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  1. Beautiful guitar, and of course it plays better. Congrats to both buyer and seller.
  2. Bummer. Funny guy, always enjoyed him with MP. RIP, Neil.
  3. I'm surprised he could spell PRS if he couldn't read Shishkov on the headstock. Any colorful figured wood top guitar that isn't an LP shape must be a PRS, I guess.
  4. I have an SE Santana that is a VERY nice guitar, much nicer than the money I could get for selling it. No experience with the One though. I wouldn't be afraid of an SE based on my experience and what I've heard/read, especially at an attractive price.
  5. Yes, thank you. It IS great times when NOW! is accurate. I keep idly speculating about what I'll do when I see more of the $50 pedals that I don't already have. And maybe another hoodie, this one is very nice...
  6. Hey, @gtrdaddy, that NOW! in the thread title keeps getting me to check the shopify site, just in case. The thread title would be complete without it, just saying.
  7. You sound like a man who knows what he likes. Congrats on the NGD and good luck with the search for purpleburst!
  8. Just now is the first time I think I ever saw a Guitar Center commercial on broadcast TV. On the local NBC (no idea how to tell if it was a local buy or the network feed), during the Saturday Night Live Christmas Special, over the air. I don't remember what else they pimped - it took me a moment to realize what was on the screen - but they advertised Ernie Ball guitar strings as great gift items. How does this fit in with the declining guitar-interested demographic, I wonder?
  9. @cynic, @stonge, Do the strings put any noticeable wear on the Ronco piece? I ask because I have one in my cart and wonder if it might be better to grab two. I've suffered the regret of not being able to get another X when I realize how good X is but it is consumable.
  10. I haven't done a pickup swap on anything that's not a Legacy/strat-type, but I think I could be happy with G&L as a one and only house brand.
  11. I know that I for one would still love to see the pictures.
  12. Maybe it's the Florida man spin on "electronics don't work".
  13. WIth all the talk about the coming boomer sell-off and the fear of falling values, this sounds like an incredible offer. You can always pick up another Hamer or 10 after you make a go of your new gig. And you will always have the experience of building every guitar you ever built. Wishing you all the best!
  14. I sold a guitar! It was a Korean import Daytona, and it's going to a middle school-aged young man interested in learning to play. I didn't want to create a Gone Guitar Day post, but I am a little proud of myself for making a baby step in reducing the overstock. Maybe I can move another one or three as we transition to Christmas money/tax refund season.
  15. Maybe he's been undead since then? That writer is entertaining. Apparently I have numerous legs, by his usage.
  16. Which one is easier to do from your chair, with your coffee cup near at hand? That's the one you'll see more of.
  17. Not so helpful in absolute terms, but my general sense is that in the marketplace, all else being equal (which it never is), pricewise: Cali > Chap > Cent > Diablo Centauras and Diablos are cruelly undervalued compared to the other two of the "shredder era" line.
  18. What he said! Is that color denim?
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