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  1. Lovely guitar, wish I was in the market as this is my era of Hamer! Get better man and be safe!
  2. I threw up in my mouth a little bit. You guys should post WARNINGS if you're going to do something like this for God's sake! Lovely guitar, tuner buttons are okay-ish, knobs should be launched into the sun.
  3. Did they use their MIND POWERS to put it into position?!? Did it just ARRIVE at the store through UFOs?!? If so, they should charge more...
  4. Do NOT put a pickguard on it, it's a sin against all that is natural! 😉 Great guitars, good luck with your sale.
  5. If you do, who will later pay for your counseling sessions? Can you afford to just break down and cry during a work telecom or at the grocery store? Fits of sobbing and "WHY GOD, WHY!!!?!? and then the MOCKING from the guitar community writ-large? JUST SAY NO!!!
  6. Holy Toledo! That is amazing! Someone will be very happy (he says as he secretly looks up flight prices to Germany...). 😉
  7. Very nice and welcome. Be forewarned, they have a way of breeding and depleting your bank account. 😉
  8. WELL, easy enough to find out. A $900 LP Custom would be a better "scam" if it were one after all...
  9. Maybe they throw in a AC Unit install locally since the temps are so high nowdays? That's the only thing I can think that explains those prices...
  10. WOW on the guitar and holy $hit on the price! People are funny...
  11. Looks fantastic, which begs the question; "why" did you ever sell it. Insanity? You traded it for a microphone and magic beans? Good luck on your search!
  12. I'm a low-wind guy, I have been for decades. I do have a few hotter pickups in a few guitars but the majority have very set specs and I've had the most like with Fralin Pure PAFs or Wolfetones. For your purposes, I would say a Wolfetone Marshallhead A2 in the bridge would probably be right up your alley. In my '81 Special rebuild/De-Kahlering project I have a Dr Vintage (7.5 Ohms) in the neck and a Marshallhead A2 (9.0 Ohms) in the bridge and this works very well in this guitar. In my '93 FM Special I have a slightly hotter set of Marshallhead A5s and just the bit more Ohm rating you can really tell there's more grind and mid-rangey. I also have a set of Legends which are really nice (kind of a T-Top sound to them). I think Wolfe still has his Covid sale going on, the prices are kind of ridiculous for custom wound pickups. And if you get a set and aren't happy, Wolfe will work with you to try another set/type. The set in the '81 he sent me an A2 and A5 magnet to try out, I did the swap to compare and prefer'ed the A2. I had originally intended to put the Dr V/Mh set in my '92 Sunburst but MAN that guitar is LOUD and BRIGHT, these pickups did not mesh well with that guitar so back in went the Pure PAF low-winds (I think these are 7.5 and 8.2?) I had in there which were much better suited, but in the "majority Mahogany '81 Special" these work great. Good luck!
  13. Oh HELLS YEAH! LOVE IT, great work!
  14. Yeah, these are great guitars and wow, $1500 is a heck of a deal! But I'm covered, this is my '62: 😉
  15. Can't help with the pickups but wow, awesome looking LPC! Congrats and enjoy!
  16. Pat does great work, I just sent him a neck to shoot the headstock in fact to match a body he did for me 2 years ago. The guitar looks awesome, enjoy it in good health!
  17. Well if you treat early, you get to the trees before any pests arrive then yes, it's probably cheaper to treat. Trying to save them after they've already been hit, forget it, I wasted several Boomer Hamers worth of cash trying to save trees I then had to pay to have removed later anyway.
  18. Ripped through Ohio years ago. My next door neighbor was up on all of this before they started making their way to Central Ohio and treated his trees annually. We didn't get wind of this until it was too late. Of the 4 Ash trees in our yard, 2 we zapped quickly and 2 others held on for a while longer but finally had to be taken down. My neighbor still has two original MASSIVE Ash trees because he treated them (made the bark poisonous to the borers, they would get in, eggs would grow, they'd start to eat and die immediately). The good news, little Ash trees started to pop up from the two stumps I left. So I treated the stumps/root base of these two and we now have a 15-18 foot Ash growing on one and the other is about 9 feet. I now treat them annually (though the Borers have headed south) and they're doing great. If you didn't treat the year before they arrived; don't bother now, save your money and just have the trees taken down. I wasted a hell of a lot of money trying to save these darned things when a take down and a little patience I have Ash trees again anyway. They are beautiful little monsters though in person, they look completely SciFy geek made up they're so bright and colorful. Bastards!
  19. I was told there would be no math! GLWYS, these look great.
  20. Lovely axe, great price! If I didn't already have a LP GT I'd likely be getting myself in trouble! 😉
  21. They'll be putting swamp land on the southeast coast of the UK up for sale next week; keep an eye out! I have no idea if they ever used Hamer's in any capacity but this is wrong on so many levels. As an crowned/bound import, what is this worth, $800 USD?
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