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  1. I always thought it would be pretty cool to replace the bridge pickup with a Music Man humbucker.
  2. Hard to tell if they are hinting at new models or tweeks to existing models but I like the neck heel they show: https://www.fender.com/pages/2019-teaser?utm_source=PremierGuitar&utm_medium=display&utm_campaign=teaserlaunch&utm_adsize_allunits
  3. Wow - beautiful job, you have some serious skills!
  4. Since 5 string and gold hardware probably weren't very common (I think) it wouldn't surprise me to think that Hamer didn't bother having a batch made up with their logo.
  5. I don't recall the exact model but on mine the switches are made by C&K and should have the part number right on them if you can get a look at one. That will get you the part number for the basic switch but there are many options that go along with that to determine things like actuator (round short, round long, flat), bushing (smooth, Threaded), whether or not there is a middle position, and connections (solder lugs or PCB pins). This would be my best guess going on memory: C&K: 7103P3YZQE https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/c-k/7103P3YZQE/CKN1024-ND/26038 Here is a picture of a "710"1 switch to show where to look for the part number
  6. Not the same model but here is a gut shot of a multi effect Henretta for anybody that is curious like I was: https://reverb.com/item/2116969-henretta-engineering-the-console-hand-made-custom-multi-effect-unit
  7. The graphic looks too much like Brain's or Intestines for my taste and I completely agree with Biz Prof that a graphics finish demands Boomers. Still waiting for a $350 Lefty Cali with Boomers to come along (in pretty much any condition since I am going to paint it yellow anyway). Yes I know - it's going to be a long wait! :-)
  8. Funny you should say that. I am so used to keeping the tone pot all the way up and pretty much ignoring it's existence that I almost sold my P-90 equipped Les Paul short. It's new enough that it came PLEK'ed so it plays nice enough but I never bonded with the sound. Fast forward a year later and me and two buddies went to a few shops because one of them wanted a single P-90 guitar in a bad way and the newer Gibsons were calling to him. The other guy with us (who owns a lot of really nice guitars) ended up loving the guitar that our friend bought and he had the observation that moving the tone control allowed him to get a lot of different sounds out of it. I though maybe it was all poppycock but went home and tried turning the treble down on my Les Paul and sure enough he was right. After that I understood the whole P-90 thing a little better. Treble down some = Humbucker, treble all the way up = Rip your face off. I felt dumb for not figuring this out myself but I got over it. :-)
  9. I don't play well enough to have any influences that anybody can probably hear but my favorite "unknown" to listen to is Richard Thompson. I put it in quotes because he is far from unknown but I am constantly amazed at how many people (guitarist's especially) have never heard of him. The man has a serious catalog of great albums and in my mind deserved to be as well known as Clapton.
  10. I don't recall ever seeing a picture of Vernon with a Hamer that looked like that one but maybe it's the one he kept in the closet because he didn't like how it looked? :-)
  11. I have never had a chance to try a Carvin. Lefty's do pop up but most seem to have been configured by people whose idea of a dream guitar is a lot different than mine. At the same time they think their dream guitar (that they want to sell!) is somehow worth more than they paid for it. Having said that I would probably own a bolt by now if I hadn't fixed everything I didn't like about my Mexican Strat. Now that it's got EMG's in it, a Fishman Trem , Sperzal tuners and a Graffiti Yellow paint job it's pretty close to a bolt anyway. :-)
  12. The page shows André 'Dré Glo' Lassalle with a Hamer.
  13. Thank you for this being what I was hoping it was - as opposed to what I feared it might me which was Grateful Dead music being played in a surf fashion!
  14. Cool Chap - lets see the rest of it!
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