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  1. Still available folks. Listening to offers. No trades at the moment.
  2. Still available. I don't have measurements, I can take some, but it will be estimates as I don't have calipers. Phase switch just puts the bridge bucker out of phase with the neck, so it gets hollow when both are at same volume, and you can get interesting sounds playing with the relative volumes.
  3. This is still available, I think my price is in the ballpark, any offers out there?
  4. Thanks, it's a pretty top for sure, some of the photos in the linked photo album really show it off.
  5. Added some pics of the cowboy chord area, there is some flattening/wear there. Other pics up around the 5th fret, I don't notice anything there. I have done nothing to the frets since i got it from BCR. Tried to take a pic or two looking along the frets so you can see height.
  6. It was set up for 10s, but I just threw some 9s on it to see how it felt without adjusting the truss rod. Action ended up where you see it, quite low but still plays well. When I set it up for 10s, I did adjust the truss rod, so it still does its job.
  7. I'm in the SF-Bay area. Got this from BCR back around 2006 I think. It's a player, lots of battle scars. When I got it from BCR, they said that it had period correct pickups in it, but not original. Phase switch was there when I got it, actually pretty useful, so I left it. That is the original case there in the linked online photo gallery, beat to heck, stripped to the wood, but I think its state is appropriate to the guitar. I also have an SKB gig bag, which is very sturdy and has a lot of hard structure to it and is very protective. Priced at $4000 See more Pics h
  8. I put TV jones p90 mounts in there. Classic + in the bridge, classic middle, and slightly underwound classic at the neck. Rewired the pickup selector to get the neck/bridge combo at the expense of the neck/middle combo.
  9. Only one of mine that might be worthy of this great thread:
  10. Got it yesterday, will check it out through an amp today. So far, so good. Beautiful guitar, loud acoustically, great neck. It looks brand new, all the case candy, warranty card, etc. The color on the card looks like "TT", whatever that is. The binding is very intricate, tortoise outside, then a thin white stripe and a thin black stripe. Gorgeous, the Hamer logo is pearl, etc. http://www.mediafire.com/imageview.php?qui...cla&thumb=4 http://www.mediafire.com/imageview.php?qui...4un&thumb=4
  11. I'll admit it, it was me. I couldn't stand it, been looking for an M3 for a while, wanted a bigsby and a unique finish, and there it was. My first quilt top. In the highly unlikely event I do not bond with it, I will let you all know. I also have an original HFC run artist korina w/3 p90s and the always controversial p90 duotone. 8 p90s, 3 hamers, 1 happy guy.
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