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  1. Beauty! Congrats and enjoy! Would we say that it's set up for fingerstyle playing, with the octave strings on top?
  2. Thanks for providing us with another "Item not as described" reason for a return! And GLWTS!
  3. Cookie Monster interpretations of his catalog, maybe?
  4. I was going to say that my goal is to get around to congratulating at least half of the New Gear Day posts here. However, that Boss Waza Tube Amp Expander has me thinking about how it would let me use more of my stuff more often... And it begins.
  5. My friend had a 73 or 74 Chevy Laguna. Drummer. And I was in that car when a bag full of just-purchased fireworks was accidentally set off in it. We were probably listening to something like this:
  6. I remember that a friend in high school had both that one and Lenny and the Squigtones.
  7. There was a similar complaint in the TGP Lovepedal red dress ham sammich thread about this, although maybe on a different pedal. It's too voluminous and I'm too lazy to search it right now, but I believe that the resolution was that the batteries that Sean prefers will fit, but some other brands wouldn't. And he prefers some cheap carbon, non-alkaline batteries.
  8. It was terrible last night, but this morning it's great. Well, it's quick. The content, sometimes, well.... 😀
  9. I imagine it would be like the walk off in Zoolander.
  10. @gtrdaddy had the preferred method, IIRC.
  11. Well, apparently part of the charm is that, Gump life style, you never know what you're going to get. Sometimes it's hours, sometimes it's a week, with a large part of the inventory rotating through. Next time, whenever it may be, will undoubtedly be different.
  12. If I recall correctly, @murkat is a Fusion fan.
  13. Thanks! We can all rest easy, until it is ON again! I avoided temptation this time. I was asking myself what would get me to move, and I believe that a Believe would have done it. Or a Super Sic Tone. But it was not to be.
  14. I'm starting to wonder what respectful window of time should be allowed to pass before someone takes one for the team and picks it up, should the OP not check in or otherwise take advantage of the availability. Much as we'd like to spread the word about how good Hamers are to the world at large, it's still a bit unsettling to see a desirable model disappear into the wild. As opposed to how happy we are when something like this staggers into town from wherever it's been hiding... ETA: More than 24 hours, obviously. And with at least a weekend in between.
  15. He hasn't apologized yet enough for me. Only time I went to see them. Other kids at my school had seen the Paradise Theater tour and raved, and I got this steaming pile for my hard-earned high school dollars. Fuck me once, shame on you, etc. But apparently I smartened up enough to never see Angel, or buy their record.
  16. Yeah, I just can't bring myself to click, based on what I've heard on the radio. Not my taste at all. But good on 'em for slinging guitars.
  17. As you should be - exclusivity will be yours. And Dudly Gimple is a fantastic name.
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