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  1. Yeah, and to be clear, I didn't mean to suggest the Super C isn't an incredibly well built guitar. I'm sure Mike really dedicates the same awesome craftsmanship to that as to anything he does.
  2. I know some people hate the orange Newport, but I think it gives the guitar just the right vibe. Let's face it, the Newport leans toward Gretsch Land far more than toward Gibson ES territory, and so the choice of orange was probably intentional and indicative of that orientation... Or maybe they just chose that because it looks cool when it's all sparkly.
  3. Looking at the pics, the one at the heel and the one of the back of the headstock, it looks like the neck is a single piece of wood. Why didn't Hamer use the three-piece stress-neck system on these?
  4. Well, I didn't make it at my house, but I have a homemade board my buddy made for me for my birthday. These are older pics, so a couple pedals have changed on it, but the board remains the same.
  5. I personally don't care for the Super C design aesthetic. I like the carved arch top on some guitars like the Newport, but that carved top style just doesn't appeal to me in a super-Strat style guitar. I think having started out playing a Fender Strat, I've become conditioned to prefer bolt-on necks, 25.5" scale length, maple fretboard, and non-arched tops where anything Strat-style is concerned. Heck, it even took me a bit to get used to the sharper creased edges of the Californian when I first got it. I was so used to the way Fender Strats and even my Kramer with its soft edges and curved body just seemed to melt around me. The Cali seemed sharp in comparison, though now I'm so used to it, it's my favorite thing to play.
  6. If he builds it, it won't sound or play any better, but it'll be pretty, well built, and cost a fortune.
  7. Methinks you're attacking a straw man. If you go back and read what I actually wrote, you'll see I clearly wrote that "legislators" should change the law, not the IRS. And if you recall, it's the legislative branch, not the executive or judicial, that makes law. I'm quite familiar how a bill becomes a law. I grew up on Schoolhouse Rock like all the other old farts here.
  8. When unelected bureaucrats at the IRS tell you it's not responsible for the advice they give you over the phone, you know tax laws are are ambiguous and arbitrary, and probably intentionally so. The very notion that an IRS agent can presume to read your mind and magically divine your intent, you know the game is crooked and rigged in their favor. If the law says you can deposit thus and so legally, then the IRS has no business dinging you because they "believe" you intended to fly under the radar. If they don't like it, legislators should change the law and/or clarify it so as to remove any ambiguity. With such a crooked system, it seems preferable to buy from or sell to a guy in the Walmart parking lot to avoid the tax system altogether.
  9. I've always had Fender scale guitars until I got my Newport, but the shorter scale on that isn't all that noticeable to me. Unless one likes playing at the higher frets or has sausage fingers, I'm not sure why the shorter scale would bother one much.
  10. I only have three Hamers of different models & years ('89, '94, 2000), each with a completely different neck carve. The neck carve of the '94 is that thin and wide neck carve, which is my least favorite, even though the guitar has the best tone of all three. My favorite neck carve is from the '89 Cali, and even though I may not use the upper frets, I like that access to them means everything up to the 24th fret is easily reached with no hindrance whatsoever. My least favorite Hamer era is when some knucklehead bought the name and decided to resurrect the brand in the last couple years... Oh, wait, those aren't real Hamers. Nevermind.
  11. I meant the love/hate part, not the buy/sell part.
  12. I'm more like that with guitar picks.
  13. Not if he's only competent at repairing washing machines.
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