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  1. Would he take a electronic form of payment? My brother in-law who seems to do most of his shopping on e-bay and craigslist who has used Uber I think to pick an item up and drop it off at Fed-Ex they do all the packing of it and ship it to him.
  2. I agree on the price being steep but the supply of MIII's is very limited.
  3. Actually I think Fender.com has better prices. For $249 you can get a Fender MIM replacement body. https://shop.fender.com/en-US/parts/electric-guitar-parts/bodies/ That being said Stratosphere does have this Allparts double bound body for $229. https://stratosphereparts.com/new-fender-lic-vintage-62-ri-tele-body-double-bound-1962-style-alder-tbo-b/
  4. There still this one at GC used. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Hamer/MONACO-III-Solid-Body-Electric-Guitar.gc
  5. One concert I do wish I could have actually seen was when I was 6 years old in 1965. I sat in the parking lot on a hot August day/night with my parents at the old Met Stadium while my 2 older sisters went and saw the Beatles play there only time in Minnesota.
  6. I barely remember some of the concerts I actually went to let alone the one's I missed. 😁
  7. Well you should know by now pictures are a must or it didn't happen! 😁
  8. Back in August I bought some strings on a SDOTD, they have called me 4X's since Thanksgiving.
  9. Does Yamaha use a swimming pool route for the pickups?
  10. I have picked up 2 of the MIK Slammer Series Eclipse's for $225. They are my practice guitar's for stripping and painting, soldering practice, body modification, etc, etc,.
  11. Eric Clapton often auctions off his music gear to help fund the Crossroads Centre in Antigua, and it's from the first in mid-1999 that Lot 103 was sold. That 1954 Fender Stratocaster dubbed Slowhand is now available again, with bidding kicking off at a million bucks. I guess I am out !
  12. What no pic's not Cool man 😁
  13. I was thinking that was the baseline for any submission to the list must meet! 😁
  14. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/In-Store-Used/Used-KELVIN-DALY-CUSTOM-EXTRA-FANCY-Natural-Electric-Bass-Guitar.gc
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