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  1. Yup. To my wife it's more about reminding her of her childhood when her and her best friend would listen to 45's. It's not like she listens to them all the time or anything but then again at this point you can probably say the same thing with regards to me and the Van Halen mailbox - it was more about reminding me that I love fun rock music than it was about me being Van Halen obsessed. We have already decided that the next one will be LED Zeppelin themed as that's one of the few bands that me, my wife and both daughters can all agree on. :-)
  2. A good name for a band made up of angry guitar players could be "Band from TGP". :-)
  3. I recently had to retire my Van Halen mailbox since it was rusting away so I decided it was time to make one that my wife would like.
  4. Good call - you would think I would have noticed that since some of my guitars have hex pickups! :-)
  5. What a shame - I always loved that neon pink. Did he add a sustainer at some point? Weird how the writing is completely gone - it looks a bit strange with it missing. Definitely a cool axe, I hope the guy didn't buy it to keep it in that display case.
  6. You righty's have it easy with so much to pick from. If that was left handed I would buy it in a heartbeat - issues and all.
  7. Was that standard done with drum wrap or painted to look like the drum wrap? If it is drum wrap I wonder how they handled the edges on the body since there doesn't appear to be binding?
  8. Very cool finish - not sure how I missed this the first time.
  9. Never heard of Windows 10 being faster than Windows 7 but sure hope it's true! I am nearly a total newbie to Windows 10 except for a laptop that I don't use often. I installed the latest version (forgot if they call it a rollup or something else these days) that is supposed to give users more control but haven't played with it much. Do you have a list of features to turn off or a website that offers help?
  10. Very pretty! I like the inlays - I haven't seen anything else like that before.
  11. Looks nice - I really like the idea of an ebony fretboard on an acoustic! Any idea what Acoustic guitars he was using on the "Flamenco a Go-Go" album?
  12. A set neck Chap with a Floyd is pretty metal in my book. Look wise it's the stadium logo in combination with the sharper headstock angle.
  13. I knew that green could fade but had no idea that it could fade to the point where you can't see a trace of it. Is that a sunlight exposure thing or something else?
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