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  1. Update: we still have 20 some payments and 13 addresses outstanding. Please pony up the money and get me your address ASAP so I can unleash the Kracken....er, printer. No shirts until I have all monies paid - it's not a charity, you know. Even if you sent me your address, or think that I know it and your real name, send it again. Even if I have your particulars from a prior sale or trade, we musicians are a shiftless and shifty bunch. We often change address one step ahead of the law, bill collectors and process servers.........
  2. My deepest sympathy to you and your family. I am profoundly saddened by this and even though we have never met I wish that i could do something, anything to fix you. Name it and if I can do it, it will be done.
  3. Okay boys and girls, a little light housekeeping here. We have approximately 60% payment for the shirts already and approximately 60% of you have replied with your real name and mailing addresses. The payment rate is great but the response for mailing addresses is sorely lacking. Please, please please (I sound like James Brown) get me that information ASAP. Or to quote Bruce Springsteen in Santa Claus Is Coming To Town "Oh, that's not many, not many, you guys are in trouble out here!" I need the info, fast. Additionally, I can't process payment by accounts that do not link to your real name, to your screen name or to an alias. To that end will Matthew Ervin, Rick Smith, Dustin Mann and Kathleen Ball please report to the principal's office immediately!! Please pass this information onto our fellow members that you personally know or to other members that might not check their accounts frequently. Y'all are the best!! Dave
  4. Dave, I need your real name and address. Phone and email are optional. PM me the information. If you haven't sent me this information please do so now. Thanks.
  5. If you haven't sent me your real name and mailing address please do so at your earliest convenience. If not your shirt(s) won't be mailed and I'll be forced to sell it/them at the Naples Farmer's Market.
  6. Alright folks, time to PAY. You can see your final cost in the copy of the spreadsheet that is attached.It's the column labeled "CHARGE PER MEMBER". All costs have been added and the invoice from the printer is also attached. I said at the beginning that there would be total transparency; ask and ye shall receive. Ask me any questions that you want and I'll provide the answer as well as the back-up documentation. You might notice that on some lines there is a $0.00 shipping cost. The reason is that the member in question has ordered multiple shirts of different sizes and they will fit in the same box. Pretty clever, eh? Payment can be made via the following methods: PayPal family and friends - davequinlan@comcast.net Regular PayPal plus 3% - davequinlan@comcast.net Venmo - David Quinlan or davequinlan@comcast.net Cash or check via snail mail at Dave Quinlan, 3690 Yosemite Court, Naples, FL 34116 TSHIRTS WILL NOT BE PRINTED UNTIL YOU PAY ME Thanks, Dave Hamer Tshirts Costs.pdf 825 printer contract.pdf
  7. I almost bought this amp from Jakeboy. No idea why I didn't. For the price of 3 booteek pedals?????? Someone please buy this before I come to my senses!!
  8. Plus Rolling Rock 7 oz bottles were called pony motors as well. "33" on the back of the 12 oz bottles means the number of words in the description. Trust me on this trivia.
  9. I'm not a fan of an odd number of knobs. It's better for me if they're in pairs. Let the jokes begin.........
  10. Hmmm.... no tap tempo and no eq. I'd have to see it in real time but the concept sounds good.
  11. Back before I retired from my day job I was playing in a jam band and every so often in the summer heat and humidity of NJ I'd completely lose signal. Nothin'. Squat. Diddley. I could never figure it out, but then I'm not the sharpest tack on the cork board. Sold the map and guitar, changed cables and have never (knock wood) had that happen again.
  12. Lovepedal Black Glass OC42 BBB: germanium hybrid OD/TB/Fuzz: $ 125 Which one is this? Should I be interested and why?
  13. Thanks, things are going better. Expect to be up and running the tshirt express in the middle of next week. Get those pony motors started; your bills will be issued, then payment, print the shirts and mailing out the orders.
  14. No affiliation https://fortmyers.craigslist.org/lee/msg/d/estero-vintage-robin-ranger-electric/7377305167.html
  15. Folks, A little bad news. The order has been closed for several days now and some folks want in on the action. I don't know if I can accommodate these requests for two reasons: The printer is on his yearly family vacation and out of touch. Yes, it's a small local business. I'm out of town on somewhat of a family emergency. So, everything is on hold for at least a week. If I can change the order at an incremental cost and not affect other parameters I'll do it or reduces the cost per shirt then I'll do do. The other bad news is that I've been called away on a family matter and won't return for at least one week. I'll try to get the costs finalized for each order so that the payments can begin flooding in. Stay tuned to this station for more news as it happens.
  16. I'm working on it. No payment right now until I'm sure everything is correct. I'll let you all know ASAP. Thanks for your patience.
  17. The PayPal with 3% is fine. Checks? er................. if we have to we have to. Please be mindful (can't believe I just wrote that, too much yoga, green tea and meditation) that I WILL NOT pull the trigger on production of the shirts until I have 100% payment. This is not the bank of rugby.
  18. Rockola, you are the last one in. THE ORDER WINDOW IN NOW OFFICIALLY CLOSED. Thank you. Please send me your real name and mailing address via PM. Your phone number and email address would help but is not mandatory. Thanks, Dave
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