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  1. Hi all im the big 50 in June and looking for a brand new US tele. I don’t like baseball necks and want it as close to my Diablo neck as possible. Anyone jump between a Diablo and a tele? What profile should I be looking at.? Cheers Geoff
  2. Yep, dont know what I was thinking 🤣, need to change my beer brand
  3. Long time no see, hope everyone is well. For the first time in 25 years the thought entered my head to flip my one and only hamer i ever bought for a Tele. Prob just the beer talking. Geoff
  4. Also investigate 3nps using economy picking, might be the answer?
  5. how about Money for nothing by dire straights?, ok he never touched it but a wha never the less
  6. Wish i hadn't read this thread as it led me to youtube to see if there where any lessons on the solo. Jeez Put a f'in shirt on.
  7. Sweet We had the Gary tribute to Jimi on TV a few days ago ,great player
  8. I saw Jeff back in the nineties in Liverpool from what I remember it was a great show. The main memory that sticks out was a girl in the front row who was in love with him and between each song she would tell him so. His reply was "I get the feeling this girl hasn't had it in a long long time" Best line / Scene from that movie was "Your gonna be my regular Saturday night", something like that anyway Geoff
  9. Good luck guys. Link Doesn' open on the ipad by the way had to fire the laptop up to look. Geoff
  10. Well its advertised as "Studio Quality" and I must say its sounds pretty good to me. It all depends on what you throw at it with Jamup. Up to now I would recommend it no problem. For a bedroom/Living room its plenty loud enough. Regarding the circuitry not being the iRIG HD I cant comment as I've never heard the HD version. To me its perfect for my situation as I dont gig and just play at home. Geoff
  11. I use an iLoud from IK with jamup it's a small portable speaker with an irig circuit built in. Footprint of the iloud in about the same as the ipad. It has inbuilt rechargeable batteries so is truly portable. It's great when I have to make the long journey from the bedroom to the living room on weekends (I'm up early with the dog so I get a good two hours in before the rest of the family wake up ) Great piece of kit and jamup is the best out there I believe. Geoff
  12. So I'm guessing this is the diablo pickup config http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/schematics.php?schematic=2h_1v_1t_3w So the red and white are soldered to the free outside lug of the tone pot? I'll have to look at this more. Geoff
  13. Wow that's interesting, any diagrams for this? I've never had the cover off my diablo in 21 years so I would like to get it right. Geoff
  14. I have a 93 diablo with a 59 and a jb, one vol, one tone and a three way switch. Is it worth investigating if I can get some more sounds from these. I do miss the sound of a strat I once had using the bridge and middle pickups together. So I've been looking at coil splitting options. Anyone done anything like this with a jb and 59? Geoff
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