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  1. Oh wait, that's not Mr. Rogers at all! It's the love child of Han Solo and Pincess Leia, only it's painfully obvious Leia had a fling with Rick Moranis there, because guitar Kylo looks nothing like Han.
  2. Wow, when did Mr. Rogers start doing guitar lessons? I hope they included that in the new film with Tom Hanks.
  3. Ditto. - Man of few words department
  4. Can't afford a custom build, but I wish I could because I would have supported Mike when he started taking orders. I don't even acknowledge the new "Hamer" company, because I think Shishkovs are the only legitimate heirs to the Hamer legacy.
  5. I only own three guitars, all Hamers, two of them purchased online because a Hamer USA guitar is the only thing I'd trust buying without first playing. I'm sure there are other guitars just as good to buy sight unseen, but I probably couldn't afford them. Frankly, I don't really need more guitars, as the three I have can cover most any style my limited talent could ever play... Speaking of buying (or not buying) more guitars, I was looking at Hamers on Reverb recently. Are Hamer prices rising? I know the $350 days are gone, but it's getting to where good deals in general are disappearing. It's as if USA Hamer prices may actually reach their actual value someday. I'd like to get a Junior someday, but those are no longer a bargain.
  6. Association fees SUCK. I'd never move into a place with a cost that might increase and one has no potential of ever paying off. It's like renting instead of buying, only you don't feel hit as hard because the cost isn't as high as rent, but it's still a slow drain on your wallet. It's like buying and renting at the same time. Is a front gate and community pool really worth that extra expense? Heck, buy a bigger lot and build your own gate to keep door-knockers away, but don't pay the blood-sucking association which will try to run your life.
  7. One nice thing about selling an entire collection is that you know it's all going to someone who will likely appreciate or care for those instruments until they pass into other hands. Whereas, when you sell to one person at a time, you never know if that buyer kicks off, his kid will get the guitar snd sell for drug-money, it'll get thrashed it around, and then pawned off where it'll collect dust and never be appreciated. Of course, there's no guarantee that a well-cared for collection won't be inherited by a dweeb and sold off piecemeal and eventually deteriorate as well, but there are more millionaires today than in the past, so this boomer sell-off that everyone speculates about may not be the bargain blast that everyone thinks may happen. It may just be that all of the new, young wealth buys up those old collections, thus keeping it in money hands.
  8. I always thought Epstein reminded me of Chico Marx. And, No, he didn't hang himself.
  9. Oh, man, I've seen this posted here in the HFC before and it's gorgeous. It has all the right patina in all the right places in all the right way. Maybe I like it because it would already be a gorgeous guitar without the wear, but the mileage makes it that much more cool. I'd would rather buy something with real wear and tear like this than a new guitar. This has history behind it, and I wouldn't feel like I'd have to baby it because its already broken in. I hate that I feel like I have to baby my Newport. If I'm not playing it, nervously hoping I don't bang it or scratch it, it stays in the case.
  10. I know Peavys have terrible resale value, but that's a plus for players because their playing value is far greater than their market value. I bought one of their short-scale T-series guitars for my daughter as her first electric and it's an extremely well-built instrument. No, it's not flashy looking or made of unicorn hoofs, but it's light-as-a-feather ash and plays very well. It could use new frets, which would cost almost twice what I paid for the guitar, but I'm tempted to invest the money simply because it's a keeper.
  11. I always find it sad seeing American production plants that look like decrepit ghost towns. Look at pictures of Detroit, at what was once a thriving industry, and the place looks like it was bombed by nukes. And the thought of these businesses suffering because they tried to keep production here, hindering their ability to compete with cheap Asian manufacturing, is really pathetic. People who aren't in business don't seem to understand how companies are forced to move production to Asia or else fold. In either case, domestic workers lose. But that's the cost of satisfying a consumer public that demands cheap goods.
  12. I like the look of aesthetic wear and tear, as long as it performs/functions really well. It's that Mellinium Falcon thing, ya know, "It may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts." My Cali gets dinged, has nail divots in the fretboard, the gloss finish on the back of the neck is wearing out, and it generally looks like it's been played and knocked around (because it has in fact been played and knocked around); but it plays really well, which is all I care about. In truth, it's very liberating when you don't worry at all about chipping or scratching your guitar. You can focus on just playing and having fun and treat the instrument like the tool for making music that it is rather than as a treasure that has to be handled with white gloves when not sitting behind a glass case. As for relic'd guitars, I don't get it. It's like buying jeans with stains and holes already in it and then paying extra for it. I mean, I can see buying pre-washed jeans that feel broken in, and I understand living with a little wear from something pre-owned, but why pay extra for something new to look beat up? Why not just play it and create that wear and tear yourself?
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