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Crooked bridge install, tailpiece too close to bridge (look at any legit Sunburst and compare second knob/tailpiece stud locations), crooked inlay, stadium logo is off, no "Sunburst" on the logo, "Schaller" instead of "Hamer" tuners, bound headstock, and serial number fuckery... My bet is a Slammer or XT conversion project. Nothing authentic about it.

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I really doubt they can even properly intonate that bridge.  No way.  Imho, I have never seen a bridge reverse slanted like that.      I think this may not be a Slammer, but a Hamer Scammer?  😜

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4 hours ago, Shataan said:

I have never seen a bridge reverse slanted like that.

it is mounted backwards. the mounting post holes are offset to compensate the offset on Gibson type installed ABR/ TOM bridges.

making the bridge perpendicular rather than angled.

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On 5/24/2022 at 9:44 PM, Tortious said:

Sure doesn't look like the 'original pickups'. Or the original bridge. Not sure how they came across that 'rating' for the top, either.

I had a rather difficult experience with that seller once.



If you look at the holes in the bridge they're actually what are canted causing the weird alignment. If you were to put a tune-o-matic in I think it would square up correctly.

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Did Hamer EVER use those pop out Winder Tuning pegs on their guitars?! Man, I haven't seen those in a few minutes...

Someone went to a lot of trouble to make a fakey Hamer Sunburst, but then forget to put on a SUNBURST logo.

Roman-Retop special or the like would be my guess.

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