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  1. Remember listening to this under headphones at work while doing some heavy head's down programming. A co-worker came into my cube and tapped me on the shoulder and laughed at me because my head was bopping up and down as I was coding. I gave him my headphones to listen to what was playing and dam if his head didn't start bopping up and down too! 😁
  2. If I were you I would sell the Fender and try and recoup your money and maybe put up a WTB Daytona Ad here.
  3. Not to pile on but doesn't this also say that the seller Texas Music Emporium either know's shit about what they are selling or they know and just don't care.
  4. Found a second generation Cruise Bass on CL locally going to check it out hopefully tomorrow. It's more than $500 but sometimes you got to do what you have to do.
  5. What sub $500 bass out there would you guy's recommend? My preference would be a slim maple board. Since my Son finally took his basses including his MIJ Geddy Lee jazz bass home with him all I am left with is MIM Fender P-bass. I really liked the neck on the Geddy Lee the P-bass neck is just a little to big for my small hands. How does a Cruise bass compare either version set neck or bolt on? Thanks for any input in advance. Carl B
  6. Just learn to sleep with one eye open and keep your track shoes on at all times.😋
  7. My son wanted me to teach him and I really didn't want to just because my lack of theory and being a hack guitar player. What we ended up doing was finding a good teacher. I asked around and one guy's name kept popping up at every store. I called him and he was very understanding and said that it is not unusual situation at all. So what we did was booked two 1/2 hour times back to back the first 1/2 hour it was his lesson the 2nd 1/2 hour was mine. We were able to listen to each other's lessons and afterward's we would hit the music store or pizza place and kind of have guy's night out. I would know what he was learning and what he should be working on for that weeks lesson.
  8. Had one very similar to it just not in as good of shape as this one. They do have skinny necks on them for anyone wanting to pick one up worked fine for my kid sized hands other people with normal sized hand's may not. The combination of the all Hog body, sustain block bridge, and those old DiMarzio pickup's put you in RnR heaven. Good eye! The DiMarzio pickup's were a zebra at the neck and all cream at the bridge.
  9. Dam I am old that brings me back to my jr year of college.
  10. Ok now you have me re-thinking this .. I do have a extra set of Lollars mini's on the workbench!
  11. For those that are interested, I just wish they would of kept the mini hums in these. SDOD
  12. You are the Dr Frankenstein of guitars and I mean that in a good way!😁
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