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  1. Wow - I considered that but thought I would be able to tell of that was the case. Very well done!
  2. I like how they painted the pickguard to blend in - it makes it look more like a SS1.
  3. If it had a Floyd that would be the coolest Scarab I have seen.
  4. Wondering what the black thing is on the back, sort of looks like a recessed straplock or an output jack.
  5. Another problem with LED's is that they act as point sources and the "point" is physically very small. That's part of why you can see it tiny LED from a large distance.
  6. Awesome! Nice to have the combination of set neck and 5-way switch.
  7. Congratulations! The fact that you already have one and wanted a second one that bad says how good a bass it must be. Also assuming you like red you probably couldn't expect to find another one with an original finish that looks that good.
  8. Would also be interested in the report. I see that the Brown Sound pack is available for the Kemper. I Saw a great Van Halen tribute band a few weeks back and the guitarist used a Kemper and he sounded awesome. It helped that he was crazy talented but the tones were spot on, it makes me wonder if he was using this pack.
  9. Congratulations, that's quite an accomplishment in this day and age - here's to 25 more!
  10. Haven't heard that before now - I liked it!
  11. Thanks for sharing - sounds like they will make the best of their remaining time together.
  12. Wow - I love the look of the Ebony board on a Cruisebass. If it was Yellow, left handed and had frets I would be all over it! :-)
  13. Love his song writing and playing, in my mind he is like Clapton's unknown brother (except I actually like his stuff that happened after the 60's). I never cease to be amazed at how under the radar he remains.
  14. >If only I knew someone who had a camel toe they were giving up. I will let that one go..... :-)
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