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  1. the one and only Joni Mitchell, i've been listening for a while, what a voice, awesome writing skills, a model to follow, i love her... besides that: Iron & Wine Patrick Watson (recently gave a concert here in Quebec) Goo Goo Dolls (Come to Me, love the song) The Lumineers Hozier Echosmith Elton John Ed Sheeran Francis Cabrel
  2. Mmm did you guys came together?? (cause you're definitely from another planet) Same planet as zorrow?
  3. Have you hear Frampton's version? I decided to give it a few, new repeated listenings and this Frampton version is growing on me, i really like it now....it gives me goosebumps So you know now....
  4. Have you hear Frampton's version? Yes, i have, and i concede, the tone and the solo of Frampton's guitar gives me goosebumps, but there is something about the Healey version as a whole, that makes it so frigging awesome, it goes a bit off the original, and that's is certainly something i appreciate, Frampton's guitar makes a solo, and it's sublime, Healey's guitar has its own voice, and it's her singing, Healey only accompanies her with his voice Healey's guitar is her own master, she's alive.
  5. Jeff Healey got my favourite version of "While my guitar gently weeps" Better than the original, and What. A. Solo.....haven't been surpassed yet. Cheers wherever you are Jeff...
  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! We need blankets and hot coffee for those mofos.... Seriously, welcome to the best forum on the web, don't fuck it
  7. Feliz Cumple Johnny boy! Have a great day!
  8. is a frigging chord progression and i could play you 5 songs using it because is a frigging CHORD progression!!!!! BS!!!
  9. It says so on the forum, so it must be it Happy Bday Thorn, and a day filled with good things (a new guitar maybe?)
  10. Saw the destruction today, Californians and other pirates, i hope you're all ok
  11. Actually, mango is the national fruit of India -that's where it comes from- and from there jump to the Americas, and it's the best fruit on the whole wide world. I've been considering a mango dinner table for a long time, i've wondered if the aroma of the fruit could be found in the wood. What i don't like of the mango guitar, that i tolerate on the mango table it's the black spots a little bit like bubinga or koa, and i don't know if would like on the guitar But if it contributes to the tone in any positive way, a tobacco burst mango guitar could be a nice option
  12. It is not our mistakes that define who we are; it is how we recover from those mistakes. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.

  13. I like the Kill the king version he does..pretty good...thanks for sharing!! i didn't know about him, he plays with such easiness...lots of fluidity!!! he makes it look like a piece of cake!
  14. mmm.. does this apply to Indie (Independent) music too?? there is a whole other world over there
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