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  1. I've been watching it and I confess that I thought of our brother Ting once or twice, wondering how close to his world it is. Of course it's fur and he's scales, but part of it is in FL, for goodness sake.
  2. Ding ding ding! "Brand new case" immediately jumped out of the description. Might not mention that when making a claim, though. The claim adjuster will want to do his own investigation and come to his own conclusions. Don't tell him how to do his job. Bummer for the OP though. It wasn't any of his fault.
  3. Welcome back! I'm not a customer (yet!) but I've admired your work on this board. I'm glad we get to see more of it going forward. Best of luck to you with the business in these strange days.
  4. So it was a bubs thread?
  5. Never seen the robots graphic before! It's a good day when I am pleasantly surprised like this. Best wishes to those who have the means to obtain something like this.
  6. It is absolutely your guitar, and yours to do with as you wish. My perception is that if you think of market value, a refinished guitar often takes a substantial hit in price. But as you intend to keep it, that doesn't concern you. And there are some who will agree with you, that it looks better in white or blue or clownpuke, without necessarily implying that is worth more in monetary terms. This is the HFC (Hamer Fan Club) not the HPS (Hamer Preservation Society).
  7. It's science: https://journals.ametsoc.org/doi/pdf/10.1175/2010BAMS3102.1 In pre-digested chunks: https://www.usatoday.com/story/weather/2016/02/28/tornado-research-vortex-southeast/80926262/
  8. Congrats! But that blade switch has got to go.
  9. And part of the reason for the lower relative frequency in those areas and the west is likely correlated with lower population density. The database isn't omniscient, it's based on reports. Same factor contributes to the rise in numbers from 1950 to present - better observation and reporting. I grew up in middle Tennessee (not Central Tennessee, Facebook!) and they certainly have been a fact of life. Now I'm in north Alabama where we see even more, but as in many other respects thank goodness we're not in Mississippi, where they get the most.
  10. Or maybe https://iamarocketship.com/
  11. Welcome to the HFC! Excellent first post, and quite the unicorn you have there! Congratulations on your acquisition, and enjoy.
  12. WTF? Not only was Hamer saying "No" to custom order requests, they were saying "Yes" and then changing the deal?
  13. Welcome! Agree, looks 100% better now. I'm liking the matte black finish. Visible scars will show that it's lived life.
  14. @tomteriffic might have an opinion. They have a pretty spiffy museum there, too, if you're an aficionado of flying machines.
  15. mrjamiam


    Awesome. Absolutely awesome. Congrats and enjoy.
  16. Really, that's what you thought?
  17. All that! Congrats and enjoy.
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