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  1. I would have to hear it, I wouldn't dismiss it just because it's solid state. I've been playing my Teles recently through my Harke HyDrive 2x10 solid state bass amp lately and I have been very pleasantly surprised. I have also unfortunately become the owner of a couple of other combos which have EVM12's in them and while they sound great, they are best left exactly where they are! A small, great sounding LIGHT amp would be worth a listen (says the guy working a deal on a Super Reverb...). A combo that weighed less than 75 lbs might be nice for a change
  2. pre Mark I then? You can upload pics to imgur if you want and link them here.
  3. So much stuff, soooooo much https://www.julienslive.com/m/view-a.../id/312?page=1
  4. Different dress, and what, maybe 65 year old neck and hands? Nice of Kim Il Sung to get in the shot too!
  5. Oh, no worries at all dude, and you are absolutely right on the litigation point. The last few months have been especially nutty! Solar is a pretty new company that makes a very attractive guitar for younger (and older) metal guys looking for a specific set of specs who are also ok with Korean guitars, so I'd actually be surprised if anyone here had ever heard of them
  6. Well, the shape would be tweaked a bit, and all of the Solars have reverse headstocks now. I don't think there would be an issue? Maybe I'm misunderstanding you
  7. Well, Ola seemed seemed, to me at least, pretty impressed by the Hamer. I haven't asked him but I wouldn't be surprised if his company (Solar) comes out with something similar to the ML with a reverse headstock soon.
  8. I would have resurrected this ancient thread : but it's archived. Anyway, my friend Ola Englund got a chance to go through Dime's collection of guitars at his house and the Hamer is the first one out of the case (so you only need to watch the very beginning and not the whole thing ) His guitar tech notes Hamer wouldn't do the standard "ML" type headstock, which was a deal breaker evidently.
  9. He was about 6'6", so compared to me a pretty big dude, and a minor league baseball player for a while as well.
  10. Same boat, nothing moving or I would buy it for the piezo alone.
  11. "The most important dating feature on guitars with six-digit serial numbers is that, starting in 1970, Gibson began stamping “Made In USA” near the serial number on the back of the headstock." and "As for dating pots, .....t the fourth and fifth numbers of the potentiometer date code indicate the last two digits of the year" Take with a grain of alt, from: https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/Dating_A_70s_Les_Paul Yours looks like it just wore off from the pics, you can tell there was something there but...maybe a magnifying glass would help?
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