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  1. Pretty cool but if this was closer to April I would absolutely be wondering if this was an April fools joke.
  2. Now I wouldn't go overboard. At three years they are just getting to be stretched nicely! Glad to hear you are finding your way back to guitar.
  3. Ween It was a treat for me because they had been broken up for many years so I was convinced I would never get to see them again. They got back together a few years back but I was late to the game to figure that out so it was like it came out of nowhere. As always with Ween it was a strange goofy fun night.
  4. Never saw one where the body looked so decent and the neck looked so bad. Makes you wonder if the owner wore very sharp rings or something.
  5. I thought this one was pretty cool: https://www.kramerguitars.com/Guitar/KRAMXL220/SM-1/Orange-Crush
  6. I'm with G Man here - now that my bass and guitar pedalboards are both set up with power supplies I have zero tolerance for worrying about batteries. The one place I still have to worry about 9V's is my Sustainer Chap. It has a first gen sustainer so it uses two of them and it goes through them pretty quickly so I am considering building a +9V/-9V power supply that uses Lithium Ion batteries meant for a small drone. I am hoping to come up with something small enough to fit into the stock battery compartment and may have it connect using the stock 9V battery terminals so I don't need to do
  7. Can't imagine why you would sell an Impact and not include a picture of the full front of the bass.
  8. Damn that's sexy - no need to blame the purchase on mid-life crisis! :-)
  9. Strange but good. Like you say some great chops for sure.
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