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Anyone know much about Jackson Rhoads guitars?


There's one on CL here that claims to be a USA, for only $850.  Could be worth buying to flip if real.


There's no USA on the headstock, claims to be an 'original' case yet has TSA locks. Can't see if the serial number is impressed on the fretboard.

My limited searching indicates it's probably an Rr24 or something like that. There's a shitload of variations of these things.


In excellent condition with original case.
Cream with pinstripes. plays and sounds great.
Older USA made neck thru. $975. (lower price is in title)
561 eight three two 78two2. Lv voice msg only, no texts, on landline



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I have a 2012ish Jackson USA Rhoads in black with an ebony fingerboard,  and that one looks like rosewood to me. Jackson made some Pro series (Japan?) with that finish, and it looks like they now have that finish on made-in-Indonesia models as well.



my guess would be 'non-USA'.  The USA ones seem to start about twice that price even used.

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Definitely not USA. The early 90’s Japanese RR Pro’s were high quality. On par with the USA made guitars. The RR5’s came later. If I remember correctly, Chris Caffery used an RR5 with TSO. 

I have no experience with the Indonesian made Jacksons since they ceased Japanese production...

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