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  1. As an alcoholic, try getting your money back out of a bottle of ripple after you've enjoyed it for an evening. You're on the right track.
  2. True, but Sean does a lot of tweaking his circuits. Often a different appearance is accompanied by a different sound. Or at least some people convince themselves that it's different...
  3. First, that sounds very naughty. Second, damn, my OD11 isn't naked! Fuzzmaster arrived today. Haven't plugged it in yet.
  4. If you're wanting Gravelins (good move!) then talk to Josh! He'll help you figure it out.
  5. Cool guitar, out of my range, of course. I observe no disparaging of the seller in this thread, and wish him the best of luck with the sale. If only it could be me! At least we know a bit more about redwood now.
  6. I haven't been there myself, but Bern's is a nationally (at least) famous steakhouse. Reservation and take your big wallet.
  7. Prices quoted here are normally devoid of taxes and shipping, unless shipping is included as a deal sweetener, but everyone knows they need to be accounted for in order to reach the all-in damage total (taxes normally if the seller is a business entity, not a private party). There is a lot of discussion here about how the shipping carriers' prices have gone up, but that's usually the end of shipping charges, unless someone has FedEx office or the like do the packing, for which there is an extra charge (and apparently the Becker auction bidders are going to see something impressive in this category). What I haven't seen here, or attempted myself, is a 25% customer fee.
  8. I think the email is for notification, not participation, although I'm on the email list and could be wrong. I did make my first SNS purchase prior to being on the email list, though. Thinking from the producer's perspective, what's so bad about the resellers paying for their inventory up-front and holding the risk of tying their money up until they sell it on? Sean got paid, and knew how many to build. He may not sell as many at his "retail" price if there are plenty of discounted "pre-owned" ones available, but if he doesn't care, then neither do I.
  9. Glad you're back at home. Now follow orders and get back to normal! Thanks for checking in to let us know. The HFC is a better place with you in it.
  10. Nice! The BoA and 200# have me interested, but as my better half bent a rim about this time last evening, I'm sitting this one out. Some day!
  11. I see it as available still. Black with boomers and Floyd and case for $2500 plus $75 shipping. No affiliation.
  12. Sean, the builder, goes so far as to say that some of his pedals sound best with a plain cheap carbon battery, not the alkalines or anything fancy.
  13. I feel even more fortunate to have snagged one, then. Sorry you missed it this time, but at least you have a kewl new pedal coming. I guess it's a little silly to be psyched about a hoodie, but I have a bunch of pedals, some of which I haven't fully explored yet. Besides, Lovepedal is a lifestyle brand, isn't it? 😁
  14. The reason I didn't have a hoodie the first time is that I was waiting to see if I wanted to combine the purchase with a pedal, seeing what might come up, and in the meantime the hoodie disappeared. The general rule with the Lovepedal SNS is that if you snooze, you lose. When you see something you want, grab it. It's only a $6 penalty to find something else later and pay separate shipping. ETA - Just because something disappears doesn't mean that it won't come back within the same sale event. Keep monitoring for the BoA, if you want one. You never know. EATA - I can see still both the hoodie and the BoA, with no indication of being sold out.
  15. Thanks! Snagged one just now as I came in from digging post holes to plant grapevines in. My hibernation will be comfortable now.
  16. Only 3 pedals and no hoodies up, so don't get too excited if that's what you were looking for. No hoodies, no peace!
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