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It's Official! I Have Too Many Guitars!

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Congrats on your sales. Looks like your Ebay stuff is doing very well. I like that Mary Kaye Daytona, wish I had the bux right now.

I noticed in your listing you say you'll only ship to the states so don't ask but a couple people still asked. Hahaha

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...but a couple people still asked.

Yea "a couple."

So far: Italy, England, Australia, Indonesia, Nigeria, France and Canada.

This is the first time in all of my ebaY experiences that I have been intensely turned off to ebaY.

I have never gotten so many emails asking questions that are either detailed in the photos or stated in my description, or requesting that I do things that are clearly stated that I will NOT do.

I too am from the "if you don't ask, you don't get" camp, but if I have already answered the question two and three times in my auction (ex: "Do you have a Buy It Now price?"), then one should get the idea that my answer won't change.

I know these people can read, but I'm now convinced that they simply don't get it.

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Guest pirateflynn

I usually just delete those emails. In most cases the serious buyer already knows what he wants and what he is willing to pay. The rest are just time wasters.

Occasionally there is a newbie who will drive up the proxie bid of the high bidder by trying over and over again. I love it when that happens, except when I'm the one bidding against the newbie.

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