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  1. I'm still in mourning... I'm sure it'll wear off eventually. It's weird because nobody around me understands, so I have to commiserate with all the old guys online by reading and watching tributes. It's group therapy for me.
  2. I don't know about anyone else, but I probably spent more time enjoying people's reactions to Eddie's solo on YouTube than any other thing to watch on YouTube.
  3. I just heard. RIP. Big time bummer. What a loss. I hope his son digs through those stacks of studio tapes and publishes some of Ed's music that we never got to hear. Maybe a tribute to his father or something. I'm bummed.
  4. This is a tough question, because it depends entirely on my mood.
  5. I don't care one way or the other as far as looks go, but I like the feel of the bound neck on my Newport which has the fret-end nibs bound as well. I suppose if it felt like a sharply creased edge I wouldn't like it, but it isn't uncomfortable at all (unlike bound bodies which irritate my forearm when it rests against the sharply creased binding for too long).
  6. Well, depending on the amp, I could see someone using it for clean jazz or something.
  7. At those prices, may as well make them here at home (although, anything made here in SoCal is probably not much different than "Made in Mexico", because it's likely the same workers building them unless you're getting something made in a custom shop). If I were going to spend that much on a guitar, it'd better be made here, in Japan, or be some valuable used gear that I really want. I'd buy another beat-up used Cali before I ever bought that Jackson.
  8. For almost 2Gs, and it's made in Asia? Why the high price for an import? Maybe if it were made in Japan, but otherwise, I don't see why it costs so much.
  9. At least they aligned the neck pup with the end of the fretboard. I don't know if it'll sound better, but it looks better. Otherwise, meh. A lot of stuff hanging on GC's walls look "pretty", but after I pick it up off the wall, it feels cheap. I'd rather have a beater that's been around and plays like a nicely broken-in pair of sneakers.
  10. Turning down the volume knob may get you less gain, but it also gets you less volume. I think using the lower-powered jack is to give you more headroom, essentially.
  11. If both were individually hand painted, what are the odds the patterns would be masked off exactly the same? It's not as if the painter was trying to build a copy of, say, a Frankie Strat, where he'd make sure everything matched as much as possible. I suspect it's reasonable to assume the patterns would be somewhat different. If that's so, then I think the photo evidence shows you have the one from the photo.
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