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  1. The Nash arrived as described - she's a beaut! Thanks to Poe and Kiz for being great to deal with. Another thank you goes to currypowder who went over and above with his help facilitating with the CITES reporting. Thanks guys!!
  2. The Special arrived intact - took only four days to ship across customs and the continent via USPS - and is absolutely lovely! Had a terrific transaction with Buzz. CITES was a non-issue. Many thanks to John E for the heads-up!
  3. I hope his paypal address hasn't changed Update: the address I had was wrong. Suggest you pm the OP.
  4. He's right!! I saw Tommy in concert a couple weeks ago and was starstruck. Hamstd recognized this and brought me to my senses. He has this wicked imitation Epiphone that I just have to have now. Thanks Hamstd. You complete me.
  5. Thanks for this but am going to pass. A forum member has shown me the light.
  6. Sorry to hear this. Dion is a great guy. Best wishes for all.
  7. I had no success in finding a picture of the 2004-2008 Aztec gold standard that I had seen before. I ran across the above picture of a forum member's early 4 digit which likely was never labled Aztec gold but covered off what I would like to find quite nicely😛
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