Bruno that way, but maybe....Definitely worth a check if you have a hankering for some stuff you don't know already by heart
  6. Jackson Fusion models are Gibson scale
  7. Congrats to those who were able to get on the line for one!
  8. My thought was that if Frank was still with Duncan, he might be interested in getting on board early. I wasn't aware he had gone back to Falbo Guitars (I have a Falbo preamp in one of my 7 strings) but that it would be easier to see what Duncan's got than to start from scratch.
  9. Geoff: Right now, Mike is working out the custom pickup concept and basic supplier. Obviously, that will be based not only on his vision/hearing and customer inquiry, but also by whatever makes economic sense for him as a builder. I wouldn't rule anything out at this stage, but having you do a video (or videos) would definitely be a cool thing to add as a site feature! Couldn't hurt to give Frank Falbo a ring at Duncan, Frank's a great guy.
  10. Exactly the situation I am in now EDIT: Just read the bit about maybe 25, so I just need...another 9 hours to get home I can't even get to his site from work.
  11. Two great calls there I LOVE the F#7sus4 at the begining of Rush's "Cygnus X-1 Book II Hemispheres", which they reprise on "Far Cry". You Rush fans know what I'm talking about
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