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  1. Congrat's on the new guitar! I seriously was itching to pull the trigger on this but I don't need 4 of them that would be over kill!
  2. Carl.B

    Chibson USA

    Don't we all know somebody like this!
  3. Carl.B

    Chibson USA

    You mean I could put on a Finder, Kramher or maybe even a Hammer headstock on my Chibsun!😆
  4. Must be a relative of Brent's or he moved to Texas.ðŸĪŠ
  5. Carl.B

    Sold : )

    Ok Jake I am not blaming you, but I clicked on the Reverb link you provided and now all the dam prices on Reverb are in $AUD not US $Dollars. I know the Aussie's are having a hell of heat wave down there, were we have been dealing with polar vortex and -30 and 20 minute drives to work are turning into 2 hour drives here in Minnesota. Of course Reverb has no place to set your country of origin or currency. Sorry to derail your thread for my rant!! That is a sweet looking guitar and like you I can't deal with the bigger necks. GLWTS Carl B
  6. Carl.B

    Stolen Guitar Alert

    Type this into Google search "Greco guitar site:craigslist.org" and it searches all of Craigslist. It's not perfect and you may need to go into each returned result and search Greco in that result too.
  7. Bruce thanks for the heads up on the BOC & The Tubes show! Friday April 5th chance of freezing cold & snow is down to 50% here in Minnesota and a full weekend to recover what more could you ask for! I haven't been to the Medina Ballroom in years. I think the last concert I saw there was Todd Rundgren maybe 15 years ago?
  8. Carl.B


    Now that works and that is absolutely golden goodness!
  9. Carl.B


    I click and no video, I am using Google Chrome don't know if that helps.
  10. Carl.B

    Kiss Kaption Kontest!

    Gene: Yes Peter my tongue can really tickle Vanna from here.
  11. Of all the new guitars Fender has put out that one is the one that has piqued my interest the most. It just looks like it was made to be played hard.
  12. This was a Dorm party classic in 78, a bunch of drunk and high nerds puking in urinals good times.
  13. Carl.B

    Difference between MIK Hamers

    In my batch of guitars over the years I have or had 2 MIK Daytona's one "Slammer Series" and one just the Hamer logo. The major difference was the hardware used the "Slammer Series" seemed to use a littler quality of tuners, bridge, the pickup's were about the same not horrible but not great. The one with just the Hamer logo the body was a 3 piece wood of some kind. I had stripped that one and repainted it and put new springs in the tremolo. The biggest issue for me was how skinny the necks are, both of these guitars were given to young nephew's for Christmas presents. I do still have 2 of the "Slammer Series" Eclipse models which I do like and for a total $220 you can't beat the necks on those are bigger. The mini humbucker pickups are a MIK Kent Armstrong again OK but not great pickups. I took SD pickups out of my American Eclipse and put them into one of the MIK and put a set of Lollars in the American one.
  14. GLWTS, The only thing I got to trade are some medical bill's I will do a even swap! 😁
  15. Carl.B

    Can I get your opinions?

    Can your wife call my wife please pretty please!😀