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  1. I have 3 out of 4 of your needs Steve just put a new HVAC system in this past week. Only have 2.5 acres and we just got annexed by the city last year so now we have city water and sewer. I may need some cash on your end and your willingness to move to Minnesota. 😁
  2. Seller is just hoping someone make's a stupid offer he can't refuse.
  3. It was a great show until this happened.
  4. Have him bring both of his Marshall stacks to your gig's he play's through one you play through the other one. You get to save your back, and wallet problem solved! 😉
  5. Back in the old day's (80's & early 90's) I was the sound man for a fairly well traveled band. I had a 3-ring binder full of notes and polaroid's pictures of setup's we used.
  6. Do you keep note's of your different setup's at each venue? Just take some pictures of your board, amp, and monitor setting's and keep them in a folder for each venue.
  7. Local craigslist post. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ank/msg/d/wyoming-1980-ohagan-shark-maple-neck/7293340756.html Anyone here know anything about these? Can it be fugly and cool at the same time?
  8. Local FB marketplace in Hudson Wis: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2411676072474439/?ref=category_feed&referral_code=marketplace_search $275
  9. Hip wader's must be a requirement to be near this guy because the bull sheeeeeet piles up fast and high!
  10. Just had a post on FB about a former classmate getting married for the 8th time!
  11. A 94 ash body, maple board Daytona trust me it's going to kick some ass.
  12. After leading and being the face of The Pretenders for over 40 years she deserves it.
  13. Only on the HFC can we have a thread that cover's a frozen Vector and Madonna's boob! God I love this place! 😅
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