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  1. Absolutely get what you are saying but my plan is to bring them to our rehearsal room where everything eventually stinks like our drummers cigars. I would prefer he didn't smoke in the rehearsal room but hey it's his house.
  2. A co-worker gave me a bunch of old guitar and mic cables that were in his basement studio that he is trying to clear out. At some point the basement had water damage so everything has that wet basement smell and some of the cables had some serious funk on them. I was able to clean them up so that now they aren't too nasty but they still have a bit of that smell. If the weather was warmer I would put them out in the sun for a while (because I think that helps) but now that that's not an option has anybody dealt with something similar? I keep some of my bands gig gear in my garage and have had some cables inside a storage bin get a bit smelly too so it would be nice to find a way to prevent this. I wonder if a box of baking soda inside the bin would help?
  3. A Sustainer Chap with a Granite finish - that's pretty awesome!
  4. There is definitely a touch of Bob Casale in there too.
  5. But at least it gives the perfect excuse for repainting it to get rid of that awful flat black finish!
  6. Cool guitars! Any idea if the white/red came with the locking nut and trem or if that was added?
  7. My lord - what does he do drag it behind his car between shows! The missing selector switch knob would drive me batty.
  8. I always thought this song did a good job of demonstrating the difference between Prog and Space Rock: Hawkwind - Master of The Universe
  9. I always thought it would be pretty cool to replace the bridge pickup with a Music Man humbucker.
  10. Hard to tell if they are hinting at new models or tweeks to existing models but I like the neck heel they show: https://www.fender.com/pages/2019-teaser?utm_source=PremierGuitar&utm_medium=display&utm_campaign=teaserlaunch&utm_adsize_allunits
  11. Wow - beautiful job, you have some serious skills!
  12. Since 5 string and gold hardware probably weren't very common (I think) it wouldn't surprise me to think that Hamer didn't bother having a batch made up with their logo.
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