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  1. Until this thread I knew nothing about Wolf Hoffman and now I know more than I care too.
  2. My wife use to work for Best Buy Cooperate HQ when they tried selling musical equipment. One of the reason's they got out of it was how Fender, Gibson, and almost all other music suppliers deals were struck. They found out quick that selling TV's, Computers, Appliances and electronics was a much easier way to go.
  3. Bain Capital sold it to Ares Management back in 2014 https://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-mo-guitar-center-completes-debt-swap-with-ares-management-20140403-story.html.
  4. If you care what 80 year old David Crosby tweeted on twitter, you are as big of a twitter twat as he is. He's a A-hole every generation has A-hole's, every generation thinks the prior generation are stupid A-hole's what's new!
  5. I like the idea of 3 P90's I just don't like the execution of the rout's they did.
  6. Is this what you are looking for? https://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Fender/American-Professional-Limited-Edition-Jazzmaster-With-Rosewood-Neck-Solid-Body-Electric-Guitar.gc
  7. What's the fretboard problem that you have to remove the boomer inlay? Can you post a picture of what you are trying to fix? Make sure you condition the fretboard above and below the inlay you are trying to remove. Does your wife/gf have a steam curling iron you can use to rollover the fret in question or you could use this guy's idea?
  8. Why not just build your own JM? https://www.warmoth.com/Showcase/ShowcaseItem.aspx?Body=2&Shape=17&Path=Jazzmaster&i=JMP1333#.X34T62hKiUk
  9. Dang it was garbage day today so I don't of anything of equal trade value at the moment!
  10. Have you tried it plugged into a different outlet or power strip?
  11. Fixed your Reverb link. https://reverb.com/item/35657631-line-6-helix-floor-multi-effects-guitar-pedal
  12. Maybe it's not the packaging and it's more on how UPS treat's there customer's package's!
  13. If it was a USA built guitar I would send pictures to the shop that made it in the first place and see what they say. It may help you with the buyer knowing that the shop that created it is repairing it. I hope it's not one of the Huber's that you were selling!
  14. For those who don't wish to click on the FB link here is a pic of the 3 guitars they have for sale at $300 each! Ad: 3D printed guitars! These were Fender guitars that we disassembled and created with a printed body. *They ARE playable! However, the tuning doesn’t hold very well over time. 300 PER GUITAR! These are just poorly designed slip covers, kind of like the one's your grandma put on her sofa in the early 60's.
  15. Your choice of descriptive words maybe different than mine but it will still be WTF. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/690197671847723
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