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  1. Looking at this I keep hearing the Goldfinger theme song running thru my head and thinking Oddjobs hat should be included as extra protection. I wonder if Pussy Galore comes with this guitar or is that just a automatic bonus with this guitar? 😎
  2. It's up on Evil Bay now too. Hamer Green Bass
  3. Carl.B

    Hamer Bass Players, Let's Talk

    You are mean nasty man Russel, you should fit in quite well here! LOL
  4. Carl.B

    Hamer Bass Players, Let's Talk

    Where are the dam pictures! 😄 By the way welcome to the HFC 😁
  5. Carl.B

    When a Guy Gets Boobs

    No, No, No I don't need any pic's.
  6. Carl.B

    NAUD - Artist Ultimate

    Congrat's 😁
  7. Carl.B

    NAUD - Artist Ultimate

    Nope that's the Ultimate talent switch if you notice it is screwed down tight. It is unobtainable for most of us mere mortals in the HFC. 😋
  8. Carl.B

    Who play's pick less?

    Thank's everyone for all the support and suggestions and again proves why the HFC is such class group of members. I am using NuSkin on my fingers right now but that is because my fingers are soft as a baby's bottom right now. After 30 some years of using a pick only on a electric guitar and sucking at that I might add maybe this will give me a challenge and improve my playing.
  9. Just wondering who might play without using a pick Ala Jeff Beck style? In August after getting back from vacation and putting things away in the attic of the garage I managed to take about a 8ft fall onto my old green metal Coleman cooler. Right arm fully extended out trying to brace my fall my hand hit the top edge of the cooler and then with full body weight onto the concrete floor. I broke or fractured 3 fingers and my wrist plus messed up a few tendons just for good measure. Good new's splints and and cast are gone and I can use 2 hands to type! The bad I can't hold a pick for the life of me, my index and middle finger have no sensation in them and probably never will. By the way the cooler doesn't even look like it even got scratch on it! Looking for any tips or tricks to maybe speed up my progress. Thanks Carl B
  10. You may have as much luck finding a sustain block as you would finding Nessy or Bigfoot. 😎
  11. I like them more than I do any of the faded series. But is $1399 really what they are calling affordable now a day's?
  12. I think my first real concert was 1970 and it was Three Dog Night at Gustavus College in St Peter Minnesota I was in 6th grade. I did go to the old Met Stadium for the Beatles concert in 1965 but that was just to keep my Mom & Dad company in the car as we waited for my older sisters who actually went to the concert.
  13. Carl.B

    My Next Build

    Well at least Godzilla looks happy someone has a firm grip on his tail. Who is this cross between a 70's Robert Plant & Bonnie Raitt person?
  14. I can only go by what I see in the reverb posting and they don't show it. Your pictures are better than the reverb pictures. For the asking price I would think they would want to show off the guitar with more pictures.
  15. I like the "Flamed Maple Split Headstock" painted black 😖