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  1. Great tune..btw, both Jeff and Brad had Star Licks tapes out in the 80's where they cover Don't tell me You Love me..they may be out on DVD now
  2. But that's it EXACTLY, Tommy P...the right guy for the right band at the right time! That's the spirit that Gene and Paul have tried so hard to re capture but have fallen short every time... None of the original 4 held themselves out as musicians.. I know I started to play because of Ace.his riffs were easy and accessible for most beginners..and that image..classic
  3. I think for as sick and tired as Gene and Paul claim to be, I suspect that Ace and Peter are just as fed up..
  4. I continue to think how funny it is that Gene and Paul continue to recognize how important Ace and Peter are to Kiss and to their legacy. That book we all bought.."Kiss: Nothin' to Lose" was all about their early history...they sold and made millions..The Re Union Tour/Farewell Tour.. demanded by the fans..done "for the fans" grossed tens of millions. Their most popular merchandising features Ace and Peter. As I understand it, the RRHOF votes were from the fans!! The RRHOF only wants to induct ACE, Peter, Paul and Gene... Gene and Paul hate that they are still so tied to Ace and Peter...t
  5. Thanks for those pictures..was diggin' that sparkle Standard!
  6. I'd love another Standard..a Goldtop, Black, red or Indigo..I've also been looking at 335s in natural..
  7. They sure waited long enough to see the demand for these...what, almost 40 years..now THAT's smart !
  8. I think Gene's biggest regret in life is that he wasn't born John Lennon.... if you watch that Kiss video in the above post, you an see the cool Hamer that Paul plays for both songs...
  9. It also occurs to me that many fans who were fans when the band started, are now about my age, between 50 - 60 years old. I would bet that many of their fans today, never saw the original band and are interested to see what all the hype is about?.. sorry if I've taken this thread over..
  10. While I wouldn't mind being a multi-millionaire and live in Beverly Hills, sometimes.....how much money does one need?I did get the intent of your comment, Chris. It boggles my mind...
  11. Some of the tunes were good on Gene's record..our own Rick Neilsen played the solo on the remake of "See you in your Dreams"
  12. Chemistry...is what made the original Kiss great..Gene and Paul know that, too. They should have called it quits after the Reunion Tour!
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