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  1. Best pedal board cables?

    One of these will make the job a lot easier.
  2. Best pedal board cables?

    If you're handy with a soldering iron, or have a friend that is, make your own with pancake jacks, custom length cords really tidy up your board, plus the pancake jacks free up some valuable space; I made mine three years ago, and numerous shows later absolutely no problems. I went for a mid-priced jack , about two dollars a piece , Switchcraft ones are around eight dollars if that will give you extra peace of mind. Jaberwock
  3. DiMarzio Super Ds and PAFs - what have I got?

    Square legs, braided wire, and "DIMARZIO PICKUPs MADE IN THE U.S.A." would put them somewhere between 1977, and 1982, as far I know. Jaberwock
  4. Speaker dust cap glue

    Thanks, I'll give it a go with rubber cement, I'm guessing it's not as critical as gluing the surround. The adhesive Celestion uses looks almost like a black silicon. Regards Jaberwock
  5. Speaker dust cap glue

    The dust cap on my Celestion driver has fallen off, any body know what kind of glue I should use to reattach it ? Thanks Jaberwock
  6. Roller bridge, lubricate the Bigsby front roller, and the nut, and I have no tuning problems; upgrading the roller makes a substantial improvement to the the tone of the guitar. Jaberwock
  7. Di Marzio PAF correct bottom plate?

    1977 if this helps at all.
  8. Bigsby + Nashville style Tuna

    Doesn't rock on my Monaco III. The original Tele Bigsby bridge pivoted on the tip of the height adjustor screws; a roller bridge could help if your prefer not to rock, but to roll. Jaberwock
  9. Callaham Bigsby Front Roller Upgrade

    I found some copper pipe that with a little sanding, was a nice tight push fit inside the front roller, added around 30% to the weight, and really reduced the "tinny " sound when tapped; adding some silicon grease to the two brass "bearings" made a big improvement to tuning stablity, and freed up the Bigsby movement. A brass GFS roller bridge increased sustain, and fullness, over the Schaller it replaced, this plus the Bigsby overhaul turned this guitar from one I was thinking of selling to a regular player for around thirty five bucks !! Jaberwock
  10. Callaham Bigsby Front Roller Upgrade

    I remember reading that Hamer reworked the Bigsby's on their guitars.
  11. Callaham Bigsby Front Roller Upgrade

    If I had access to a lathe I'd try making one for sure; but if I can rescue my Thin line Tele from the thin weak tone it has at present for 45 bucks, I'll give that a go. Here's what Charles Guitars had to say about the mod: All guitars equipped with a Bigsby B5 or B7 Vibrato suffer greatly because the front roller is made from hollow tube and so gives a very thin tone with little depth, resonance and sustain. Callaham's upgrade kits provides a solid, stainless steel front roller and axle that will widen the frequency response and sustain to where it should have always been. The roller is polished to a mirror finish and is grooved to maintain string alignment. This is a simple retrofit and pays huge dividends. We say: We have fitted these and the difference is remarkalble, Bigsby's have always had a reputation of providing a Vintage look but thin sound....well not anymore with this upgrade the tone is thicker and fatter.
  12. Has anyone tried one of these ? how much difference do they make to the tone and sustain, because 45 bucks isn't exactly cheap !! Regards Jaberwock
  13. Compound radius neck bridge radius ?

    I made the body, over forty years ago; using yacht varnish to finish it, which has gradually mellowed to that glorious amber colour. Sycamore I believe is a European variant of maple, hard, dense, and acoustically bright; the Babicz bridge, and a one piece rosewood neck tamed the brightness, and has given it a particularly sweet, and full tone on the unwound strings.
  14. Compound radius neck bridge radius ?

    That's sycamore, came from a tree in my uncles garden that blew down in a big storm.
  15. Compound radius neck bridge radius ?

    I have a Babicz trem on a Strat, made a big difference to the fulness of the guitars tone; two reasons for hesitating on it, first the cost, second I'd have to cut a hole in the bridge plate. I ordered the Wilkinson, I'll try it and see how it goes.