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  1. So what Hamer guitar or bass was this? Is the add still up? It would be fun to call him to ask if he found the $100 he dropped during the sale from everyone here. lol Thanks, HR
  2. Thanks for the advice. I'm not in the market right now and was just curious. I truly appreciate your expertise! Martin
  3. Is it too expensive at $1615 with Free Shipping? I know there is tax and there shouldn't be any import/export fees due to it being manufactured in the USA. https://www.ebay.com/itm/265822230534 Just curious about your thoughts.
  4. Hello: Can anyone ID the brand of these taper core strings? They are .130 .105 .85 .65 .45 as far as my dial calipers report. They have a hex core at center. B E A D strings have taper core. The silk appears to be gold or yellow. Thanks for your help. M
  5. Now I have two people saying I'm wrong on the forums. Think I'm going to stop contributing.
  6. Such a beautiful guitar and a good luthier should be able to fix and seal the Hameritus. Wow! What a beauty!
  7. It's odd that figured maple body upgrade was $500 MSRP and making the entire guitar out of Korina was just $100 more than price of a mahogany guitar. How times have changed!
  8. I guess I didn't state that question correctly. Is the $6000 Korina Standard worth the difference. Does it play or sound better to make it worth the difference in price of a mahogany version? Or is it $6000 because not many people paid the $100 upcharge and the Korina's are rare? I would think back in the day a $100 upcharge would definitely be worth it.
  9. Absolutely! But because they're rarer or actually play and sound better? Wish I had 6K to find out!
  10. Next time I'll look on my desktop or laptop. The detail isn't there on my phone. Thank you. So for $100 more you could get the Korina version! Wow. Those were the days! So is Korina just hype or actually worth it on the Standards, Specials and other models? What's everyone's opinion? Thanks, M
  11. Why do I not see them priced at $100? Could you share the link with me? Thank you! H R
  12. I've seen that for sale on Reverb and the new seller never bothered to take new pictures. I was going to say something about living in a tent, Fentanyl and open air bathrooms but chose not to. Only because seller is from San Francisco.
  13. Do you think it is Pou Ferro fret board? They did a great job hiding the seam on top. Looks like one piece to me.
  14. There is a 96 Standard on Reverb for $4750.00. https://reverb.com/item/60780142-beautiful-stone-classic-1996-hamer-standard-with-brazilian-fretboard-in-mint-condition-ohsc It seems weird the top appears to be one piece and the back appears to have a 2 piece cap. Am I seeing things? Did Hamer make Standards this way or is that the "Stone Classic" build?
  15. Yes, you said it wasn't a priority. No! you never let me know how serious the issue was. At least to the best of my recollection. If you would have, I never would have bothered you about it. I'm not a complete ahole and have respect for people especially with loss of a family member. I thought you may have been busy at work or other things and just forgot. Never dreamed it was loss of a family member. I'm sorry for your loss.
  16. I'm sorry Chris. I felt you were purposely trying to make feel bad for something I truly think is an awesome bass. God knows you have so much Hamer knowledge and so many beautiful instruments and talent. Between you and PAF the pics in the book prove it. You always have the correct information and background for the information of questions asked. You have the best of the best Hamer had to offer and I for one am late to the party. I have to pay through the nose to aquire one of Hamer's super gems. I love all Hamer's but a select few are far above their off the shelf builds. The price always reflects this. Most of us, me included, look up to you and your opinion carries weight within the club and more than likely outside as well, at least to me. Sometime ago I posted about a Max Bass incorrectly described in Reverb that I purchased and returned. You offered a Max Bass for less money but I now know it was just offered to prove the bass wasn't worth it. It was not an offer that you would actually sell to me. I was very hopeful to own an instrument from the book and let a lone from you. I asked you several times about it each time making you more upset with me when I asked. So thanks for all your insight, knowledge and willingness to share. Not just to me but all the HFC members. I don't think I'm an ahole but I know many people see me that way for one reason or another. Well, there it is. Cards on the table for everyone to see. A 2 of clubs, a 7 of spades.
  17. Thank you. They're about the same gauge so I'll try them after my GHS run out. I was wondering if there were heavier sets or recommended gauge strings from Hamer.
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