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  1. Classy! The binding on those ultimate's is insane.
  2. Awesome - looks like it has been well taken card of!
  3. If you want to sell the dead sustainer cheap I may be interested.
  4. My condolences to his family.
  5. First one I have ever seen with a pickguard, I am assuming that's not original but I guess you never know.
  6. I liked it. I am OK with Cookie Monster vocals when you can still make out the words like you can here (for the most part). I also like when at least some of the song is sang so the cookie monster parts are a contrast. My favorite band that manages to make cookie monster vocals work is Cynic. More progressive than metal but definitely heavy by most standards: Cynic - Focus Edited to add - I was replying to the original thread. I like that Sword song too!
  7. Some of their stuff works for me and some doesn't. It all gelled a lot better for me on the Queens Of The Stone Age albums.
  8. Very much not what I would normally listen to and I still quite enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing - always cool to hear something different!
  9. Very sorry, sure hope they find the bastard. Good idea to put the word out - it's amazing how much musicians talk so it cannot hurt.
  10. Wow - usually the shorter than normal scale guitars seem to sound goofy but that sounds great. I will attribute that more to Steve than the guitar but still...
  11. in her words "I was over it the first day when you guys said I was going to live. Why are you still upset?" What a strong mental attitude - more power to her!
  12. OK - the scary part is that I think I liked those first two guitars better than anything Gibson has put out in recent times.
  13. Love the top on that one - the combination of color and grain is kick ass.
  14. Love the Ray Gun inlay on the headstock!
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