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  1. I had a hard time understanding how the cool group that did White Rabbit and Don't You Want Somebody To Love went on to record that atrocity and other crap.
  2. At first glance, I thought they were spelling out HELP but upon closer look, it seems it's random other than Ringo posing like Baphomet. Am I wrong?
  3. They made a movie to go with their album Avatar Country. Pretty entertaining.
  4. Interesting band. Lots of mixed styles. Vocals ranging from Peter Steele to Geoff Tate to Nergal
  5. Click Click Boom by Saliva What a freakin stupid song about an ink pen
  6. Looks like a damned doily. Not really in the market for an ugly ass guitar that doesn't stay in tune right now. Maybe later.
  7. Really been getting back into this band recently.
  8. Helloween Victim of Fate kicks serious ass. 2:15 to 4:45 with the build up to the solo. Awesome stuff
  9. I didn’t think Turbo sucked. I bought it when it first came out and it was different but not total suck. Had a few decent songs. Side noted: Got a copy of Killing Machine a few weeks ago at a local record store. That’s a great album.
  10. Got tickets for December 6th at Florida Theater in Jacksonville. Empire and Rage for Order to be performed in their entirety. If it gets cancelled, they'll just have to refund us. Already got my 400 back from Motley Crue and waiting on 100 from Tenacious D.
  11. Here's what Jeff Waters thinks: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/general_music_news/annihilator_frontman_explains_why_eddie_van_halen_is_greatest_guitarist_of_all_time.html?fbclid=IwAR3AHxEbHrpGf7qRGB1OUgGgWe6DjdOwwlapc98fps8s0BMGSTSnTfOuWUQ
  12. I never listened to Night Ranger but happened to see a music video for Don't Tell Me You Love Me and he rocks pretty hard.
  13. I have all the Cirith Ungol albums now. Yeah, the lyrics can be a little cheesy and the vocals are not perfect but they have some really cool guitar work. Interesting sounds.
  14. Maybe someone’s trying to tell me my taste in music sucks.
  15. Now Ebay. LOL. I ordered Celtic Frost To Mega Therion and Received Morbid Tales. It was delayed to begin with understandably since it was coming from Seattle.
  16. Both times was sold by/shipped by amazon
  17. I ordered Cirith Ungol (Forever Black) on vinyl. They sent me an album by a group named Watain (Lawless Darkness) I ordered American Heavy Metal and got Swedish Black Metal. I ended up keeping it and ordered Cirith Ungol again. Today it arrived but it was not Cirith Ungol, it was Penny and Sparrow (Finch). I have no idea who that is. Dude. I ended up ordering it off Ebay and am returning the bird album. WTF?
  18. Randy...Just listen to Revelation Mother Earth. Eddie's great though
  19. Didn't someone say early on that they'd probably all get cancelled? You were right.
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