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  1. I only have three guitars, but my '89 Cali will stay and then I have no idea where it will end up.
  2. I ended up with a collection of vintage Kaywoodie pipes and vintage typewriters, but it's only because I was buying and selling them on eBay and I ended up with a lot that I never sold. I'll eventually sell them if/when I get the time. However, the only thing I consciously collect because they're a source of inspiration and professional reference in my work are art books. I have a large library of art books, children's books, and fiction from the golden age of pulp. I have a lot of comics I bought as a kid, but I'll eventually get around to selling a lot of them. If I could collect anything I wanted (assuming money were not an issue), it'd probably be vintage cars, though I'd only get them if I could drive them. I see no point in collecting things just to sit around collecting dust.
  3. If Hamer used the same size across the board, I think they're 37.
  4. I stopped reading after a few paragraphs. The subject is too depressing. There's no point in obsessing over the inevitable. I'll make the most out of the time left, thank you very much.
  5. Say, do you pull the old frets straight up and out or do they slide out from the side? I remember reading where EVH said Fender pulled theirs out from the side when refretting a guitar. I don't know how common that is.
  6. I'm pretty sure ALL Hamers are made with Brazillion rosewood boards. Here's mine; a T-51 with a very rare "blond" Brazillion fretboard. This wood came from a rare Brazillion rosewood tree that was raised from a sapling by monks who fertilized it with unicorn poop, which gives it its rare blond appearance. I even have a certificate of authenticity, though I had to draw it myself on a napkin, but I did sign it to make it official in case anyone wants to pay me thousands for this rare gem.
  7. So, like, you got the bride and five of her kids? You couldn't wait for her to be delivered to start making your own family, so you got the pre-fab Kit?
  8. I tend to agree with that lanky, hippie-looking dude in those old, pre-YouTube Van Halen tutorial videos that would always begin with, "If you want to sound like Eddie Van Halen, you have to play like Eddie Van Halen." He emphasized that point at a time when people thought they could sound like their guitar hero by simply having similar type gear or, if they were lucky, getting a signature guitar or amp (assuming such existed for the person whom they wanted to emulate). Now, with modeling and digital tools, there is so much that already gets you the right sound of a particular player without effort that all you have to do is reasonably learn to play the songs (I mean, that product comes with everything except a Brian May wig and inflatable guitar). It takes all the fun out of tone-chasing. Still, I think digital tools make perfect sense for professional musicians who just need to get the job done as efficiently as possible, so there's definitely a place for them. I suppose it all depends on each player's individual needs and goals.
  9. Do I sense a bit of skepticism about the actual merits of our beloved Newport? Say it ain't so!
  10. You mean, like, get a Korean product, or actually get a Korean? And if it's the latter, how does one go about ordering a Korean, and are we talking mail-order brides or something?
  11. Amazing how spending time reading nonsense from the same familiar names makes you feel close to people. I've never met any of you in person, but the names have become familiar enough to miss when someone is missing. RIP and condolences to his family.
  12. Japanese metal quality is excellent; they make some of the best ss knives and blades. I'll take Japanese Feather blades over today's Gillette crap any day.... Then again, much of Gillette's crap is imported now.
  13. Never spent any time with a Ric, but I always thought they were very cool with that retro vibe. There's something about the striped headstock that reminds me of an old 50's surfboard. Never heard an exploding tailpiece on a guitar before, but I don't think quality metal should fail like that. Sounds like crappy metal. Seems like so much stuff made of metal that comes from Asia is just crap. I have a vintage USA lamp from the 40s-50s that is built like a tank and works like a champ. I also have a lamp built in China that had metal parts that literally crumbled like a fortune cookie. I also have a really old USA Craftsman vise that can take a beating and that'll certainly outlast me. Saw another guy's Harbor Freight import vise from China that looked beefy but broke under a few whacks with a hammer. Looked like it was hollow spun-cast metal or something. The point is, not all metal is equal and Ric should find a better source for those tailpieces.
  14. Here's a PDF of it. Hamer_Newport_Review.pdf
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