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  1. It's gotta be Shannon I've met her a couple a times at CT shows backstage A very fine looking woman also.
  2. raythewrench

    Best first 30 seconds of a song...?

    I like the sweet Jane intro ....only the rock and roll animal version... Lou reed wit Wagner and hunter it's a bit longer than 3o sec but it really jams. Or the beginning of ... For those about to rock... Ac/ dc.
  3. raythewrench

    NGD -and now it's for real!

    As far as custom builds/ copy / tribute guitars this Is off the charts ! What else can a man ask for you say " more BBQ sauce".
  4. raythewrench

    Standard Appreciation Thread

    The way these are fanned out looks like a hand of cards ... A cool hand is better than no hand at all....
  5. raythewrench


    Who ever did this is f'ed up ,messing w/ a man s ability to earn and reputation. I don't have enough time to do my own things let alone dream up ways to f - with people.
  6. raythewrench

    Standard Appreciation Thread

    A super classy feature , option ,appiontment thanks fellas I knew it had some kind of designation,.cool
  7. Try gaetanos on penny packer in willing boro I used to drive 1/2 hour to get there
  8. raythewrench

    Since you brought up Dean Guitars

    Armatage ,dean ran Ad in like the early mid 80 s I believe it was for ml series? I remember the ad had guitars w/ shrimp fork / narrowed gap in headstock BUT the blonde W/ a huge rack leaning on a Lamborghini was pure boner material ,the ad was only a 1/4,-1/3 page ad horizontally but those boobs sold a ton of axes.
  9. raythewrench

    Since you brought up Dean Guitars

    Rich s you mentioned s jersey bar circuit in the 80s rember Bonnie's , dick lees , and the one in somerdale -carnival sorry off topic?
  10. raythewrench

    Standard Appreciation Thread

    Hsb0531. I completely understand your reply/ statement , lots of older high end gibbys had that as well , but that " feature " has to have a name like" Art Deco curve " or something like that .that is what I was trying to find out ,maybe I phrased it wrong sorry.
  11. raythewrench

    Standard Appreciation Thread

    What is the feature at the bottom of the neck (fb is bound and comes to a " "pinch" ) on Greg s pic of the damn finest std pic . Also I came real close on pulling the trigger on 1 of the zandards (used) , and was pissed off I missed the standard and came really really close on the gold top std ( but didn't) . And the punisher just rules .
  12. I see a cheesesteak
  13. raythewrench

    Well, it was fun....... but it's over.

    4FUQ~~_12.jpg ] I have a gibson version possible for sale..... 856 373 6563
  14. raythewrench

    Any love for 2112?

  15. raythewrench

    Hamerhead's 77 Sunburst restoration.

    nice work Greg ..Ya see fellas Greg got this good putting mummies back together after they travel from one museum to another and fall apart{He put KING TUT back together 3x completely on the 1996 tour. plus minor repairs .And just like the recently announced roadie bit for kiss he would rather sleep in his own bed ,one that dosent move at 75mph.....and who want to eat fookin catering everyday SALUTE DON GREG. capo di tutti cappi di la guitiarerra con casa repare. I think all will agree here.