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  1. What's your price range ? used to be able to pick up a good second hand Monaco III for around 1300 $, but a quick ebay search revealed nothing; are used Hamer prices on the up ? Jaberwock
  2. jaberwock

    MIJ Edwards E-LP?

    It has a reliced finish, so you're probably right about the lacquer; neck carve was very comfortable in the hand, very similar to a 59 re-issue.
  3. jaberwock

    MIJ Edwards E-LP?

    Excellent guitars; my friend has a long tenon MIJ Edwards Les Paul, came with Seymour Duncan Antiquities, sounds and plays great, and at under nine pounds, is a good weight for a solid mahogany bodied guitar, it has a maple cap but I'm pretty sure it's a flame veneer on top. Jaberwock
  4. jaberwock

    Callaham Bigsby Front Roller Upgrade

    I made a brass roller for my Bigsby on my friends lathe while I was back in the UK, unwound strings especially sound fuller and sweeter, finally got rid of the thin nasal tone that plagued that guitar. Jaberwock
  5. jaberwock

    Roller Bridge for Newport w/Bigsby

    Totally agree.
  6. jaberwock

    Roller Bridge for Newport w/Bigsby

    I had a Schaller roller bridge on my Thinline Tele, I changed it for a Wilkinson brass roller bridge which was a direct replacement; the Schallers have a reputation as tone suckers; my Tele sounded a lot better after the change ( pain in the backside to intonate though ). Jaberwock
  7. jaberwock

    Ottawa luthier recommendation

    My friend is looking to get his 74 Black Beauty's" rising tongue" fixed whilst he's back in Ottawa for a month; anyone know any good luthiers they could recommend there ? Regards Jaberwock
  8. jaberwock

    Monaco III Freeway switch wiring

    It's the rotational movement as opposed to an up or down flick which is the problem for me, my natural instinct is to use my thumb and first finger, and then drop my pick.
  9. jaberwock

    Monaco III Freeway switch wiring

    I found this, which is fairly close, one extra tone control.
  10. jaberwock

    Monaco III Freeway switch wiring

    I thought about that, but I change my pickup settings numerous times during a song, and reaching down, especially past the Bigsby, to operate a push/pull pot, would be slow, and awkward. I may add a dual gang pot in the tone position so I can adjust the volume separately on the neck pickup.
  11. Iv'e searched the previous posts here but can't to seem to find a wiring diagram for a Monaco III using a six way freeway toggle switch; if anyone has one I'd be super appreciative of a copy. The switch arrived this morning, and on first inspection seems a little stiff in use; has any one used one ? do they require some form of lubrication ? I plan to fit it this weekend, I love my M III, but the rotary switch makes it very difficult for live shows, hopefully the new switch will change that. Many thanks Jaberwock
  12. jaberwock

    Best pedal board cables?

    One of these will make the job a lot easier.
  13. jaberwock

    Best pedal board cables?

    If you're handy with a soldering iron, or have a friend that is, make your own with pancake jacks, custom length cords really tidy up your board, plus the pancake jacks free up some valuable space; I made mine three years ago, and numerous shows later absolutely no problems. I went for a mid-priced jack , about two dollars a piece , Switchcraft ones are around eight dollars if that will give you extra peace of mind. Jaberwock
  14. jaberwock

    DiMarzio Super Ds and PAFs - what have I got?

    Square legs, braided wire, and "DIMARZIO PICKUPs MADE IN THE U.S.A." would put them somewhere between 1977, and 1982, as far I know. Jaberwock
  15. jaberwock

    Speaker dust cap glue

    Thanks, I'll give it a go with rubber cement, I'm guessing it's not as critical as gluing the surround. The adhesive Celestion uses looks almost like a black silicon. Regards Jaberwock