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  1. How does the 0.5w setting on the Boss Katana 50 Mk2 sound? Before the pandemic I was enjoying being able to turn up my SC x2 during the daytime as the wife was off at work. Now she is permanently working from home. So now if I get the itch to play it's either my Martin or playing thru headphones using my old POD X2. I hate playing with wired headphones.
  2. Carl.B


    +1 Don't go cheap you get what you pay for. We had a queen for 15 years with the adjustable frame loved it gave it to my son when we went with the King Size Sleep Number. I know my sister and her husband have the Tempurpedic they seem to really like it and he is a big guy 6'4" 280 lbs.
  3. I would upgrade the volume & tone pot's first and maybe adjust the pickup heights.
  4. I don't know if this video will help you decide or not? Comparison of G&L MFD and Alnico Pickups.
  5. Personally I wouldn't even click on the link. What's the old saying "if it looks to good to be true it probably is".
  6. See if your company has a employee computer buying option? I worked in Healthcare IT for over 20 years and all the place's had some deal with Dell or HP on buying a laptop. At the time I was able to buy a top of the line Dell and docking station for less than the price of laptop from any place else. At that time they would ship it to work and then Desktop support would load the software I would need on it. Doesn't hurt to ask if work will give you a new computer too.
  7. I should of stated he did deliver 1 of 5 packages I was looking for.
  8. Actually just the other day the UPS delivery guy walked past me and even waved "Hi" at me as I was washing my car to put a notice on my door "Unable to deliver signature required notice". ?
  9. Never ever point to the 6 jewelry boxes or the 2 walk-in bedroom closet's to try justifying getting another guitar it never ends well.?
  10. I appreciate that here Chris!
  11. That is nothing new it's been happening since the invention of the wheel. I appreciate the sentiment but in reality GC, MF, Sweetwater, American Musical Supply, FIMC, Gibson and every mom & pop music store wouldn't have much to sell otherwise.
  12. I remember stopping in Stewart Organ and Piano, and the old Musicland (pre-Bestbuy) and Team Electronics store anytime we went there as a kid. Did you ever go to the old Brown's music store at the top of Madison Ave hill?
  13. Ok maybe I have been day drinking too much but can someone explain how this "clean boost" worked and why it was needed? Can 1982 Bob ask 1982 Rick that question. What does the boost gain knob do when the boost gain switch is off nothing? "The clean boost is activated by a switch behind the three-way pickup switch and replaces the tone pot with a boost gain control. Instead of the standard volume, volume, tone this guitar has volume, tone, boost gain. The guitar remains a passive instrument and sounds amazing without a battery powering the clean boost." These Irish coffee's are kicking my ass..
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